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Uptown Riot: Interview 
By Ginger Coyote

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Punk Globe:
Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with Punk Globe.. I really like the name of your band Uptown Riot. Can you tell the readers how you came up with the name?

PMONKEY - i dont remember... I think I was sitting on the shitter reading the back of a shampoo bottle and it sounded cool

Punk Globe: Can you tell us who is in the band and what they play?

PMONKEY - guitar, vocals  CONRAD - bass, vocals    JEFF RIOT - drums, vocals

Punk Globe: How long has the band been together and how did you all meet?

PMONKEY - Me and Conrad have been playing since the winter of 2006-2007, and Jeff joined us in Feb, '08, after playing with a bunch of other drummers.

Punk Globe: My pal Khaos who books "Monday Night Khaos" at The Cobalt thought you had been on a hiatus recently.. Any truth to that rumor?

PMONKEY - It took us so long to get the our drummer siuation sorted out...we're finally playing The Balt Aug 1st for our CD release show

Punk Globe: I noticed that you played with Total Chaos when they played up in Vancouver was that a fun show? Can you tell us some of the other bands that you may have shared the stage with that we may know?

PMONKEY - Fuck, it would have been cool...but they got denied at the Canadian border. We had a big party at our jam space that night, which kicked ass.

Punk Globe: Who writes the bands material? Is it a joint effort?

PMONKEY - Me and Conrad..Jeff usually sits in the  corner and picks his ball sack.

Punk Globe: What or who inspires you to write music? Politics, Beer, Pop Culture?

JEFF RIOT - Pretty much un-inspired.
CONRAD - Fireball and boobs!
PMONKEY - Mostly beer, and my dog Bobo.
Uptown Riot 2

Punk Globe: Can you tell us some of the band's influences musically?

JEFF RIOT - Pretty much that whole EPI-FAT sound from the 90's. Also a lot of 80's hardcore bands. Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Gorilla Biscuits, DRI.
PMONKEY - US Bombs, Op Ivy, The Clash, Youth Brigade, DOA, the Kids
CONRAD - NOFX, bad religion, mad caddies

Punk Globe: Have you got any releases out and are you signed to a label?

PMONKEY - Our first release EP will be out august 1st 2008!  Nope...not signed.

Punk Globe: I am sure Tyler Vile here at Punk Globe would love to review you? You are just his type of band.. He is an amazing guy..
Check out his interview in the current Punk Globe.

PMONKEY - Dope!  Tell him Ill buy him a shot of fireball and a shitty beer.

Punk Globe: Can you tell us about what you think about the Vancouver/B.C.  music scene? What are some of your favorite venues to play at?

JEFF RIOT - Sucks... really lame radio friendly rockstar bullshit everywhere.
PMONKEY - I sent anthrax to 604 records
CONRAD - The Cobalt is cool.

Punk Globe: What local BC bands do you like to play with?

PMONKEY - The Fight United, The Wrecktals...Cambridge, The Rebel Spell
JEFF RIOT - The bum that plays the spoons outside my work

Punk Globe: I understand that you are planning a tour with another Punk Globe favorite:  Fight United. Can you tell us about the tour? Is Khaos booking this tour? I know she is booking a tour for Fight United?

PMONKEY - We played with the Fight up in was dope.  Playing again with them August 1st...We won't be going to work the next day.
I think we're going to push the tour back to the fall...we need to find a van that's cheap on gas. 
Or bring some jerry cans and rubber hoses!

Punk Globe:
How long will you be out on the road for?

PMONKEY - Probably until the van breaks down or if Conrad decides to put his hair in dreadlocks...
CONRAD - Hey, fuck you!

Punk Globe: Do you have alot of Merch to sell on the road?

PMONKEY -  Yeah...we got four different types of t-shirts...and cd's, getting stickers soon also.
JEFF RIOT -, yeah what he said!

Punk Globe: MacBastard from Fight United is going to start writing an advice  column for Punk Globe. I have not yet seen it yet.

PMONKEY - Maybe I'll write MAC an "i saw you" posting in the Georgia Straight, and tell him he has a sweet ass.

Punk Globe: What do you use to keep your 'hawks up?

CONRAD - Dirt and chlorine
PMONKEY - Ice Mist
JEFF RIOT - I'm balding

Punk Globe:
Can you give the readers your Internet address for My Space profile?

Punk Globe:
If you could put together the ultimate show of your dreams, who would be on the bill and what venue would you use?

PMONKEY - Time Again, US Bombs, and Uptown Riot - The Knitting Factory, Hollywood.
CONRAD - (conrad was spaced out when we got to this question, so let's just say he'd be sitting in a circle somewhere on the grass with some people, a bong and a hacky sack)
JEFF RIOT - NOFX, Mirror Threat - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver.

Punk Globe: Do you like the "Queen Of The Cholitas" .. Amy Winehouse?

CONRAD - I hear she smokes crack..
PMONKEY - I threw that cd out the window on the 101 when a friend tried to play it in my Budget rental car

Punk Globe:
I would like to thank you so much for the interview. Do you have last comments for the readers?


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