The Red Hot Heathens, Treatment Bound, Thirsty Houligans
Live in Toledo
Review and Photo's By: Michael Rys
When Cleavland's wicked fun outlaw burlesque troop The Red Hot Heathens are coming to town, its a holiday! At least in my minds it is. Its a perfect fucking storm of Flesh,Rock N Roll,Booze and great big Laughs. What more can a guy want from a holiday right?
Toledo's Irish themed rockers The Thirty Houligans hit the outside stage and they've grown a bit too, adding for a few song a banjo player, and full time bassist.Bad for me that because I was busy handling the business at the door I could not focus very much on their set. What I managed to hear was very laid back cool and lots of fun. I especially dug the version they played of Thin Lizzy's Cowboy Song, you play that especially acoustically and not screw it up mad props. And then the rain started.... enter 45 minuet "rain delay while all the sound equipment was moved back inside and set back up.....very cool crowd stayed patient and the place began to fill up which was great for the Red Hot Heathens as I was told by Aurora Sans, the Heathens fearless/shameless leader that its much more comfortable to take off clothing in front of a large crowd instead of a smaller one.
When the Red Hot Heathen finally grabbed the stage... they had a packed house at their mercy. Rosie The Reveller started things off, with the guesting Sarah Sahara heating things up then the queen herself Aurora Sans doing an act with TV Dinners that had everyone rolling with laughter.Booze Mcoot the troops only dude that made the trip was not to be outdone either not only flashing his masculinity around and rocking the handlebar mustache too! Too much fun and this was only their first of two sets.

Detroit's Treatment Bound hit the stage next and these guys are unique in a sea full of sound a like's and wanna be's. Great solid rockabilly tinged rock, with just the right amount of fuck you punk attitude thrown in too. Now these fellas play with the Red Hot Heathens quite bit so they have a great and supportive relationship, to see them dancing right up front is not something usual for them. Looking around Woodchucks and seeing other doing the same yowza, now we have a party. Treatment Bound let it hang out for darn near an hour and not only did the crowned stay but they were digging every second as was I, and because the show was back in side I had a great view and could hear every bit even though folks were still coming through the door art well past midnight... With a new EP out, these guys a gigging out regionally. If want a second none fun band too see you who does not take themselves so seriously that they forget to have fun then you want Treatment Bound.
Second set time for The Red Hot Heathens. What could they possibly do to top act 1? Well they start off with a group number that had Booze Mcoot, Aurora Sans and Rosie The Reveller shedding items of clothing and getting the crowd worked up and hooting again.Sarah Sahara appeared again and put on one steamy show involving various colors of paints... had to defog the glasses. Booze struts to the stage looking dapper in his best suit.... only to get down to a Genie costume underneath... magic spell made that come off wall-la!!!Aurora then took her place in an elegant Hollywood 1920 era dress and showed us just how she prefers to drink..ending up in what must be famous by now Pabst Blue Ribbon bra and undies... Dang I was drinking Strohs! Rosie The Reveller ended the night with a passion for all things sweet, and of course invited many in the audience to participate in the cupcake and whipped cream madness. Yes , my shirt did come clean no stains... but I did smell odd coming home with hours old whip cream and beer smell on me. Entirely worth every bit of the laundry and then some.
The Red Hot Heathens are quite simply an adult circus, lots of clowning,plenty of wild animals and lots of trick of their... errr OK no sleeves. You would be silly to miss em when they come rolling through your town. Just have a mop handy cause its gonna get messy!