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Live @ The Lemon Tree

Photos by Dod Morrison + words by Explode



Well, The Rezillos are a special band, and more. As they came on-stage it's apparent that the years have been kinder to them than most of their audience. There might be a few wrinkles, the odd extra pound or two and a few less hairs in place, but on the whole they looked terrific. Fay Fife was resplendent in silver and black PVC, Eugene Reynolds in trademark biker chic with standard Rezillo issue wraparound shades while Jo Callis sported his left handed black Stratocaster.

This tour was to mark the 30th anniversary of their classic Can't Stand The Rezillos album and the first part of the set consisted of the album played in original running order. And what an album it is....every time I looked around me all I could see was a mass of joyous faces singing along with every word.


All the Rezillo classics were there.....Good Sculptures, Cold Wars, Flying Saucer Attack and of course, the one that started it all, Can't Stand My Baby. When the album drew to a close we were treated to their new single Number One Boy (which next week will see them featured on a special Christmas edition of Top Of The Pops here in the UK). We also got another equally good newie called Only In Your Dreams, a Rezillofied River Deep, Mountain High and a final Mystery Action then they were off. Not for long though.

The crowd might not have been the biggest but they certainly made up for it in noise, dragging the band back for Destination Venus then again for a second encore where we got another new song. The band allegedly didn't have anything else to play us!

So make the effort to see these guys if you get the chance. They may not do this again in another 30 years!


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