The Bloody Muffs, Chaos Rules, Black Swamp Rats, MLC
Live In Toledo

Review and Pictures By: Michael Rys
Some shows are just put together cause they musically make sense,some out of speed or necessity .The best are just put together for fun That was the case this cool breezy spring night. The Bloody Muffs form NYC making a return visit to Toledo since their first gig here in August of 2011.
The show started with Toledo's Chaos Rules who just a few weeks prior had played an energetic but poorly rehearsed show with some pieced together subs for the night.What a difference a few weeks and more permanent members made. Now the songwriting skills came out better, the playing was much better and while the stage antic were more subdued you know what? I'll take allot less jumping around for better music any day. Chaos Rules adding Lindie from The Shame Game on guitar was very smart move not too mention a new drummer. We'll just push the play button for Chaos Rules from this gig forward and say nice start.
Next up was Bowling Green/Toledo area band The Black Swamp Rats.This band features member and ex member of various local bands like Kitty Glitter and Smoke Theory. This band has been around a while and they have been one of the few I had never had the chance to see for myself before. Knowing Mark( this band he's on drum) and Dave( Bass) form Smoke Theory had joined the band I was expecting something on the heavy side. Founding member Bob Sadowy on vox and guitar along with Mike Debose also on guitar are on the heavy side, mid tempo rockers with tongue in cheek humor, and passion. Sound I can best describe as later years Pixies on steroids,sans the cute voice of Kim Deal of course.

I love The Bloody Muffs! Make no mistake this band had a fan after their show last August.So I've been looking forward to this show. Having had the pleasure of hearing the un-mastered version of their new album ( which is now out) Blue Waffle Breakfast I knew the new stuff was just as good as the tunes I love from previous Cd's.They didn't waste a second getting right to rocking the hell out .Playing songs form not just the new CD but from Sloppy Seconds,and Heavy Flow. Kicking the show off with one of my faves Lets Get Drunk and Fuck, Hell yeah thats one way to start a night! I should also mention a song they played off a split single they did the song is called La Foufoune Eletrique...outstanding vibe and guitar carnage on this track, great vocals too. Beginning to end their set had me smiling and singing along, nice to some others in the crowd doing so too,The Ballad Of Titty Rodriguez got a louder cheer, as did Love Me Like A Drug and another personal fave Drunk Tank. One of the new tunes that really floored me live was I Don't Want You Anymore,just pure rock n roll mayhem.The end called for us yelling out what we wanted to hear. Guess who yelled the loudest? Me that's who I had to hear Fireworks and Beer! Hell yeah perfect song for singing along and got the crowd singing back at them too. I cant recommend seeing a band live more than I do The Bloody Muffs. Seriously demented fun punk rock. Jessica( bass& vox) Bryan ( guitar& vox) and fill in drummer John( also on vox) you guys out did yourselves, hope we don't have to wait nearly a year to see ya again.
Closing out the night was Toledo's own M.L.C. fronted by former Shame Game Bassist Eddie. I didn't know what to expect form the wet behind the ears youngsters. I was pleasantly surprised by not only the songs, but the stage presence too. No doubt they have along way to go to reach headline status but they are on the right track. Eddie seems to fair much better as a front man/bassist and revels in the freedom that offers. Impressive and I'm looking forward to seeing them continue to develop.