By: Kim Acrylic


Punk Globe: My first question is...How is it to be a post Seattle rock band?

Temperedcast: It's worked out so far! I don't think people expect us to sound grunge or anything, but I think they do expect quality. Coming from a city with such musical history, it seems like people are more willing to give us a chance and take a listen.

Punk Globe: Did the 90's grunge scene have an impact on you and if so,how?

Temperedcast: Definitely. We're huge fans of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, etc, and fans have told us that our vocal harmonies remind them of such bands.

Punk Globe: I notice you get compared to bands such as Jupiter Crash another post Seattle rock band, how does
that go over with you?

Temperedcast: Not sure I know the band! But if they're good...we'll take that as a compliment. If not, well...


Punk Globe: If you could do a show with one or two bands who would they be and why?

Temperedcast: How about Metallica and Sevendust?! Metallica has been an influence for years and would pack the venue ...and Sevendust is a favorite to watch live. Those guys rip!

Punk Globe: Any fun/weird fan stories?

Temperedcast: The first fan that comes to mind is someone we met a few shows back. First of all, it was the first fan that, instead of asking us to sign something for him, signed something for us...and signed Jesus' name. Since then, he's sent us lyrics that he's written and claims they'll make us huge. He also has begged us to drop off the Puddle of Mudd
tour we're on because we have 'better things in store for us'.

Punk Globe: Do you have any up coming projects we may not know about?

Temperedcast: No side projects, but we're trying to line up another tour for Spring! Hopefully we'll have details soon!

Punk Globe: How important is it to you to connect with your fans?

Temperedcast: Very important! We're not the back-stage type and for this whole tour we've been hanging out with our fans and meeting as many people as possible. That's been the fun part for us! Before we play, we pass out business cards to anyone who might not have heard of us, and after the show, we hang out at our merch booth meeting people, signing autographs and just hanging out.

Punk Globe: Are your lyrics personal? If so in what way?

Temperedcast: Very personal! They are taken from everyday life experiences whether they are good or bad. At the same time we like to make our lyrics and songs about things that everybody can relate to. The lyrics aren't so specific that only we can identify with them. That is how we feel we can reach out to fans is by making our music for everybody...


Punk Globe: How important is it to you to succeed in this world where bands that are mostly "Emo" are taking over?

Temperedcast: The great thing about music is that you can't be close minded by one type of music. Even musicians who are in the Emo scene didn't just listen to one type of genre of music. It takes many different influences to even make a genre it self. Emo, much like Grunge and Hair metal had its time, and sometime in the future will be some other new genre that everybody will be talking about. So, we don't feel we are in competition with Emo, we are just sticking to our guns, and waiting for our turn. In the mean time, we are getting our music in to as many people's hands as possible who are hungry for our style of music...

Punk Globe: What or who has been your biggest influence thus far?

Temperedcast: I don't think as a band we can name a single influence as our main influence. We would definitely say bands like Alice in Chains, Metallica, Sevendust, AC DC, and Atreyu would be some of our direct influence through the years though...

Punk Globe: How did you get the name Temperedcast?

Temperedcast: We wanted to find something that defined the sound and us as a band. 'Tempered' can refer to turning something into steal, making it heavier, or the state of mind. 'Cast' refers to a group of guys (caste) or the act of us casting something out with force. Basically, we're a group of guys projecting our heavy music down the throats of anyone who'll let us...

Punk Globe: What other bands if any,have you been in before this one?

Temperedcast: For Kelly and I this band has been our one and only baby! The other guys have been band whoring for years. Way too many to write...

Punk Globe: With all this success,what scares you about it?

Temperedcast: I don't think success is scary. When it comes to touring and growing as a band, people don't realize the amount of work and dedication it takes. Many things that use to be your life takes a back seat, and work/music takes over. If we are lucky, we get a couple hrs of sleep a night. Basically right now our life is consumed with loading in, sound check, interviews, playing shows, selling merch, a crap load of driving when its over, then maybe a little sleep. Basically, that is what we do day after day on tour. Its like fricken Ground Hogs day!!!


Punk Globe: Share with me a personal belief...

Temperedcast: Sleeping with 5 guys in 1 RV is way too many!

Punk Globe: Whats something people may not know about you?

Temperedcast: We are very hard working, do it your self band. We are out here on our own with no support. Temperedcast is driven to make our own future!

Punk Globe: Did you vote? If so,who for?

Temperedcast: Much like religion, politics is a no win category. Temperedcast likes to stick with the rocking, and keep stuff like that a little more private.

Punk Globe: Drug use in a band,feeling on that?

Temperedcast: Being that we have a lot of work to do, that kind of stuff isn't something we are into. We understand some people struggle with that in their everyday lives, and even some of us have in the past. We don't glorify anything like that. If anything, we want people to learn from our mistakes.

Punk Globe: Well you have anything to say to the readers of Punk Globe?

Temperedcast: Come check out a live show or even some of our stuff on Youtube. Give us a chance to win you over!

Punk Globe: Thanks so much for your time!!!