The Don't Fucking Cares
Negatives For Fun
By: Jools
London based, ‘The Don’t Fucking Care’s were formed in 2007, by Swedish vocalist Märta Larsson with the intention of creating an audio amalgam of 70’s New York punk with an indie edge to it and from my perspective, anyone who has the audacity to name their band ‘The Don’t Fucking Cares ‘certainly deserves, NO, demands a listen. The result of assembling this belligerent four piece was the creation of their debut album, ’Negative For Fun’, consisting of eleven tracks and thirty two minutes of in your face, yet fun, punk attitude.
Opening with 'Babeland' the album is catchy from the offset, I love Märta’s vocal style, full of ballsy attitude, the guitars are great also, down tuned, raw and wonderfully twangy . Moving on, 'Black Eyeliner No1' ,has a rock 'n' roll vibe with bad attitude, fun and infectious . It’s catchy, it’s sleazy it’s 'Download', enough said. A slightly more serious track ‘Repercussions’, Märta means business here, but still maintaining that exciting edge. One of my favourite tracks on the album, I can really relate to this. Another great track, 'Sulphate' has a brooding vibe and very sultry vocals, pulled together with the ever consistent down tuned, raw guitars and has a sing along, stick in your mind, chorus. Combine a pulsating opening with hypnotic guitar riffs and a ‘don’t care‘, attitude and you get (you and me could never be) ‘Real People’. Well we wouldn’t want to be anyway! The raggedy repeat riff of ‘Reality Bugs Me' is very infectious on the ear, I love it! ‘Something About You’ is pulsating, snappy and the drums give an extra dimension here. Another favourite with me, ‘NY Bitches’ is slower and brooding but still maintains a catchy riff. The faster, infectious tempo of ‘Speedtrap ’is guaranteed to get even the most reticent of people dancing around. The excellent final track 'Subtext' has more of an acoustic feel to it, different from the rest of the album and an excellent repeat “don't fucking care”chorus ensuring you won’t forget this bands name in a hurry. One thing you have to say about this album is, start to finish it is fun, every track has that catchy edge to it and as a first album it’s excellent. They have bags of energy and enthusiasm and musically have a lot to offer with the potential to achieve. This could be the start of something exciting. ‘Negative For Fun ‘ is out now on Röka Records and distributed by Cargo Records and is available on Amazon, Itunes, Spotify, Rough Trade & 60 other recordshops. .
Here is the DFC's track `"Download" from Guy Ritches movie "Rock N Rola".

The Dont Fucking Cares Promo for the `Negative For Fun` Album.

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