By: Ms. Ligaya & The Floydian Device
IT WAS A HOT & CRAZY July in Vancouver for Ms. Ligaya & The Floydian Device… Lots of time in the baking sun and dark coffee shops and the editing cellar and emergency rooms … In between everything else, we were lucky enough to catch two shows by SNFU, one of the greatest and most influential punk bands of all time. After 30 years of great music, infamous live shows around the world, addictions, health issues, lineup changes, and a recent biography and movie being made about the band… Mr. CHI PIG and his crew are still one of the most dynamic live acts around. Their songs are a genre all their own: Hard driving rock and rapid fire punk, great melodic structures with screaming gang vocals, and Chi’s intelligent and thoughtful lyrics about love, loss, violence, and a wide range of social issues. Punk Author Chris Walter (Punk Globe’s cover last month) just wrote a comprehensive biography of SNFU and is out on a nation wide book tour. It is a deep-digging, far-reaching epic reflecting true, unconditional love in an unflinchingly honest light for SNFU. Supremely personal and awesomely realistic.
As part of the book release in Vancouver, SNFU performed to two sold out venues ( The WISE Hall and Punky Thrasherbalts aka Funky Winkerbeans) to a crowd that knew it may be the very last time to see the legendary band. With historic anthems like “Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump”, “Painful Reminder”, and many others including “I Forget”, the crowd knew every word and elevated the energy in the room to almost superhuman heights… The front of the stage writhing and thrashing, punctuated by mohawks, fists punching the muggy, sweaty air in unified conviction; with every lens in the room from iBerries to head-cams to massively rigged Super-cams all raised to capture what they could in the eye of the supersonic storm... Everyone trying to capture, if at all possible, the last known performance of one of Canada’s most influential bands and it’s ethereally notorious leader - Chi Pig. Here is our ONE FINGER FILMS video salute to one of the most powerful bands that changed the history of punk forever.

SNFU Playing ‘I Forget’ live in Vancouver:

You can find Chris Walter’s SNFU bio at: