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The Last Waltz... With a Different Band

DVD on Dream Tower Records

Review By: Ginger Coyote


Film Maker Colin Brunton captures the essence of Punk Rock in Toronto Canada in 1978..
HEY HO LET'S POGO says it all..
The Gary's legendary Promoter's Gary Topp and Gary Cormier presented THE LAST POGO at The Horseshoe Tavern. Bands involved included The Cardboard Brains, The Secrets, The Mods, The Ugly, The Viletones and Teenage Head (featuring the late Frankie Venom R.I.P.)... Although it was NOT The Band the show had a crowd of 800+ with all sorts of mayhem including Toronto's "Boys In Blue " coming in to break it all up..
The Last Pogo was filmed in 1978 and runs 26 minutes.

It was Directed and Produced by Colin Bruntom.. Added Features include The Scenics 26 Minutes of excitement... A Chris Haight commentary which runs 20 Minutes.. Colin Brunton is a well respected Film Maker and told me a funny tale via email about meeting the legendary Jayne County...
This DVD is A++++ .... Buy it now...

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