By: Spider Mahone
1. Being a punk is no easy thing
Competing with youngsters all covered in bling
But theres is a happening, nothing but fashion
Ours is reality, a meaning, a passion
2. Our movements been going for 30 years plus
Theirs for five minutes a teenagers must
No dress code for us, just what, makes you feel good
Theirs is all bling like boys in the hood
3. As music evolves, ours stays much the same
Still wild and crazy, it never was tame
Heros of a generation, still around today
And all sounding better every time that they play
4. 30 years in the making and still going strong
The magic, the passion, the bloody good songs
But as I get older, my pogos not as crisp
For Im not as supple and could slip a disc
5. So there at the side of the mosh pit Iíll stand
And gently gyrate to the sound of the band
Loving the notes of the music thatís played
Oh feck, bloody hell wheres me hearing aid
By: Spider Mahone
1. Standing in the airport, passport in hand
Off to new places with the rest of the band
Spreading the gospel, spreading the word
Its Irish Punk music, that has to be heard
2. Tis a music about life, not following a fashion
Its straight from the heart, raw and with passion
The music is cool, it bonds and it binds
Which can only be good in these troubled times.
3. The kids on pop idol all emotions and tears
But where will they be in the next 20 years
Tattered and torn, battered and bruised
They aint rock stars, their just confused
4. We have our music, our passion, our bands
Who tour to see us in far away lands
For theres is a power, a glory a quest
They give us the music for which we are blessed
Chorus. With arms held high, the fans all cheer
Forgive us lord we want more beer
With the volume up the band kicks in
Forgive us lord, we're here for sin
With bodies moving the fans all dance
Forgive us lord we're in a trance
As the band plays on, the fans all cheer
Forgive us lord we need more beer