By Ginger Coyote

Fight United 1
THE FIGHT UNITED: Photo credit:Jimmy Von Riesen

A couple of month's ago Punk Globe received a Demo CD from The Fight United who hail from Vancouver, Canada. I was really impressed by their spirit and their music so I contacted them about an Interview.. The following interview was done with Trigger who is the Lead Vocalist and Guitarist, Brass MacBastard who plays Bass and does Backup Vocals and the one and only Yoko Ohno who plays Drums and does Back Up Vocals... Yoko also mixed The Fight United CD with their hit song "Wendy Thirteen."

Punk Globe: Thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview with Punk Globe. Can you tell us how you came up with the band name The Fight United and who plays what?

MacBastard: We were calling the band "The Fight", but then we found out some band in the UK was called that. We liked the name, so we just made it better.

Trigger: I play guitar and sing......sorta. I also go by the name Paul but some call me Trigger. Brass MacBastard plays bass and Yoko Ohno plays drums. We call him "Yoke" affectionately.

Punk Globe: How long has Fight United been a band and how did you all get together?

MacBastard: We have been together since June of 2004. I responded to Paul's ad in the Georgia Straight newspaper.

Fight United 2
MacBastard, Yoko Ohno and Trigger. Photo credit:Jimmy Von Riesen.

Trigger: Yeah, and Yoke and I were in a band together for two years before that. Yoke was the guitarist and singer and I played bass.

Punk Globe: How would you describe your sound?

MacBastard: Sounds just like fucking angels.

Punk Globe: Can you tell us about your first gig and where was it?

MacBastard: We played Pub 340 in Vancouver on October 30th 2004. We all said we were gonna dress up for Halloween, but Paul was the only one that did. he painted his face like the Misfits. The ones with Jerry Only, not from the 80's cartoon Jem and the Holograms.

Fight United 3
Yoko Ohno and MacBastard. Photo credit:Jimmy Von Riesen.

Punk Globe: I know that Punk Globe did a review of your 15 song self released CD "The Fight United" was that your first recording?

MacBastard: We recorded a 10 song CD in November of 2004 and Paul and Yoko did a 3 song demo before I met them.

Punk Globe: Any plans to record again soon?

MacBastard: Yeah, as soon as Jello calls me up and says " Please be on my label, you guys are the shit!"

Punk Globe: We have a mutual pal Karla from Alter Ego Productions. She tells me that she is booking a tour of Canada for you.. Tell us when you will start the tour and how long will the tour be for?

MacBastard: The tour starts July 4th at the Cobalt in Vancouver and we are heading east as far as Thunder Bay in northern Ontario. It's gonna be three weeks on the road. Hope the wheels don't fall off Vanna White. Karla is awesome, she's hooking the whole thing up for us

Punk Globe: Do you plan on playing any shows in the USA?

MacBastard: Paul can answer this one.

Trigger: Absolutely!! Do you have a speed boat we can borrow?

Punk Globe: What is your favorite venue in Vancouver to play at?

MacBastard: Motherfuckin' COBALT!

Yoko Ohno: Cobalt.

Trigger: That's the ONLY venue as far as I'm concerned.

Punk Globe: I really like your song "Wendy Thirteen" does it get a good response at all your shows?

MacBastard: From everyone but Wendy I think. We love Wendy.

Trigger: Wendy hates that song with every ounce of her being.......watching her cover her face in embarrassment just as we kick into it makes it all worth while. Ha ha!

Punk Globe: When you write is it a group effort or does just certain band members write your tunes?

MacBastard: Paul mostly writes everything. I came up with the Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh's on the song washboard.

Punk Globe: Who are some of your favorite bands?

MacBastard: Ramones, Motorhead, Rancid, New York Dolls, Dead boys, Dictators, Murder City Devils. etc, etc.

Trigger: Anything by Metallica up until and including 1988............and CCR.

Yoko Ohno: Black Flag, Nirvana, Pantera, Ramones, Rage Against The Machine, Motorhead, System Of A Down.

Punk Globe: If you could play on a bill with any band or bands who would it be with and where at?

Fight United 4
THE FIGHT UNITED: MacBastard, Yoko Ohno (barely visible) and Trigger. Photo credit:Jimmy Von Riesen.

MacBastard: Dead or Alive? Dead- The Ramones at CBGB's with Dee Dee on bass. Alive- Motorhead anywhere.

Trigger: NOFX in Toronto...... 'cuz NOFX are the shit and so my dad could see what an enormous douche bag I've become.

Yoko Ohno: The Ramones at CBGB, unfortunately neither one exist now, so I'll say Motorhead at Wembley Stadium.

Punk Globe: Does Fight United have a My Space Profile?

Punk Globe: Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview. Is there any last words that you may like to add?

Trigger: Here Here!! And thanks to you Ginger......cant wait to see you slay the dragon at the Cobalt!!

Yoko Ohno: Thank's for diggin' our band, rock on!

MacBastard: I wanna say thanks to Wendy for doing what she does to keep the punk scene alive in Vancouver.

Punk Globe would like to thank The Fight United and hope you all will check them out either live or on My Space.................