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Kim Acrylic Speaks With Steven Crash of

By Kim Acrylic



Punk Globe: Hey Steven Crash, good to chat with you!!

SC~ My pleasure!

Punk Globe: So how did Jupiter Crash get its name?

SC~ I pinched from a song title from the band The Cure and now we're stuck with it, LOL!

Punk Globe: Tell me a bit about the other members of your band, how did you meet?

SC~ Well, Billy Crash and I have been playing together in different bands over the years. Jupiter Crash had a revolving door of players, especially drummers, until we met T-Crash. After our first album, Jack left and we snatched up Lee Crash formerly of The Sins. It's been a perfect fit ever since. We are true Bro's!

Punk Globe: How does it feel each time your on stage?

SC~ It's electric! It's really our signature and the best representation of our energies.

Punk Globe: How do you feel about "The Cult" comparison?

SC~ Doesn't bother me a bit. I love The Cult! I honestly don't hear the likeness, to tell the truth. B-sides people could be comparing us to like, Bon Jovi, or something equally as Gay...

Punk Globe: You've been in several other bands before Jupiter Crash. Which one was the most successful before this one?

SC~ Hands down for Billy Crash and me it was Brothers Grimm. Or the first incarnation of early Jupiter Crash in the "shoegazer" phase got a lot of acclaim. We just got kinda bored with the "Goth" tag and revved up the ROCK!

Punk Globe: What's it like to you, to be in a post-Seattle Rock band?

SC~ Post-Seattle? Seattle is still here right? LOL!

Punk Globe: Your voice is very theatrical, what is the inspiration for that?

SC~ Not sure, it's just the way I sing. Theatrical is good, right? ;)

Punk Globe: Where has been the best place you have played?

SC~ I love the Showbox Market in Seattle or the Chop Suey is cool too... but getting to play Wasted Space in the Hard Rock, Vegas was a defining moment for the band.

Punk Globe: So one of your songs is on a video game? Tell me a bit about that?

SC~ Not yet. We're presently working on video games and movie soundtrack deals, though.

Punk Globe: And your affiliation with Pink's man Carey Hart?

SC~ Carey Hart made Jupiter Crash "The Sound" of Wasted Space, and has given us a lot of really cool exposure. I guess we are kinda sorta friends...


Punk Globe: Anything surprising for fans of Jupiter Crash coming up anytime soon?

SC~ We are going back into the studio at London Bridge to record three new songs in January. I hope our listeners will be surprised and pleased with the direction we are headed. The three new songs are wicked!

Punk Globe: Any weird fan stories?

SC~ Nah. We have really cool fans. They probably think we are the weirdos 'cos we talk more to them about their lives than our own...

Punk Globe: It's New Year's Eve, we hang out, what do we do?

SC~ First of all, have plenty o' bail money (just in case)! You should hang out with the Crash Boys on New Year's, we're going to raise some Hell!

Punk Globe: You used to work at a record store, did that help get you musically inspired at all?

SC~ Hell no. It actually made me like music less. B-Sides, I'd much rather play my own music.

Punk Globe: Any egos in the band?

SC~ Of course, but only 'cos we're proud fuckers! Cocky bastards for sure, but not arse-holes! ;)

Punk Globe: What do you think of other post-Seattle bands such as Temperedcast and Tsavo?

SC~ I don't like to comment on other bands specifically but I will say there is STILL a lot of great talent in this town!

Punk Globe: Growing up, who was your favorite singer?

SC~ I have sooo many fav's. Seriously everything from Motown, Punk, Metal and even old school Country.

Punk Globe: What about bands in general?

SC~ Again, I have a very eclectic taste in music. As long is it feels real and has energy and emotion, I'm down with it!

Punk Globe: Do you have a New Year'’s resolution?

SC~ Get Paid!

Punk Globe: Most embarrassing album you've owed?

SC~ The Bee Gee's doing "Sgt. Pepper," LOL!!!

Punk Globe: You have a daughter, what are your hopes for her as far as music goes?

SC~ She has a pretty varied taste in music too. As far as her ever being a musician or something. Not my decision. She can be whatever makes her happy.


Punk Globe: Is it hard balancing being in a touring band and being a father?

SC~ I don't recommend it for anyone else but I do my best to keep things balanced.

Punk Globe: What are some of your Vices?

SC~ Ciggies. coffee. Vodka.

Punk Globe: Drug use in a band -- yes or no?

SC~ Are you a cop? ;) Seriously, I'm kinda over that phase and I am a parent for shit sake!

Punk Globe: What do you think about when you're on stage singing?

SC~ Don't forget my lyrics, don't fall off the stage...kidding, sorta...I just try to gauge the crowd'’s reaction or mood and feed off of that.

Punk Globe: What's a real struggle for you in this business?

SC~ It's all a struggle. The music biz is like a bad girlfriend. You get tired of the BS but you won't ever leave her cos you're in LOVE. Awww....

Punk Globe: What should we expect to hear from you in 2009?

SC~ Well, rather than doing a full length album we will be releasing random three- song digital EP every few months (hitting the studio Gorilla-style to keep it fresh!) and then taking the show on the road. Come out and get down with us!

Punk Globe: Do you have any fantasy tour bands?

SC~ Yeah, Jupiter Crash!

Punk Globe: Any big tours coming up?

SC~ We're putting plans together. Hush-hush....

Punk Globe: Which was the hardest death for you, Kurt Cobain or Layne Staley?

SC~ Kurt was no surprise. Layne's death felt more personal. Hey, don't forget about Andy Wood!

Punk Globe: Anything you'd like to say to all the Punk Globe readers?

SC~ Get yourself some Jupiter Crash and come see us live. We might even buy you a drink!

Punk Globe: Thanks for your time:)

SC~ Thanks for having me...ciao!
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