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Book Review By Kim Acrylic

Chris Mars, ex-drummer for the Replacements, has discovered his inner ghouls and they are featured in one of THE best art books i have seen. "

Tolerance" is like Mark Ryden walking through Hell a few hundred times.

The glossy pages are made from environmentally safe recycled, bleach free paper with vegetable ink.

This 160-page hardback book is pure surrealism and Gothic horror on each page. Square heads with skull faces,huge eyes and severed,bleeding limbs I myself found this a MASTERPIECE each page takes you to a deeper level of the abyss.

"Tolerance" is like some deep,dark nightmare that wont end till you close the book.

It is by FAR one of the best art books i have seen! By Mars being a self taught artist makes it even more impressive, it proves that art is a given talent, not a "lesson" and Mars defiantly will change your views on art with this book.

When i was looking at it the soundtrack in my head was something very dark and heavy...too dark in fact to even name a band off hand. The glossy photos and the artist blurbs between photos are just so beautiful, i feel like I've been in his mind.

Mars still lives and works in Minneapolis,Minnesota.