Tied For Last, The Shame Game, Yeti Machete, Drop Dead Silhouette
Live in Toledo, Ohio

Review and Pictures By: Michael Rys
What can I say about Yeti Machete that I have not already covered with previous shows they have been on? They sure are a helluva allot tighter than when I first saw them about 4 or 5 years ago that's for sure. They rely allot less on on the crazy Santaside that frequents their live shows.Oh don't get me wrong people still have fun blasting plastic zombiefied Santa's all over the place, especially touring acts who 've never been a party to it before. Its good fun but the bands music is what put them over the top.Its sloppy dirt encrusted punk,nothing fancy nothing particularity skillful but full of "fuck you if you don't like it" attitude.

More Please@ The Shame Game is another Toledo area band I've covered quite a bit over the years.I've really enjoyed watching their progression from kids with potential to a young band who I view as more professional than some of the vets I've seen lately. I don't mean pro as in boring and predicable . I mean pro as in get up there and play,interact with your audience no matter how big or small, and play like you mean it no matter the crowd size. Fresh off releasing their first full length they snuck in a new song and played their crowd please-rs as well.I have yet to see a touring act that was not impressed with their live show and songs.Now I'm just hoping that things like college,driver licenses and hormones don't do and much things up for the bands future because it remains bright.
New York 's Tied For Last were coming through Toledo for the first time with this show and while the crowd was much smaller than expected, they showed their appreciation for this four piece,loudly and all through their set.Steve Ringer ( sitting in for the tour ) on drums,Tommy D' Angelo on guitar/vocals,Pixie La Furious on Bass/vocals, and Steve Scollard on guitar/vox poured out their little black punk rocks hearts on stage tonight,playing a set that ran the gamut of influences they seem to draw inspiration from. Lots of 70's era Ramones,80's pop, and even some 90's Cali punk. Light hearted enough to make you laugh,kick ass enough to make you move. Songs I really loved were Beautiful In Black, their version of Jenny,Wasted, and most of all Bloody Tuesday. I don't know how often Tied For Last ventures out on the road but check em out, and defiantly let them know you wanna see where ever you are...You might come home a Little sore from dancing around but I guarantee you'll have a smile on your face.
Drop Dead Silhouette had the often thanks less job of closing out the night.But if they take a few things form this gigs its... First they played their set way more relaxed than the first time I saw them.No blazing through songs faster than they had to be, they looked up from their instruments and engaged the audience. Second, their supports stuck it out and actually watched their set! What a concept ,you pay for a show why not stay right? Lastly to end the night off when they got stuck on lyrics playing a cover they didn't plan on playing until us loud mouths hollard for more Steve Ringer got up onstage and took lead vox duties. Unfortunately the beer and flaming Dr Peppers had finally went to my head so I don't remember what song it was, really I don't. But I know it was the best song of their set and left everyone happy and satisfied with the night entertainment. When your closing a show out that's the best result you can ask for. Great job and I'm excited for these guys too.
Check out Tied for Last at www.tiedforlast.com
The Shame Game and Yeti Machete can both be found on facebook.com
Review and Pictures by Michael Rys