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Susan was kind enough to grant me the following interview exclusively for Punk Globe, about the band and the album.

Punk Globe: So, a new Stimulator albums comes our way, How did this unique band form?
Susan: I originally formed Stimulator with our former guitarist Geoff Tyson. I was living in the UK and I came to LA for a visit. Geoff and I met at an Italian restaurant in Hollywood and we had an instant musical connection. We started writing songs together for some TV shows and quickly realized we had a unique “Eurythmics” thing going. Then we spread the word and found Chad Stewart on drums and Sean Tichenor from Portland on bass. Stimulator has always been a band whose members are all over the globe. We thought we were rock stars before we made our first record!
Punk Globe: Stimulator is an odd name for the disco-esque music enclosed on the record, How did you come by it?
Susan: We named the band Stimulator because we wanted to make records that “stimulate” the mind and the body. We originally started with a more rock sound and punk ethic. I think the name works even for this record, Disco and the 1970’s was a very stimulating time, to say the least.
Punk Globe: How do you think the new sound differs from the single '78 Stimulator?
Susan: The new sound is very different. It’s the complete opposite. With the first record we wanted a more electronic sound, the lyrics were sarcastic and my vocal delivery had a lot more angst. Basically I was more angry of a person. On Stimulator 2, I had to grow up fast. Geoff moved to Prague and I had to make this record without him. I had a lot to prove as a musician on my own. I wanted to make a record that was happy and positive. It seemed like the old punk ethic of rebellion and whining became so corporate, everyone was doing it. So my version of punk was complete happiness and unadulterated bliss. I always try and fill the space that I think needs filling. I wanted a natural organic sound. Real drums, real instruments in a real big studio with vintage mics. I wanted it to sound and feel like the records I was listening to on AM Radio when I was growing up in the 70’s.
Punk Globe: Stimulator 2 was financed partly by your fans, a feat you share with Marrillion, How did you achieve this and how did it work out for you?
Susan: Stimulator 2 was 100 % financed by our fans. We are so grateful to you guys! Well I had just done this solo tour of Japan and I really wanted to make a new band record. I was really bummed cuz our old label became defunct and we had no money. Then I got this email about one of our friends looking for donations for a film he was about to make. It just clicked! Everyone thought I was crazy but I thought I would send emails to all of our fans and explain to them why there had been no new record and no news. I asked for donations and provided incentives, and almost immediately I started getting PayPal payments. I felt really lucky. I didn’t know how many people cared about Stimulator. They gave us the money to record, produce, print up CDS and start our radio campaign in Australia. People donated their time, talent and really reached out to me.
Punk Globe: Your song "Let's Hook Up" was used as the theme song for E Entertainment's "50 Hottest Hollywood Hook Ups", How did that come about?
Susan: If only these kind of things happened more often! One of the producers at the show had the Stimulator CD and was a fan and he contacted us. We all agreed it was perfect for the show.
Punk Globe: What was touring with legends like Duran Duran and the Go-Go's like? I bet that was a thrill.
Susan: It ruined me! Touring with Duran Duran was the best time of my life. Playing stadiums like Madison Square Garden, opening up for my all time fave band growing up, I was in tears. They are the nicest guys, so supportive and wonderful. They all wore Stimulator t-shirts at their press conferences, I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pictures. I can’t say enough good things about that band. John Taylor was amazing, he designed the artwork for the Official Stimulator debut. The Go-Go’s were great as well, Kathy Valentine and Jane Weidlin are big Stimulator supporters. Jane got drunk one night after the show and snogged my entire band!
Punk Globe: How did you hook up with your co-members Chad Stewart and Sean Tichenor?
Susan: I found Chad through my old friend/bandmate Marc Diamond. They played in a band called Motochrist together. Chad plays with everyone but he always knows how to make you feel special. Right now he’s on tour with LA Guns. Mike Galaxy, an LA promoter, found Sean for us. Sean has amazing style and he’s a babe so we put up with him living in Portland.
Punk Globe: Whats next for Stimulator?
Susan: Right now Stimulator 2 is released all over the world, so please go buy a copy. We are working on a rock musical for our next record and I’m trying to get Geoff back on board. Fingers crossed. The musical is gonna have a female lead and it’s influenced by Hedwig, Rocky Horror. It’s gonna be theatrical and “Queen” like. We are writing the music and Evan Richards, our video director whose also a brilliant UK film director is writing and directing.
Punk Globe: Where can we find out more about the band and where can people buy the album?
Susan: The album is available on amazon,, itunes, almost all of the online retailers. You can email me also, I’d be happy to answer any questions!
Thanks Susan, and We wish you and the boys all the best with the album and forthcoming musical.


The summer is finally (!) here in the UK, and on a nice, hot sunny day its always good when the letterbox rattles and a nice summer CD appears. This was the case today when the new release by Stimulator appeared on the door mat.
Stimulator are Susan Hyatt (Pillbox) on Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards, Chad Stewart (Faster Pussycat) on Drums, and Sean Tichenor (King Black Acid) on Bass. who, along with various guests, have just released their second record, aptly named Stimulator 2.
The album is by no means punk rock, but hey, we all need a relief from three minute thrashers otherwise we'd all go mad, and this is the album to do it. A perfect summer relaxing album, with enough danceable tunes for your parties in the sun. Songs like French Cinema and Friday's Millionaires just ooze a warmth and make you feel good, Susan Hyatt's vocals just fly around you without being overbearing. She has a certain melodically quality to her voice that many will enjoy, like a cross between Sharleen Spiteri of Texas and Andrea Corr of The Corrs.
Certain songs like Fashion remind me of the Seventies disco scene with a 1979 Blondie mixed in, this music was made to make you feel good, and it does the job. If ever there was a revival of the sounds of the seventies discotheques, Fashion would be a sure fire hit. This song should be in the clubs right now, as it still does have the modern edge while evoking days gone by.
Love Will Keep Us Together is another stormer, beautiful melodies, uptempo rhythm, with strong drums and bass, The Pretenders could have recorded this track, but somehow it wouldn't have the edge of this.
This really is a great pop / light rock album, perfect for driving to, relaxing to, and partying to. You can really see why the bands fans donated their money to get this album recorded, Susan and the boys have certainly done their fans proud with this release. But, hey.......Don't just take my word for it, go check it out.


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