Spiral Out
Murder Slim Press
By: U.V. Ray
Review By: Ginger Coyote
U.V. Ray holds nothing back in this very interesting book.. The main character in the book's name is Mark Karzoso.. He has spent most of his life binging on drugs and booze along with dysfunctional relationships... It may be safe to assume that U.V. takes alot from his personal life and utilizes it thru Mark.. I know, it sounds like alot like one of your good friends... It is an interesting read and makes me happy that I did not get involved with heavy drug use..
On the back of the book he even has a quote from Charles Manson saying he could have written the book.. U.V. has a writing style reminds me alot of Hubert Selby Jr or Charles Bukowski... I strongly suggest devouring this book.. Read it and learn from it...