Type 53
Tyler Vile chats with

Punk Globe: Tell us a bit about you and your band Type53

Mash: We're a straight ahead, no frills, no bullshit punk band. I guess we'd be labeled "old skool" - heavily influenced by "77 punk" and early hardcore. We want to shake things up a bit with our back to punk basics approach.

Punk Globe: When and how did you first get into Punk Rock?

Mash: 1979, when The Clash were first "breaking" in the USA. Music has always been important to me but the seeds of punk were planted in me then. Yeah, so think for yourself, fuck authority, control your own destiny - I like those ideas.

Punk Globe: How did you come up with the name Type53?

Mash: This is classified information. Type53 could mean a lot of things (like a carburetor model, internal car model designation, etc) - but one thing it could mean is a soviet era submarine torpedo.

Punk Globe: How do you feel about this kind of resurgence of Punk music and ideology where you have punks ranging from teenagers like me to the "original" punks in your age group?

Mash: My age group? Ha! Well I guess I am a "formerly young man". On the other hand, I ain't exactly an "original punk" either. As for punk rock and punk ideology, it seems to come in and out of fashion. Putting aside the "fashion punks" (they'll drop out of punk when they "grow up" anyway eh?), I think there will always be a "core" of punks out there somewhere. Punk will never die as long as society is fucked up and there's no end in sight to that is there? To answer your question simply though - it's fucking great to see punk is still infecting all ages!

Punk Globe: Who are your biggest influences?

Mash: Personally, my late brother Steve was/is an immense influence on me. He was fiercely independent and a bit mischievous. He also had a very sensitive bullshit detector - I miss him much. Joe Strummer is another guy that has a lot of influence on me. That said I don't believe in heroes - be your own hero if you need a hero.

Punk Globe: Your band recently got a new drummer right? How is he fitting in with your sound?

Mash: Luke has been a great edition - he's really into it and a quick learner. We expect him to write our next top ten hit.

Punk Globe: You recently played a Clash tribute night, which do you enjoy more doing covers or writing original material?

Mash: Definitely original material. The covers are fun but playing too many covers is boring. Creating something out of nothing can be amazing - I enjoy writing but it is never a completely solo effort as every member of the band is involved in putting the songs together. Shawn and I are the main songwriters but then Kristen comes up with a great bass line and Luke of course is the motor which powers the whole thing.

Punk Globe: Does Type53 have any releases?

Mash: We have a self released four song EP that we recorded in May of last year - we sell it at shows. Except for the title tune ("Airstrike"), the songs are older and don't really show where we're headed as a band any more. We plan to record some of our many newer tunes in the spring, and hopefully kick out a full length by next winter.

Punk Globe: do you have any plans to tour in the future?

Mash: Short answer - yes. We're looking at doing something this summer, and we're looking at East Coast punk festivals, of which there are practically none. But right now we're focused on getting our material down with Luke (he's still kinda new with us) and basic stuff like trying to be heard by more people by simply playing. Beyond that we're pretty ambitious - we want to play the UK and Europe.

Punk Globe: Thanks for doing this interview Mash, any closing comments

Mash: Thanx, Tyler, In a bizarre way we're kinda lucky in a way to be in Baltimore as there are several venues that seem to be willing to give unestablished punk bands shows. We have a bunch of new teenage punk bands and existing older punk bands that all make me think that the punk "scene" is on the verge of a big upswing. So lookout - Baltimore's calling!