The CrashDollz
Review and Photo's By: Michael Rys
The Crashdollz out of Detroit Michigan are one of the leading bands in the area pulling female fronted band train... And a mighty locomotive they are too. This band caught my attention a few years ago when it was just Rachel Rekkit( guitar) and Nikki Darling( vocals) cutting demo's and posting picture of photo shoots. They were pretty audacious if you ask me ,putting the cart before the horse were my initial thoughts. But I had my socks knocked off when got the full band together and hit the road. Their live shows are an intense experience with exciting showmanship and very very tight sets musically. Could they capture the energy and intensity on record?? We all know tons of band that cant pull it off right??? Well don't put Crashdollz on that list because Ron G Crash ( bass) Brian Chaos(drums) ,Rachel Rekkit (guitars)and Nikki Darling (vocals) have pulled off a damn fine debut record.This self titled 12 song ( 10 if you discount the radio edits) can pretty much sum up the band the the songs they have unleashed on stages the last couple of years. Aggressive snot nosed hard rock with punk rock sneer, with whiz kid guitar licks,memorable chorus's and a gut punch drive behind it all.Its sick really ..that a label has not picked up them already but hell they'll probably do better for themselves in the long run anyway. Crashdollz look like an updated Runaways but sound like a slightly more psycho L7. You wont find one dud on this record and it just might change the way you feel about your faith in the future of US based hard rock. Its hard to pick my favorites off this record but I'll try.... Novocaine,Bad Taste Barbie,Sugar Rocket, and the tune that really grabs me is Dollhouse. This song starts off slow and creeps to mid tempo but the song is powerful ,and so damn creepy it makes the hair on my arms stand up. Haunting...its all too rare that a song will do that to me these days.
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