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zeitgeist the movie

By Tyler Vile

Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist, the Movie isn’t the type of movie that you’d see at your local Cineplex or on late night television. It was released free for viewing on the internet in June 2007, 
a true “independent” film. 

Zeitgeist is sort of a hybrid montage/manifesto of the radical left in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It uses well edited images and sound bytes from artists and thinkers of recent times, such as anti establishment comedy geniuses Bill Hicks and George Carlin as well as countless others. 

The monologues are sometimes accompanied by arbitrary trance music and trippy visuals, which raises the question of whether this was made for the politically minded, or those on drugs.

            The film promotes atheism, anti-capitalism, and anti-totalitarianism. While I completely support all of these things, I feel that this movie at times pushes these ideals into the absurd and points too often to the “vast right wing conspiracy.” 

It warns of a coming New World Order through talking about the European Union, and the proposed North American, South American, Asian, and African Unions merging into one
Brave New World
-esque world state. 

That’s the only thing that seems outlandish to me in this film, because these unions have yet to take place and that part of the film is mostly empty postulating and fear tactics. 

The portions that address war, religion, and capitalism are much more grounded in sense and history. 

Religion has been used as a means of control for centuries, war is about profit and conquest and always has been, and the “free” market system has given the corrupt and greedy a means to rule society. 

The film’s ultimate goal is revolution through education, and I would say it does a 
fairly good job of achieving that.

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