"The Devil's In The Detail:" Volume 1
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DVD Review by Ginger Coyote

THE MEATMEN "The Devil's In The Detail" Volume 1 DVD cover
Track Listings
Real Men Hang Right
Shit Called Love

I'm Glad I'm Not A Girl
Pillar Of Sodom
Gods Bullies
Meatman Stomp
Big Giant Cock
Abba, God and Me
Die Foriegn Scum
War of the Super Bikes
I've Got a Problem
Mr. Tape Worm
Tesco's Tender Love Ballad
The Suck Trilogy
Lesbian Death Dirge

Music Video Bonus: Centurions of Rome, Hotrails To Hell, Childern Suck, Men, Meat and Fire,
Tooling For Anus, Carnel Jockeys Suck, Stella and I want Drugs.

This DVD is endorsed by Satan... Tesco Vee and The Meatmen delivered some of the most Sexist , Racist Music of our time..
They had a gimmick and they stood out.. Like El Duce and The Mentors- Tesco Vee and The Meatmen have carved a place in Punk History...
The live footage is from 1972- 2007- music video's, Tesco on TV and other acts of mayhem..
This DVD provides a 90 minute romp in the last 30 years of The Meatman's career..
Tesco Vee and Company may have been an inspiration for Johnny Knoxville's "Jack Ass" Movies....Sinsational
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