Timm Carney
Staff Editor/Writer


Timm Carney grew up in Providence, RI where he studied film and video and theater.  In the late 80’s he moved to San Francisco where he worked for Zoetrope’s Commercial Pictures.  He worked freelance for many years doing bad TV, commercials, rock videos, documentaries and independent films.

In the mid 90’s he was in a hippy supermarket and saw a sign that said, “Do you want to Learn Hungarian and teach English in Budapest?”   He did! Life in California was put on hold and he traveled to Hungary where he taught English and worked dubbing Hungarian films into English.

When he returned to San Francisco after some time in Boston and New York, he worked for many small and medium sized theater companies on both East and West coasts.  He produced a long running Vaudeville Cabaret called “Unnatural Acts” that played in Bay Area venues.

Currently he is living in Providence and does a menial job at Brown University.  He is also working on a script based on the life of HP Lovecraft. 

Email:  timmcarneydamnit@yahoo.com


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