The Red Hot Heathens, and Treatment Bound
@ Woodchucks Toledo Oh
Review and Photo's By: Michael Rys
I'm not an expert on the art of burlesque by any means. I know it has long and somewhat interrupted history, being as how it was lost on the entertainment circuit in the US for a few decades. In many places through out the country burlesque has seen a revival of sorts.In some places out west I understand bands have been pushed out of venues in favor of the lovely ladies gracing the stage. The Red Hot Heathens out of Cleveland Ohio pride themselves on being a different kind of burlesque troop. They define them selves as "outlaw burlesque". What makes them outlaw, I have no idea . I can say after seeing them in the flesh standout.First off you don't just get strippers coyly acting as a burlesque performer. You get gals and even a guy that perform their skit be it for laughs,dance,singing and yes a some tease where clothes come off. Now I'm a big fan of nudity! So this was not only an act that through out the night kept me smiling but I find the way these ladies put them selves out there to be darn sexy too. You don't get the Hollywood hard body look. You get the classic 40 and 50's pin up look, Curves Baby!!! Unique all the way. Cokey the clown freaking out and blowing his expensive fine white powder everywhere while his clothes went a flying. Another fine lass who had every geek in places attention when her black robe came down and she was in a Star Wars get up dancing to a dance version of a Star wars theme, oh and swallowing a light Sabre got some attention too. We had a hot tie MILF homemaker, a red white and blue singer, and my favorite a beer maiden with handmade PBR bra, which of course was removed moments later. Great wholesome R rated fun. Now this show Toledo packed the house for... And I swear the ladies in the crowd were louder and more rowdy than the guys. Way to go ladies and way to go Red Hot Heathens..

Treatment Bound is not only one of Detroit's most awesome well kept musical secrets but they have major balls too. Why because they not only played with the Red Hot Heathens tonight but because they have done it before! Any band that has the confidence to play with and after them is amazing in itself. Now Treatment Bound is the brain child of band leader Brian Milne who you may also know as a former member of the punk band Glitter Trash. He actually had Treatment Bound years before Glitter Trash but put the band in moth balls while dishing out the punishing punk.This stuff goes back to his roots. With new members in tow ( one of which plays drums stand up) Treatment Bound kick Rock n roll butt by blending influences like The Replacements, Husker Du, Social D and a Little twang. Cow -punk but with out all the cheese that often comes with a country punk mix. Excellent band and they sound even better than when I saw his last incarnation of the band back in 2008.The Toledo audience hungry for more burlesque really seemed to dig em too. I say Treatment Bound should play two sets the next time they come around with the Red Hot Heathens.