Ginger Coyote - Punk Globe Editor - Singing in White Trash Debutantes and Editing Punk Globe on line.. Now is also acting..
Tammy New Wave - Thrift Town - Now Tammy Adin Mother of a Teen-aged Daughter. Associate Editor of Punk Globe and Organizer of The World Awareness Day For The West Memphis Three in July 23, 2005.
Danielle Bardazzi-  Punk Globe Writer, Actress- Now Danielle York married to husband James for 13 years and has two wonderful sons Gabriel and Zachary who love The Ramones
George Epileptic - Writer for Punk Globe, KUSF D-Jay: - Practicing Buddhism and living in S.F., California
Meri St. Mary - Lead Singer for Housecoat Project - Living in Northern California playing solo and working on a release of Housecoat Project recordings..Has an 18 year old son Montgomery. Calderwood...
Kathy Peck - Bass Player for the Contractions - Founder of H.E.A.R. Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers.. The Contractions did a reunion show a few years back to promote "Hear This" a benefit CD produced by Ginger Coyote. Busy learning Animation and writing for Punk Globe.
Olga DeVolga - Bass Player for The Offs, VS and The Lewd - Living in Hawaii Still crazy colors her hair and is active in her Church groups.. Recuperating from an Accident.
Roddy Bottum -  Keyboard player for Faith No More- Living in Los Angeles plays in Imperial Teen and does scores for films..
Andy Prieboy - Lead Singer For Eye Protection- Singer and Playwright in Los Angeles wrote and produced "White Trash Wins Lotto" about Axel Rose..
Christine Burgess - Scene Maker- Now living in Vallejo California and a dispatcher for the Highway Patrol....
Abbie A - Scene Maker-Living in the same rent control Apt since the 70's. She is a waitress and on E-Bay
Roseann Kuberski - Mabuhay Gardens Bartender- Bar tending at Clubfoot in Chicago..
Dina -  Bar Manager Mabuhay Gardens:-Retired from BOA, working with Ceramics and Jewelry..Loves to Travel.
John Binkov - Guitar Player of Vktms- Still playing music in D'Jelly Brains in San Francisco..Very active in the East Bay Scene.
Lint - Operation Ivy- Now Tim Armstrong in Rancid
Carl Snarl - Owned SF Litho on Pine Street- Living in Portland Oregon- doing Art. and Home Improvement..
Bruce Loose - Flipper- Living in Humboldt County and playing some music suffering from back injuries..Bruce has an 18 year old son Montgomery Calderwood.
John Stunn - Red Rockers Lead Singer- Playing with Cowboy Mouth and does solo work as John Thomas Griffith lives in Atlanta,GA
Darren Hill - Bass Player of the Red Rockers- High Powered Rock Manager lives in Boston, MA. Helped with The NY Dolls reunion.
Maureen Jennings - Guitarist for After The Explosion-Home Owner and Real Estate Appraiser still plays music..
Mike and Yvonne Franko - SF Grading and Marketing- Living in Santa Monica, CA and working for a high Powered Jeans Designer. Still loves The Ramones..
Steve Ricablanca - Vktms Bass Player- Chef, Engaged- currently living in NYC but moving to Hawaii.
Dave Wittiness - Founder Of The Witnesses- Still Plays with Pal Kevin. Married to Wendy from Hyde Street and has a child.
Tina - Brian Marnell's Girlfriend -Married to Guitarist Mike Butler and has Children including Brain Marnell Jr. in SF. Works at a busy Salon on Fillmore Street
Chester Simpson - Photographer-Still works in Photography but now for the Government.. Has a teenage Son living in VA.
Ben Cohen- Sister Double Happiness, Pop O Pies, Smashed Weekend- Still living in San Francisco. Happily Married with a family and working at the SF Public Library.

Bill Schwartz - Drummer for Witnesses- Still playing drums married living in SF...
David Dean - Eye Protection- Last heard was living in Atlanta GA.
Jello Biafra - Dead Kennedy's- Runs Alternative Tentacles in San Francisco.. Still active in performing..
Bebe Buell - Singer, Model, Writer for Punk Globe- Mother of Liv Tyler- Grandmother- Happily Married , still performing shows and back with Punk Globe.
Steve Linsley - Bass Player For Jim Carroll- Highly acclaimed Photographer living in LA,CA
Valerie Barkhorder - SF Scene Maker- Doing Real Estate in L.A.., CA
Jeff AKA 4-Way - Bad Posture- Teaching, Still Plays in NYC and Father to a Daughter Lemmy..
Ariana - SF Scene Maker- Living In the same Apt with Nick Marden in NYC..
Jim Jocoy - Photographer- Has a highly acclaimed book out called "We're Desperate."
Dave Dictor - MDC- Living in NYC , Teaching, Still has MDC
Louie Vktm - Drummer For Vktms- Still in SF working on Art and plays occasionally..
Lady Trash - Brotherhood Of Light - Eve - still does light and is happily married with 2 children in Australia
Bobby Weaver - Social Unrest- Married living in Bay Area.
Nick Marden - The Stimulators- Still living in NYC and playing music.. Looks great!!
Dean Thomas - Levi& The Rockats- Living in Los Angeles, CA
Owen Masterson - The Yanks- living in Atlanta, GA.  Doing photography exclusively: Magazines, book covers, CD's, (check out "The Randies" first CD- L.A. band), billboards... whatever.  Lots of travel.
Sharon Leong - Dean Street- Still living in SF working for a Law Firm...
Vale - Search and Destroy- Still living on Romola Street in SF and has Re- Search Magazine..
Penelope Houston - Avengers- Lives in Oakland doing The Scavengers and a solo career..
Deborah Iyall - Romeo Void- Living in Joshua Tree still does music and art.
Debbie Swisher - SF Scene Maker /Actress- Successful Playwright, Comedian, Actress, Screenwriter living in LA, CA
Karl Hinz - Film Maker- Currently in LA
Alexis Scott - SF Scene Maker- Doing Wardrobe for Feature Films and TV in LA, CA
Marsha Kobuchi - Belly Dancer- Lives in SF does wardrobe fro Chris Isaak
Jimmy Wilsey - Avengers- Resides in LA and is a Father to Son -Waylon.
Dorothy Lyman - All My Children-Still acting, Directing lives in NYC.
Anne Milletellio - Mabuhay Gardens- Very successful Lighting Director in LA.. On Tour all the time
Dave Vacant - Undead- Homeless in Portland, Oregon father of Kathi Dolan?
Kriss Cross - Chef, Parent to 12-year old boy - Living in Seattle, WA
Dee Dee - Bike Messenger- residing in Portland, Oregon still works with Irwin Memorial.
Greg Gardner - Musician- Film Maker, runs a Theater Chain.. all round NICE guy..
Sid Terror - Undead- resides in LA
Lizzard - Bassist- back living in SF
Lula - Compound Hairdresser- Still in SF doing Hair on Sutter Street
Tony Slug - Musician-Still doing Music In Amsterdam
Sue Lehman - Scene Maker- Teaching in NYC
Thalia Drori - Film Maker- Teaching in St. Paul and making films.
Billy Gould - Faith No More - Still living in SF is a CEO of Koolarrow Records
Ness Aquino - Mabuhay Gardens- Suffered a Mild Stroke in rehab.
The Lewd - Still rocking the Bay Area.
Kristina Serra - Vktms 2nd Singer- Still is active in music. She resides in both LA and London.
Pearly Gates - Pearl Harbor and The Explosions- Resides in LA
Eric Meade - Jackson Saints- Works at Amoeba Records and resides in LA
Ray - Los Olvidados- Still playing music and is a pro skater living in San Jose.
Mike Voss - Los Olvidados- Married with Children
Judith - Dancer - Now lives in Los Angeles and does professional Trapeze work
Alfie - owned the Chatterbox- Recently released a book about the Chatterbox on Last Gasp Books
Rachael and Toni - Sisters from The East Bay-
Still active in the scene one on the west coast the other in NYC.. They Rawk!
Teri Aleo - Waitress and Musician- Lat heard was living in Grass Valley, CA
Vince - Animal Things- Now Dominique
Sue Mutant - The Mutants- Married living in Marin County
Lynn Perko - The Dicks- Married and has 2 children living in Santa Monica- Still plays with Imperial Teen.
Mia - Frightwig- Playing Music in The bay Area and a Mother.
Rachael Thole - Frightwig- Living in Chicago working for the Airlines.. Still plays music
Tufty - Toxic Reasons- Living in Indianapolis still playing music and also owns a Clothing Store & Night Club.. Father of a teenage Daughter
Steve and Katherine - Puncture Magazine- Publish Books and live in Portland.
Stan Fairbanks - Black Dolls- does computer work in Portland, Oregon Still plays Music..
Dead Kennedy's - Re-Grouped minus Jello and tour.
Jane Wiedlin - Go -Go's- Still playing music in LA- Was recently on "The Surreal Life" on VH1--
Debbie Harry - Blondie- Still playing in Blondie and also a solo career plus acting...
Jeff Good - Photographer- Living in Los Angles dealing with serious health issues.
Charly Franklin - Photographer- Still doing photography in SF and married.
Bruce Stuckey - Toxic Reasons- Married and a Chef in Indianapolis.. Still plays music
Ike - Bartender - Living in Reno,NV
Bondana Jungerman & Merv - Bartender and Dancers- Still active in Dance and run a bus tour company..
J.J .- Toxic Reasons- A chef in Indianapolis and still plays music...
Zippy Pinhead - Drummer- Last seen living in Vancouver- Looks the same but a receding hairline..
Mike Butler - Stevie Stiletto- Married in SF and still playing in American Heartbreak with Billy Rowe.
Jone Stebbins  - The Wrecks- Living in Marin -Hairdresser and plays in Imperial Teen.
Siobhan - Scene Maker- Last Heard doing Poetry in VA. Is married and a Mother
Bambi Lake - Diva-Released a book still struggling in SF ..
Freddie - Mabuhay Gardens- Owns a Limo and very successful.
Wendy Case - Blowup- Resides in MI and in a successful band
Gladys Ruiz - Nurse- Still nursing and lives in the Nappa Valley
Herman Lehner - Scene Maker- Still in SF manages a TL Hotel at night.
Cole - Musician- Has a band and manages a club on Valencia Street in SF
Liz Polkaslut - lives in LA does Seamstress work plus very successful
Chris Olsen - The Offs- Resides in The East Bay Recording with Bob.
Matt - 4 Way's Brother- Resides in Southern CA is a Father , Film Maker, Actor
Jon Gries - Actor- Has numerous Movies under his belt.. Featured in the Indy hit "Napoleon Dynamite" as Uncle Rico.. Nominated for IFA Award for Best Supporting Actor.
Talia Balsam - Actress- Divorced George Clooney re married living in NY still acting and a Mom
Lisa Zane - Actress- Still acting resides in BH and also a cabaret singer..
Vonya  - Scene Maker-Last living in Long Beach
Gere Fenellie - Anvil Chorus- Still playing music and resides in LA
Laura Miligan - Singer/Comedian- Married ,Still doing Comedy living in LA
Margaret Cho - Comedian- She is very successful as a Comedian/Actress
Jim Carroll - Jim Carroll Band- Doing spoken word living in NYC
Johnny Strike - Crime- Lives in SF. Sponsor in AA.
Roxanne - Lumiere Theater - Living in LA working in a Book Store
Greg Langston - Drummer- Divorced and has a lovely daughter
Jane Weems - Drummer- Sold her home with the shrine to The Beatles and moved out of SF.
Anna Piranha - Punk Globe Staff, KUSF DJ- Living in Southern CA ,Married, Web-mistress For The NBC Soap Opera " Passions" Official Website
Jonny Whiteside - Works for the LA Weekly and resides in LA
Evie - Scene Maker- Lives in L.A, CA-Worked on Holly Woodlawn's book.
Jesse Dryden - Musician- Working in the Music Industry.Video- Websites- Still playing Music
Vickie Berndt - Photographer- Still doing photography living in LA..
Johnny Genocide - No Alternative- Living in San Francisco
Russell Orloff
- Last heard living in Bay Area Co Authored "Unsinkable Bambi Lake"
Jeff Reese - No Alternative- Married to Paulette from the band Fade To Black living in Portland Oregon
Rico Walker - Living in Portland Oregon
Rico - Stone Sound man- Touring with all sorts of Major Acts.. Still sweeter than sweet.
Chris Primrose - Living in Marin County busy with work
Hugh - Mab Sound man- Still in the Bay Area.
Roanna Raphael - Reunited with Adopted daughter living in Marin County
John Epstein - Mabuhay Sound man Last heard living in SF
Chris and Patti Coyle - SVT Manager- Has Industrial Management in SF
Barry Simmons - Lawyer - Still practicing Law in SF
Howie Klein - 415 Records- Retired as CEO from Reprise Records
Deadbolt - Still rocking in San Diego, Ca
Adam Wolfe - Insect Idol- Living in LA. Married, placing music in films
Mike Ness - Social Distortion- Still going strong with SD
Graham Maby - Joe Jackson Band- Recently did a reunion tour with Joe but now out with Ian Hunter. Lives in NJ
Shelly Wolfe - The Saucers- Last heard living in San Diego, CA
Charles Hall - The Gargoyles- Still playing music in NYC
X - Still playing in LA
Liz Owen - Manager of the Sound Of Music- Last heard living in PA
Denise Demise - KUSF DJ- Living in SF
David Ja - Los Microwaves- Living in LA performing music.
Donita Sparks - L7- Still doing Music in Silver Lake, CA
Jason Shapiro - Celebrity Skin- Playing with Three Way in Hollywood
Tim Ferris - Celebrity Skin- "Sugar Pie" was in The Cramps..
Tequila Mockingbird - Booker- Still making things happen in LA
Joe Rees - Target Video- Still working in Video
Bob & Trent - The Magazine- Still own and operate the Shop on Larkin Street
Jack Casady - SVT- Living in LA
Maggie - The Psychedelic Shop- Mother living on the East Coast
Jennifer Finch - Sugar Baby- Living in LA playing with Shocker
Jenny Fiesta - Chef- Living in SF
Courtney Love - She is fucking COURTNEY LOVE!!
Patrick Winningham - Hotel Utah- Last heard living in Lake Tahoe
Joe Jackson - Touring with Todd Rundgren living in NYC.
Bill Dakota- Editor and Publisher of the infamous Hollywood Star Magazine now living in Ohio...
Matthew Asner
-Insect Idol- Producer living in LA divorced from Jules Asner from E
Tony Alva - Scoundrels- Pro Skater was in the Movie Dog Town- Owns a Skate Shop in Oceanside..
Janet Charlton - Star Magazine- Doing Freelance Work, Appears on TV
Matt Dillon - Actor- Still acting lives in NYC
Jackson Malle - Son of Dorothy Lyman- Graduated from High School
Lydia Warren - Diamond Lil's- Last heard living in Venice Beach
Tommy Guerrero - Free Beer- Pro Skater
Steve Caballero - The Faction- Pro- Skater
Kathi Norton - Scene Maker- Last seen in Seattle
Tony Guerrero - Free Beer- Living in SF owns Audio Box Studio's
Deanna Ashley - Frightwig- Mother living in SF
Duane Peters - Skater- Still Skating and Playing Music
Monk- Social Distortion Manager- Booking The Blue Cafe in Long Beach, a single Father.
Sado Nation - Band- Back in Action with Mish Bondage in Portland Oregon.
Leesa - Musician - Living In Florida
Dream - Booker For SD - Was working @ The Garage in LA until it closed, moved down near Oceanside.
Elizabeth - Candy 500- Living in Portland
Helios Creed- Chrome- Moved from Hawaii to KS. Will be touring this fall.
Jerry A- Poison Idea- Still Portland,Oregon
Tad-  Moved from Seattle to San Diego, CA
Sheena Fair- Last Heard living in the East Bay
Subincison- Still Rawking the East Bay
Todd Price- Musician/ Booker- Living in San Diego, CA
Adam A- Link 80- Had Thought Crime but they recently broke up. Adam owns a house in the East Bay and still plays.
Mary Kelly- Contractions- Fighting MS. Did a Contractions reunion a few years back.
Jim Lucio- Photographer- Living in Baltimore working a Weekly Newspaper and a Night Club Promoter
Punk Rock Patty- Oldest Punk Rock Singer- Living in SF. Semi Retired from Music but still enjoys it when fans recognize her.
Dawn Holiday- Paradise Booker- Now Booking Agent For Slimms and Great American Music Hall
Toni Isabella- Band Manager- Last heard living in SF.
Debbie Hopkins- Contractions- Works in the Medical Field in SF
Don Ciluro- Musician- Played with Texas Terri and now going under Demon Boy..
Magpie- Last known living in Portland, Oregon
Bobby Castro-Photographer- Still living in SF
Dim Tim- Last heard living on the East Coast
Jenine De Shazer- Photographer- Now in Hollywood, CA..
Jools Clark- A&M Records- Producer in LA
Judd Nelson- Actor- Still acting
Michelle Meyrink- Actress- After breaking up with Crispin Glover moved to Canada.
The McCrackins- Band- Still putting music out in Vancouver..
Paul  - Real McKenzie's- Still Rawking signed with Fat Wreckords.
Mr. Nancy- Musician- Bartending at Bottom Of The Hill and playing in a new band.
Ramona Downey- Blue Lamp- Owner of The Bottom Of The Hill
Roddy Novotny- Designer- Married and still designing lives in LA.
Timm Carney- Film Maker- Living in Providence RI.
Paddy Reynolds- Photographer- Last heard living in LA
Peter Moody- Filmmaker- Still working in film. Married living in SF
Nancy Fox- Mabuhay Gardens Waitress- Still in SF
Donald Wocher- Bartender- Living in SF and Thailand
Hop- Scene Maker- Living in Thailand
Annette Gawanda- Bartender Blue Lamp- Still living in SF
Kenny Reyes- Printer- Last heard living in LA
Debbie Porter- Scene Maker- Living in SF
Barry Lush- (now Barry X Lush) is living in San Francisco with his partner Grant and
is completing his masters in school couciling.
DR. K- is a DJ in Phoenix and has two kids.
Michelle Rebel- On Broadway Bartender- is working as a graphic artist in SF
Deb Dub- Scene Maker- is now a union representative.
Steve Stupid- Scene Maker- Now works at Goodwill
Kathleeen Wood- Scene Maker- Has completed her Bachlors Degree in
Psych at SF State
Delphi & Athena- Scene Maker- are alive and well in southern cal.
Mike Tsongas aka Mike from Powell Street aka Mike Mohawk number 2.- Still in the Bay Area
Jim Squatter- is an activist in the East Bay now.
Portia- is a lawyer chasing slumlords around Oakland.
Jayne County- Jayne County & The Electric Chairs- Now living in Atlanta GA- Still tours and does DJ work
Theo- The Lunachicks- Doing a solo career, acting and Modeling..
Chip- The Lunachicks- Recently bought a house in Woodstock, NY
Lynn Von- Trick Baby- looking great in NYC
Christine- Publicist- Does an online Magazine called Crusher.. Still supports the Music Scene.
Candy Delmar- The Cramps- Last heard living in NYC
Mike Patton- Faith No More- Still highly respected in the Music Industry
Kurt Loder- MTV- Still working with MTV, Co wrote "What's Love Giot To Do With It" with Tina Turner
Brandon Cruz- Dr. Know- After singing with The Dead Kennedy's for a few years back full time with Dr. Know. he is married to Liz and a Father
Liv Rundgren- Daughter Of Bebe Buell- Now Liv Tyler..
Levi Dexter- Levi and the Rockats- Living in LA doing Dee Jay work..
Linda XYZ- Alienation- Still playing music in SF
Naomi Eisenberg- Alienation- Still playing Music Living near Chico, CA
Beverly Wilshire- KSAN, KUSF- Last heard living near Paradise, CA
Prairie Prince- Still playing drums for The Tubes among others..
Tana- Apprentice Contender- Lois Dolan think The Donald made a BIG mistake..
Kathi Dolan- Double Feature- Still dressing as Janet Weiss for Rocky Cons. Living in SF with Lois Dolan
CJ Ramone- Ramones- now playing in Bad Chopper
John Surrell- Bad Posture- Living on the East Coast and comes west for Bad Posture reunions..
Sue- Psychedelic Shop- Last heard living in Phoenix, AZ
Jeff Dahl- Angry Samoans- Playing as Jeff Dahl- has a label in Cave Creek AZ
Joey D'Kaye- Crime- Sound engineer at UC Berkeley's Zellerbach Hall. also recently mixed a recording for the post-punk gothic garage band The Floating Corpses.
Share- Vixen- Married Bam Bam from Dog's Amour and they have the Los Angeles based band Bubble...
Blare Bitch- Butt Trumpet- Now plays in Blare Bitch Project they recently released a CD
Pam- Neptuna's- Now is with Cheap Chick with Judy Molish from Bobsled / Betty Blowtorch.. Pammy rawks
Pauley Perrette- Lo-Ball- Regular on the hit CBS Drama " N.C.I.S."
Esmeralda- No Mercy- Working for George Lucas
Whispering Palms- Scene Maker- Now known as Paul living in SF with Kathleen
Maryann Price- Dan Hick and The Hot Licks- Living in Austin TX .Still playing music, recording and vocal coach. She and Chris from Asleep At The Wheel do Voiceovers and jingles for Commercials.
Donna Fish- Electric Donna- Now Gordana Nickolic living near Branson MO happily married.
Susie Peterson- Susie Creamcheese- Relocating to Branson MO from Alabama
Jane Sheehan- Manager- Last Heard Living in SF
Dave Burks- Executioner- Now resides in San Luis Obispo ,.He styles and cuts hair and produces bands.
Peter Maravelis- Living in SF. working at City Lights
Bevan Hannigan- Recluse. Living in South SF
Johnny Hell- Still living in SF. Still a Bike Messenger.
Theo Jaxx- living in Norway. Tattoo Artist.
Ruby Ray- Photographer- After moving from SF to NYC in the early 80's is back in SF releasing a book of photography.
Annex- Journalist- Living in the south involved with getting a new trial for the WM3
Charles Hornaday, Punts guitarist, lives in Santa Monica with 3 iguanas and 1 wife, solo CD "Treble Soup" is available as of New Year's 2006 along with some older recordings reissued, big year with Villa-Lobos' Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra coming...
Punky- Guitar Player for Leather Panties- Playing Guitar and singing for Blare Bitch Project
Billy Rowe- Jet Boy- Now Playing with American Heartbreak about to sign a label deal.
Fern- Jet Boy- Still playing music in SF.
Reality Check TV- Still going strong
Novak- Musician- Married to Tina, living in the Hollywood Hills and designing video games.
Sally Mutant- The Mutants- Now known as Sally Webster . Single Mother of a 7 year old Son living as an Artist in NYC. She may be doing a Mutants show this summer.
Sue Brisk- Photographer- Working at Magnum Photo's and living in NYC.
Andy Freels - (No Alternative - Donna and Andy - Colorfinger) Now living in in So Cal (by Ontario Airport). Married, playing bass in RIOTGUN, working at Fender Musical Instruments designing electric guitars for them
Amy- SF Scenester- Now living in Reno, NV
Chuck - Bad Attitude- Now Chuck Prophet
Howard Swain- Did Lights at Mabuhay Gardens- Living in the Berkeley Hills and Married to actress Nancy Carlin
Chi Chi- Manager Of Dead Kennedy's- Working at The Hilton Hotel in SF as a Switchboard Operator
Michael McNally-
Berkeley Square- Managing The Concord Pavilion  now known as The Chronicle Pavilion
Victor and Linda Ratto-
Berkley Square- Have an a son about 18 years old and Victor was managing Penelope Houston
Paul Zahl-
Drummer for SVT- Living in Belgium. He has been happily married for 16 years. Father to a 9 year old daughter Robin Rose 9 years old and Colin 7. They both attend music school.
Stanley Greene- Photographer- A Renown Photo Journalist with many books out. Living in Paris but travels alot.
Audrey- Sound Woman at The Mabuhay Gardens and Berkeley Square- Now Director Of Marketing for Kill Rocks Stars in Olympia, WA. Married  to Steve Bass Player  from The Hi Fives with 2 daughters
Dinah Cancer-
  45 Grave- Suffered injuries from a terrible accident but recovered out rocking with The Grave Robbers
Steve Barton- Translator- has a new CD out called "Charm Offensive". He works as a solo artist now, with a backing band called The Oblivion Click..Live in Los Angeles. Just played Spaceland and will be at the Bottom Of The Hill in SF on Sept 10th. I played in London a couple of months ago where my gig was the pick of the week in the London Times. MOJO gave the album a great review as well.
Russell- Record Factory- Now living in Houston, TX
Sweet Tommy- Musician- Now a single Father of a 17 year old daughter Bethany. In the midst of releasing a "Sweet Tommy" live CD from The Palms in late fall 2006
Amy Pierce- Ye Rose & Thistle Waitress- Happily Married working at The Alexandria Theater in SF
Bill Halen- Tool & Die- Happily Married and teaching in Grand Junction Colorado. He and his wife both play in bands and Bill books shows in the Grand Junction area. They both recently played in SF with their bands
Dave Scheff- Drummer for Translator- Contract Negotiator for a software company still plays drums for a house band at Teatro Zinzanni @ The Embarcadero  in SF, CA
Robert Darlington- Guitarist for Translator- Married lives in Baltimore with a 5 year old daughter. Writes and publishes poetry. He and his wife are both physical therapist.
Larry Dekker- Bass player for Translator- Still playing music lives in Oakland CA and has a 12 year old daughter.
Michael and Claudia Falzarano- Vauxhall, Smashed Weekend- Living in NYC for the past 18 years have a daughter 14. Michael recently signed a deal with Blues Planet Records working with John Marshall Smith. He occasionally goes out with Hot Tuna on tour.
Julie Stein- Punk Globe Photographer & Writer- Last heard working as an Executive at Safeway in the Bay Area
Keith "Corky" Drummond- The Speed Queens- Now living in New Mexico playing music, the father of two handsome teenage sons who live with their Mom Jamie.
Elias- Vauxhall- Living in NYC and recently got married
Atom Ellis- Psychefunkepus- Living in SF playing bass with Lord Nasty and doing session work. Still admires Blair Warner from "The Facts Of Life."
Pauli Gray- Planet X Studios- Now playing guitar in Candy From Strangers. Still a great guy!
Mike Fox- The Tools- Living in the Bay Area recently played a  Tools reunion show
Fred Shuster- The Symptoms- Living in Sherman Oaks and working the the L.A. Daily News. The Symptoms were so happy with the reunion show they played with Los Microwaves they have decided to play again in Berkeley, CA
Keith Morris- Circle Jerks, Black Flag- After playing in a couple bands and having medical problems, he is back playing wit The Circle Jerks
Vaginal Creme Davis- Black Fag- Ms.Davis is involved with many events Worldwide.. Writes for the LA Weekly.. A wonderful human being!!
Becca and Joe- Nuns With Guns- Still playing music, Survived a Fatal Crash, Own a River Rafting Company in Eureka, CA
John Hawkes- Fledging Musician/Actor- Co stars in the HBO Hit Show "Deadwood". Co Starred with Keanu Reeves in "Hard Ball" and will be in the yet to be released movie "Miami Vice."  Plays in the band King Straggler.
Jason Honea : 3rd and last singer for Social Unrest- Jason is now living in Berlin, Germany with his girlfriend and son & daughter.  He is a teacher now.  Still doing music as well - running a label and doing solo stuff
Iris Berry- Ringling Sisters- Living in Van Nuys, Newly Single- Performance Artist..Spoken Word, Writer
Art DeBrix-  Mega Star of LA and SF,Pik Me- Driver Of The Glam Mobile-- Married for 12 years. Still Frequents Thrift Stores- Keeps tabs on Emilio Estevez and Ruth Buzzi Living in Washington DC
Jerry- Pik Me Up Owner- Recently did a movie about The Pik Me Up -Still living in LA.- Working with an Entertain Agency
Christine- LA Scene Maker- Living in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles, CA - Recently had a Birthday and is now a Mother....
Pick Me Scene Maker with Purple Hair- Now living in Washington DC
Belissa Cohen- Wrote La De Da for LA Weekly- Living in Hollywood- Friendly and Happy
Sean De Lear- Glue- Living in Silver Lake still performing
Constance- Robert Mapplethorpe Model-  Living in LA -Performing - Hosting a night at The Roosevelt Hotel
DeDe Troit- UXA- Living in LA, Doing Music, Acting and is a Christian
Rager-Covered Wagon Booker- Still Rawking living in La Honda, CA
Danny Dismal ( DSML) still lives and plays in Seattle
Mike Briggs (Agent 86) Still plays and lives in Seattle
Lisa Wooley- GOD and The Tanks-. Living in WA still playing Music and has a 17 year old son
Mick Malaise-Furious Malaise- Divorced Living in Davenport Iowa still playing music......
Eugenio Tianero- Bass Player for The Witnesses- Now playing guitar in The Bullheads in SF
Cido Reboul- Guitar Player for The Witnesses- Did a short stint with The Bullheads. Married and living in Marin County.
Nelson Santos- Drummer for Papa Wheelie- Currently playing with The Bullheads
Greg Senzor- Until December Drummer- Still plays Music, Works in a Harley Davidson Shop with his Brother Mike and lives in the East Bay
Tamara Gargus- Bass Player for Papa Wheelie- Was living in NYC but has returned to SF and playing with The Blank Stares
Elton Ridge- Guitar Player for Papa Wheelie- Currently running Global American Studio's and Rodent Records. Playing with Chantigs
Michelle Gargus- Guitar Player for Papa Wheelie- Living in NYC
Elizabeth Carney- Singer for Papa Wheelie- Living and working in SF
Steven Aliment- Yanks- Living in Seattle, Married and Working for Boeing
Denise Erickson - Double Feature- Going to  College and Acting in the Bay Area
Mishell Erickson- Double Feature- Working in a Hair Saloon and living in Berkeley, CA
James Currie- Double Feature- Sat on the Board for a non ship building company which recently folded in CA
Queenie Taylor- BGP- Running a Marketing and Naming Company in Mill Valley, CA. Has an 18 year old going to college in LA and hopes to move to Pasadena, CA in the future
Toni Isabella- Old Waldorf-  Still living in SF manages Dan "Automatic" Nakamura well known re-mixer and producer
Tresca- Animal Things- Living in Oakland, CA
Lenny- Animal Things- Living in Hawaii putting together old recordings from the band
Redd- Monterrey Punk who worked for Paul Rat- Managing a Restaurant in San Jose
Jimmy Perrito- The Sheets- Now living in the East Bay working as an Auto Mechanic. He and The Sheets are planning on releasing a reunion CD soon.
Nina- Dated Jimmy Perrito- Now lives with Adrian- Drummer from No Doubt and is the Mother of his child.
Chris Domino- Founder of The Sheets- Living in Sacramento- putting together old Sheets material for a CD.
Curty (AKA: Dit Townfriendly) Editor of the New Orleans Zine Public Threat now living in Kansas
Becky Write: Passenger on The Crime Fun Bus in 1979. Becy Hesla  lives in Alameda, CA. She discovered she had Cancer in 2004 and is now battling that while keeping busy doing Art and Jewerly and alot of Soul Searching.. A REAL INSPIRATION!!!!
Creetin K aka Jason M. - Social Unrest singer - Owned Proud Flesh piercing studio in Marin, now living in Sacramento and working in veterinary services. Still does body piercing and still plays guitar & bass. 
Geza X - Deadbeats, Geza X & the Mommy Men, producer & scenester - Produced Meredith Brooks' megahit "Bitch", now owns a Malibu recording studio Satellite Park. Released "You Goddam Kids" CD in 2002.
Paul Roessler - keyboardist for Screamers, Nina Hagen, Geza X, Mike Watt and a zillion other bands - still playing, recording and touring, also works with Geza X at Satellite Park recording studio. Married to Hellin Killer/Hellin Wheels for 25 years, two sons.
Barbara Hellbent - Dead Kennedys & Social Unrest manager, Mabuhay door/booker/Dirk assistant - did webwork & promo for Sony Music for a few years, now webmastering for classical musicians and various personal projects, also proofing/editing financial transcripts. Back in the Bay Area, has a 22 year old daughter who's into old & new punk.
Paul Zone- The Fast- Now Living in Los Angeles. Involved in the Industry as well as promoting music he and his late Mikki did. 
Sue Finn-  Old Waldorf -BGP Presents- Back working in the Industry- Divorced from John Surrell.
Lorna- SF Scene Maker-  Model in "We're Desperate" - Has a 18 year old daughter living in WA.
Jay Smith & Erin McKinney-  Drummer for Rhythm Pigs- Now living in the Bay Area. Erin works and Jay plays with Goofball
Gail Flatula- Tragic Mulatto- Living in Daly City with her Boyfriend still working as a Bike Messenger
Ed Ivy- Rhythm Pigs-  Recently was married
Greg- Rhythm Pigs- Married living in Texas
Liz Myrddin / Hespeth- Former Punk Globe Transcriber- Was living in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit and will soon be moving to Providence. Writing and still a social dilettante.
Hans- Bass Player for the Undead- Now living in NYC
Ursula- The Phantom Creeps- Married, Received her Degree in Homeopathy and is living in England.
Nola- Scene Maker- Living in a Clean and Sober Hotel in SF
Selina Arheletta- Guitar Player for Mr. Hyde- Still in SF was a key wittness in the Carmel Sterling Murder Case
Sarah- Contributor for Rave-Up- In SF working as a Florist
Devorah- Editor of Rave Up- Married living in England
Todd- Mr. Hyde- Now an Airline Steward living in CA
Dave Navalski- Bass Player for The Insaints- Still playing music in SF. Recently played a Insaints reunion show in SF and wil be playing in LA at the end of February
Daniel- Guitar Player for The Insaints- Now living in LA playing in several bands and working on a documentary on the late Marion Anderson.
Paul Castille- House Of Wheels Singer- Still playing music in SF
Nervous Gender- Band- The three surviving members Edward Stapleton, Michael Ochoa and Joe Zinnato are currently reviewing all Nervous Gender Material and intend on releasing a series of archival documents and a NG retrospective.
Kat- SF Scene Maker- Back living in Crockett stays in touch with the old crew
Ed Lujan- Musician- Suffered from a stroke and getting better
Julie Christensen -- singer Divine Horseman.  Still singing as a solo artist and as Leonard Cohen's backup singer.  Married to actor John Diehl, mother to Jackson. Lives in Ojai, CA.
Nicole Panter -- Germs manager; actress Pee Wee's Playhouse.  Writer; teaches film at Cal Arts and AFI. Land use activist, 29 Palms Calif.
Greg Turner -- guitar player, Angry Samoans.  Professor of Mathematics, New Mexico.
Rover -- LA Scenester, Masque denizen, Las Vegas mom of 10 children.
Chris D. -- Flesheaters, Divine Horseman. Writer, expert on Japanese Film.
Gaby Berlin -- LA Scenester, Masque denizen.  Works with autistic children, mother of two sons.

St. Teresa Stone -- LA scenester.  Voice-over artist, writer and mom to Ava Rose.  Lives in Laurel Canyon
Gary Indiana- Photographer- Back living in Franklin Indiana.
JoEllen Ussery - Scene Maker- Still active
Ken Kastke - VJ at Purple Onion and Morty's- Still active in the SF Music Scene.. Living in a Garage Apt at Cyril Jordan's.
Joe Scannella - The Soul Agents- Still in SF, playing Guitar and working
Nomo (Naomi) - One time girlfriend of Steve Parr, Jewerly Designer- Married to a FBI Agent
Mario Del Campo - The Soul Agents, Siwth Finger- Works as an Architet and lives in SF
Mike Reject - Doorman, Artist- Living in Dog Patch SF
Tom Guido - Purple Onion- Still living in SF and does guest Emceeing
Roy Loney - Still performing and works at Jacks Record Cellar
Cyril Jordan - Flamin Groovies- Still owns a home in SF and plays with Prairie Prince in a band called The Magic Christians
Lenny Smith -Sh-Boom Owner, Ace and The Eights- Still living in SF
Pat Duffey -The Sheets- Now Patrick J. Duffey M.S., C.R.C. Rehabilitation Supervisor. Working on a reunion CD with The Sheets
Ace Disgrace- Doorman @ Om Broadway and DNA- Now known as Ace Beltran living in Sacramento, CA working for Sacramento County Mental Health
Mikki Hall- Owned Suave Sound  and did sound @ Ruthie's Inn, One Step Beyond, Laundry Works in the days.Still runs the sound business
Joey Michaels- The Saucers- Now living in Joshua Tree and still playing music. Friends with Deborah Iyall
Spence Coppens - Played bass in the Noise, worked at Red Peppers and DNA Lounge- Still  Living in SF working as a Dee-Jay at The Big Foot Lodge on Polk Street....
Ed Polish- Ephemera Buttons - lives in Ashland, OR and still producing buttons, magnets and stickers. Visit www.ephemera-inc.com. Also see his designs on mugs, greeting cards, dish towels, air fresheners, gum, T-shirts, pot holders calendars, journals, coasters, pillows, the books You Say I'm a Bitch Like It's a Bad Thing and That's Queen Bitch to You , etc.
Terry Hammer- KALX Dee Jay, Sound-person @ The Mabuhay Gardens- Living in Ohio has a label and building archives of the Mabuhay days
John Galloway- Skater from Blythe CA- Now working at a College Radio Station in Eugene Oregon as well as booking talent for clubs in Eugene
Chuck  fomer Singer For Faith No More- lives in Cleveland and works in the restaurant business.
Kathy Summers- Scenester- Living and working in NYC
Carl Macki- Sandy's Hot Dogs Owner- Living  in Marin County is writing and is a custom cabinet maker.
Sandy Macki- Sandy's Hot Dogs Owner- Living in Marin County and working at a outlet store.
Jerri Bionde - bass player for The Black Dolls- married and a step-mom of a teenager. A seminary student married to Avery Badenhop who is a professional BASE Jumper and skydiver and tattoo personality. We recently produced a film called 'OutRage' live in Petaluma.
Tim Mooney -drummer of Toiling Midgets and The Sleepers- now lives in Petaluma married witha 5 year old daughter, Dixie. He is involved in recording projects.
Kevin O' Connor- AKA Valerie- Jaks Skate Team- has been seen around Petaluma.
Eric Earache- Scenester- Still in SF and looks the same.Eric Calhoun- The Wolverines- Living in Portland Oregon still playing music
Annie Whiteside- Hotel Utah/Paradise Lounge- Still in SF and owns Annie's Social Club formerly The Covered Wagon
Damon- Bike Messenger- Still resides in SF andstill is a Messenger
Gary  Erhke- Dated Marilyn Joyce McIntosh- Living in Crockett, CA
Mike- Los Cervacaros- Still playing Music and married to Krista
Krista- Drummer- Married to Mike and playing drums in Girl Band
Peter Bilt- Pearl Harbor and The Explosions, Peter Bilt Band- Now known as Peter Dunne . He is senior producer at Antenna Audio in Sausalito and do various
film and music gigs.Poduced the music for 'The Cockettes' Feature and scored and producedthe music for the film 'A Refugee." Also gigs and records with Debora
Swoopo- Singer of Bimbo Toolshed- Clean and sober in Portland Oregon still active in art and music
Shelly- Guitar Player with Bimbo Toolshed- Married to John who used to own The Covered Wagon, a Mother and playing in Girl Band
Risa -Scenester- Still active in the SF punk music scene. Was a victim of malice at The Fab Mab Reunion Show having her ankle broken
Kirsten- Scenster- Now married living in SF in the Avenue's very active in her kids school and helping her husband with his illness.
Freddy Mutant- Mutants- Living in Colorado and still playing shows with the reformed Mutants.
Brian Raffi- DNA Owner/ 6th Finger- Pursuing an Acting career working on a play in SF. Hopes to soon relocate to Hollywood, CA
Damon Malloy-  Worked with Dirk Dirksen with Dirksen/Malloy Productions- Still Business Partners with Dirk doing Video and other projects involving the homeless and youth.
Olivia Competente- Daughter of Freddie and Dina Competente from the Mabuhay Gardens- Chef, Lighting Tech, Sound Tech, Makes Jewelry,Tax Work, Teacher
Vickie- Scene Maker - Used to date Mark Plummer now a Mother
Bob Noxious- Fuck Ups-  Married to Enid Nelson living in Santa Cruz, CA with a family.
East Bay Ray- Guitarist for Dead Kennedy's - Still playing with the band
Klaus Fluoride-
Bass Player for The Dead Kennedy's- Father of a 12 year old son and still playing with the band.
DH- Drummer for The Dead Kennedy's- Still playing in the band. Lives in LA
Ruby- Dancer/Fab Mab Waitress- Working for the same Lawyer she has worked for 20 years ago. She has a son named  Zane
Mr.A- Lady LaRue and Mr. A-  Anthony is still playing bass and resides in Reno. Divorced from Lady LaRue.
Steve Dimartis- Bad Posture- Still active in music married to Gail has children
Stannous Flouride
- Still active in the Bay Area
Nick Sternberg- Scene Maker- producing some boutique film projects,as well as produce low budget music videos..as well as do locations work for film. tv, commercials and videos...
Lady LaRue- Mr. A and Lady LaRue- Divorced from Anthony and remarried
Jill Target- Target Video-  lives in Sarasota, FL.  She's married to a sculptor and runs fine arts educational programs at the Art Center of Sarasota (FL) as well as painting and showing in galleries there.
Judy Cantu- Scene Maker- Playing Harmonica and active in SF
Vikki Schrott- Artist- Last heard living in Santa Cruz
Joe Dirt- Fuck Ups- Still in the Bay Area divorced from Teri
The Mutants- Back playing shows minus original bass player Charley Hagen
Bob Geary- Police Officer-on Broadway-  Retired from SFPD. But still active
Mark Alvarez- Mabuhay Doorman-  Police Officer
Charley Hagen- Mutants- Teaching in China plays in a Chinese Surf Band..
Craig - Soldiers Of Fortune/ Promoter - Still in the Bay Area
Barbara - Scene Maker/Singer-Still living in the SF. Adopted a Daughter
Ted Falconi- Flipper- Still playing in Flipper
Tanner- Scene Maker- Took a buy out from Safeway after years working there. Loves Turbo Negro
Ima Rek- The Adapter- Now known as Sybil playing in OSP (Old Skool Punks) Recording and touring this summer
Vince Anton: Photographer- lives in Cobb, California, which is in South Lake County, near Calistoga. Married and still does photography as an inspector for the lending and insurance industries, and occasional acting and fashion portfolios.
Vikki- Scene Maker- Wardrobe mistress for Bauhaus
Nadine- Scene Maker- Lives in Silicon Valley, CA . Single and manages a consignment shop; she also designs really wild jewelry.
Karen Daugther Of America - Scene Maker- Now known as Karen Dapello. Married for 10 years to husband Peter who is a bass player and lives in Silicon Valley, CA. They have a successful Music Website www.badassbassplayers.com
Suzy- Scene Maker- Married lives outside Phoenix AZ, has two daughters 8 and 10 years old. Works as a Hair Stylist and has a salon in her home.
Jill Hoffman- Target Video- lives in Sarasota, FL. She's married to a sculptor and runs fine arts educational programs at the Art Center of Sarasota (FL) as well as painting and showing in galleries there
Jackie Sharp- Target Video - lives in Toluca Lake, CA. Working a bit again with Joe Target on the DVD releases. She was very active in television for years (working in NYC as VP of Original Programming and Production at VH1). After moving back to LA I weaned herself off "the business" and now work running family Real Estate business.
Hank Ford- Scene Maker- Fashion Desinger- lives in Angelino Heights CA. She is somewhat involved in fashion... works as a stylist on commericals and such. She is also very involved with the Khandakapala Buddhist Center in Atwater. She's gotten me involved there too. She is very devoted, but has no plans to become a Buddist nun as some rumors have suggested!
Tony Kinman - The Dils- Married living in Burbank CA
Chip Kinman - The Dils- Married living in Burbank CA
Danielle Willis - poet, performance artist- Still alive in San Francisco
Joie Cook -musician and performer- still living in San Francisco, still reading poetry
Kathleen Wood - Scene Maker- In Grad School in Psychology, works as a Dominatrix.
Gary Comenas: Scenemaker- Now living in London and runs a successful website dedicated to Warhol Stars www.warholstars.org
Cathy Comenas- Scene Maker- playing in a band and living in Pasadena, CA
John (Marin) Hyde - Living in the East Bay
Jamie Bushkirk- Living in Saint Helena
Brian (Baines) Butler- Living in Cotati, CA
Ward Williams- Living in San Rafael, CA
Joann- Malibu Barbi- Now living in Novato, CA wants to start playing music again
Kara Krash- Malibu Barbi- Playing Music Living in Berkeley CA
Melanie- Malibu Barbi- Married Living in Southern CA
Patty Brady - Those Darn Accordions, WTD, Ramona's- Enjoying the sand and surf in Maui Hawaii....
Erik Lannon- Married living in the Oakland Hills with two sons, Is currently playing in Proud Flesh
Jim Urban Assault- Urban Assault- No longer playing drums- married and living in Oklahoma
Bessie Wrex- Bass Player for the Wrecks, Reno Punk Veteran-she is married with a daughter and lives in Davis, CA. Still creative and weird as ever,,,,,,,,,
Hell-n- Singer for The Wrecks- now lives near Portland,Oregon has two kids and owns a cafe and a horse ranch...
Nikki Miller- Waitress at the Mabuhay Gardens- nurse practitioner living in Tucson. She is currently finishing a novel based on the Winnebago Trickster Cycle.
Maggie- Twisted Roots, One of the original TC (The Connected) - Has a 19 year old daughter and is living in Santa Monica. recently reconnected with Meri St. Mary. She was the inspiration for a book called Coloring Outside the Lines by Aimee Cooper.
Joni-AKA Oso- TC (The Connected)- Living in Santa Monica and designs clothing for Children.
Heavy Duty Judy- TC - Now married and living in San Diego, CA
Melissa Laftkis- Photographer- Still doing photography and singing lives in Santa Cruz and West Hollywood.
Hellin Killer- Icon- Happily married to Paul with a wonderful family..
Josie Cotton- "Johnny Are You Queer"- Has a new CD and playing again.. She co owns a studio with Geza X in Malibu, CA.
Kevin- AKA Sir Loc from The Girl Scouts- Living in Palmdale with a 15 month baby daughter
Shelly- Scenemaker- Now married living in Sonora running a site and business for her Mother In Law Pat Priest AKA- MARILYN MUNSTER
Rebecca Tucker- Frightwig- Fashion Designer, Producer Married to Andy Seven living in Hollywood
Paul Solger- The Fartz, Solger, 10 Minute Warning - Living in Yakima WA
Rebbecca Wilson- Scene Maker- Model, journalist, Photographer and soon to have Paul Casteel's Baby.
Skerik- Critters Buggin'- Still playing Sax with many National Acts lives in Seattle and NYC
Hank Rank- Crime- Still playing in Crime and married to Carola of VS. They have two Children. Producing films, and my latest, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, is one of the most highly acclaimed documentaries of the year. Please check it out on DVD
Jeorgia Anderson- VS- Still involved with Music living in LA
Johnny Strike- Back playing with Crime. Sponsor to many in NA
Storm Large- Flower SF- Recently appeared on Rock Star Super Nova. Storm came in 5th Place and has plenty of offers flowing in. Currently in Portland playing with Storm and Her Balls.
Guy Lopez - ex -Zero's ex-Animal Things-Lives in San Diego with his partner of 14 years.  HEP C ACTIVIST.....
Chelsea Rose- White Trash Debutantes, Bite- Still living in SF working and doing music.
Keith- House Of Wheels, Bite- Living in SF and playing music with Chelsea Rose...
Jon Countess- Wherehouse Records on Polk Street and Photographer- Now a substitute teacher in Hollywood living in Santa Monica , CA
Jesse Michaels- Operation Ivy-  into the arts, spirituality, movies and cooking.
Andre "Peg Leg" Boutilier - L.A. Scenester, Wonder [singer]  - Works at Nickelodeon, DVD Author and Post Supervisor on his wife Christiane Cegavske's new stop motion film: "Blood Tea And Red String". Father of Calliope, they all reside in Portland, where they are working on Christiane's next 2 stop motion films.
Stephan Byron-Czar of The Defectors, Until December, and Maxamillians Motorcycle Club is alive and well in SF and is now in UberGoth Legends Specimen  (releasing major new release on Metrolois records this Feb)
Tim Carroll- The Dicks-  Married and owns a home in Cleveland,Ohio.  Works as a pediatric medical-surgical nurse and do "ultracycling" for what I call fun, suffering rides of 100-750 miles
OSKAR MIRE - OSCAR MEYER - is an English teacher in China, and embroiled in a terrible struggle with Joe Escalante of the Vandals over Joe's plagiarism and theft of royalties from Stevo Jensen, Steve "Human" Pfauter, and others.  Read all about it: 
Ross-Doorman at The Mabuhay Gardens- Lives in AZ and collect royality payments from bars and nightclubs for the performing rights orgs, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC
Paul Draper- The Sleepers- Christian,  divorced, single, CEO of 7th World creative 
and 7th World Studios, still writing songs and producing other bands'
music. Still love punk.
Steven Siegrist- Eye Protection- Living in New Mexico playing bass in a Blues Band, working with the  ambient Composer Reuben Garcia and recording a new CD with the SF band The Sin Eaters. Excels in gardening
John Maxwell- Eye Protection- Still in SF playing with The Sin Eaters.
Rob Swindle- PUNK -OUT TV 1979-80 in Ithaca New York, Recorded with Absolute Zero -1083- Now maintains a page with all kinds of punk and garage music. http://www.myspace.com/rodswindle
Dave 'Slave' Velasquez-  (Shelly Wolfe's ex) and the Lead Singer of such bands as 'the Saucers' and Necropolis Of Love - Living in Belgium... Copper and Bronze Sculpture working on a city contract for a monument. Has three kids... my daughter Ariel in America, she's 21 and daughter Kyra 9 and Danté 6 who live in Belgium
Dan Hart- bassist for Jayne Doe and Peter Bilt -  teaching bass and playing in Japan
Jeri Wilkinson- Mrs. Will Shatter/ Seamstress,Jewelry Designer- Now living in South Dakota and going full swing with her Jewelry
Jonithin Christ- Code Of Honor- Living in Arizona- Still playing music and has Children
Ed Pittman- Lead Singer of Toxic Reasons- Living in Dayton, Ohio
Sonja Genius- White Trash Debutantes, Performance Artist- Living in Florida
Leslie Michel- White Trash Debutantes, Performance Artist- Married living in Marin County and a Website Designer....
Martha Burns- Shiva Dancing- Now lives in Oakland.Has been a special ed. teacher for 17 years. She has been married for 10 and have a beautiful daughter, Violet Anne who will be 3 this summer. She built her own cabin in Humboldt County
Suzee Sponge- KUSF Dee Jay, Guitarist for The Ramona's- Happily married to long time beau Todd living in the Bay Area still involved with KUSF
Izzy Glass- Talent Booker for Mabuhay Gardens, Oasis- Now known as Elizabeth Whitener, Divorced with a 15year old Son, living in TX working in the music industry..
Richard Gossett- KUSF , KSAN Dee Jay- Last heard working for Anchor Steam Beer.
Suzie Skates- Skating Messenger- Living in NYC and working in the Fashion Industry
Nancie de Ross- Editor of Laughing Hyena Fanzine and Acoustic Singer- Adopted a 2 year old son and currently resides in rural Northern California writing music for film and television
Michael Stephenson- Bass player for The Lifers- Lives in SF. Art Director for TV Commercials and works with Jerry Casales
Clay Smith- Singer for Lifers- Lives in Oakland and went on to work for the U.S Forestry Dept.
Liam Hart- Drummer for The Lifers- Still lives in S.F.
Jeff Trott- Guitarist for The Lifers- Went on to play with Sheryl Crow and wrote 8 Top Ten hits with her. Married and have two sons and currently living in Manhattan Beach CA.
Dutch Michaels aka Dutch Dead Boy: featured in Decline Western Civilization 1, Roadie: Dead Boys, Go-Go’s, Screamers, Weirdo’s, Dickies, Nuns, Runaways, etc. Punk Security, Masque, L.A.,& Mabuhay. Gardens. Still Touring Living in Malta and London. www.myspace.com/dutchmichaels He's working on a a book.
Jeri Loman- SF Scene Maker- Left SF and lived in WA for 16 years. She is happily married, is an Artist and now living in Traverse City MI and still is Punk Rawk
Erica Liss /Bassist for MDC/  still rocking (hard, with Girlband [www.myspace.com/girlbandsf]) and in the beginning stages of putting forming Turbonegra, the all girl turbonegro cover band with Sally Disaster, Tish (from Cookie) Rina (from Psychedelic Wedding) Klara (Binky) and Shelley (Bimbo and Girlband) 
James Jeht- Guitarist for The Red Rockers- Now known as James Singletary living in New Orleans , writing music for Movie Scores and helping his ex band mate Cristian Serpas do a documentary on the Red Rockers.
Patrick Jones- Drummer of the Red Rockers- Living in Los Angeles and stays in contact with James Singletary, Cristian Serpas and John Griffith who recently moved to Los Angeles from Atlanta.
Ed Colver- Well known Los Angeles Photographer who photographed the Who's Who of Punk Rock- Now working as Edward Colver he continues with his photography. He has photo's appearing in Books, Exhibitions, Galleries, and Record Covers. Many of his photograph's were used in "American Hardcore," Ed has photo's on the cover of the new Linkin Park "Minutes To Midnight" CD. He recently released a new book on the glory days of punk called "Blight At The End Of The Funnel."
Bambi- Mud Wimmin- Married and living in Marin County
Ken Cameron -singer from Killerwatt- now lives in Hilo, Hawaii owns a guitar shop www.hiloguitars.com , was the resident soundman at Madame Wongs in Chinatown for five years.Still performs occasionally in Hawaii
George Fabo - guitarist for Killerwatt rumored to be living in Beverly Hills, CA and selling racehorses.
Terry Nails- bass player for Killerwatt went on to record album with Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and played with Ozzie Osborne,now lives in Florida works at surf shop and has a surf music show on the radio
Jesse Bradman - keyboards Killerwatt later played with Eddie Money,Nightranger and Poison now practices Real estate law in Bay Area
Andy Z- - KUSF Dee-Jay, Bartender at The Chatterbox, Bay Area Records and Tapes- Married with 3 kids living in Holly and is an Investment Bankernow known as Andy Zicklin

Paul Problem- Just put lives in LA and doing background acting for TV and films...
James Stark- Photographer- Still doing Photography moved from SF to a farm near Sultana, CA . Dirkfest made him realize how much he misses the Bay Area...
Steven Weisburd- Drummer for Insect Idol- Practicing Law in Austin TX, Married to Kathy Valentine of The Go Go's and has a almost 5 year old daughter named Audrey.
Kathy Valentine- Bass Player for The Go Go's- Now living in Austin TX with her Attorney husband Steven Weisburd and daughter Audrey
Troy Thacker- Drummer for Snapper- Still playing drums in the Bay Area
Gary Heffern- The Penetrators- now living in in Finland
Jeff Clark- The Mixers- Still playing music and living in Nevada City, California... Has fond memories of The Mabuhay Gardens, Genie Francis and Ginger Coyote both of whom he wrote a songs for..
Marcos Johnson- Living Abortions - Is now a re-known Poet/Writer is involved with Joaquin Phoenix and Michael Muller on a video project called Another Night Upon Us...Had been living in LA but now back in San Jose, California
Brian Thalken: Guitarist for Fall Of Christianity and The Mixers- Now living in Vancouver BC playing guitar with a Rockabilly Band..
Tambre Bryant- Booked Metal Mondays at The Mabuhay Gardens- Now has a Band Management company, married with a daughter and ironically is back booking shows at the Club 443 aka The Mabuhay Gardens with her business partner Tonus as T&T Productions.
Nancy Jackson- Mother of Kat aka Kenine and a den mom to all of her punk rock pals- Nancy is clean and sober living in Crockett , CA and still acting as a Den Mom to Kat's various friends..
AUTUMN - The only Female to Play in the Flamin'Groovies, Girlfriend of Bittley Black- Autumn Eyles is a Christian living in Boston with her Granddaughter Juliette who is 5 years old - working as a Gold and Silver Broker... Her 29 Year old Daughter Gabrielle lives in Seattle with Autumn's other grandchild Christian who a year old.
Randy Ralston- Bass Player for Insect Idol- Happily married living in Ireland and still a musician now also playing drums...Very proud of his Father who was on The Lawrence Welk Show and is still performing and does an occasional "Welk Reunion" in Branson MO
Steve Seid- Publicist for 415 Records- Now is a curator at The Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, CA. Currently working on a Bruce Conner exhibit at the Berkeley Art Museum..
Richard Peterson- Photographer - Now residing in Indian Hills, Colorado working with Photographer Bruce Conner....
Luna Discussion- Artist-  Divorced from Frank Discussion of The Feederz .Luna is living in the East Bay and still doing artwork..
John Surrell- Drummer for Bad Posture/ White Trash Debutantes - Married living in Madison WI..Recently had a Baby Girl and is still playing drums in bands..
Nick Geber (guitarist) host of TV show Fox Football Fone-In, producer and voice of the World Series of Poker.
Paul "Batman" Votava -- LA. Scene Maker, Pro-rollerskater (4-wheel, skates not boards, Pool-skater), Godzilla's doorman, P.U.N.X. organizer, & band roadie. Currently in Volcan, Panama running a Thai resturaunt, raising tropical fish, rescuing exotic birds, and tattooing bipeds. Lives & works with his Panamanian wife & 2 step kids
Jeff Jeff Gottesfeld - Was at KUSF during that seminal first 1980-1981.  Tuesday afternoons, 2:00 to 5:45 pm.  Now living in Los Angeles,  is a writer -- fiction, stage, film, TV.  Most recently, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS on CBS.  www.jeffgottesfeld.com.  Married 18 years, have a 15 year old son.