White Shag
4 Song EP
Review and Picture By: Michael Rys
Laura Mendoza( bass- vocals) and Jorge Cortez( guitar-vocals)( not sure who the drummer is at the moment) head up the Detroit trio White Shag. I've had the pleasure of seeing the band lite up the stage several times now and can attest to the heat they generate onstage. How will that live chemistry and hyper sexuality translate to a studio release? Well I'm here to say they did a damn fine job... Not sure if the songs were recorded live or the traditional track by track over and over again but however they did it they did not lose anything in the process. The band and sound they have is a late 70's groove with out all the pretentious soloing and non sense,,,stripped down like the Stones, meets Thin Lizzy. 78 Trans Am is a song that just puts it to the floor right away.. lyrically it reminds me of Queens "I'm In Love With My Car" where your not sure exactly if they are singing about the car or girl. You decide,sweet song either way. Die For Me has been one of White Shags most popular songs live and having it recorded now its sure to get even bigger for the band. Up tempo and really gives the whole band a chance to flex their musical muscle. Penetration... damn this is the first song in a long time that well lets put it this way it has very primal effect on me. If that's what White Shag was going for on this tune, congrats! The music has a very early Black Sabbath blues to start with and then hits a Zeppelin groove.Not only Laura vocal enticements working here but Jorge's guitar work on this tune is just out of this world.Violate Me picks right up where Penetration left off.... great rocker of a song which will have ya dancing with your PBR can in the air. Great EP that I would defiantly recommend for any ones collection. White Shag is doing the Detroit music scene proud with this release. My only issue is that a four song EP is just a too much of a tease.I wanted 30-40 minuets and all I got was a quickie.

You can check out the band, see where they are playing and even hear the EP for yourself at www.whiteshag.com