Nelson Santos
Library of Congress
Lighting Fixtures

Hello everyone,

As you know I build custom high end lighting fixtures. this is one of my most interesting projects of 2006.

These are photos of 1 of 4  chandeliers we built for the Library of Congress Movie Archive Division in Washington DC in conjunction with David Packard and BAR Architects.

It is patterned from the original which is in the Warner Bros Theater, San Pedro CA. It's circa 1930, steel construction and solid brass castings. We had it trucked up to our shop in San  Leandro, dismantled down to the bare frame/parts and had all the brass castings reproduced in cast aluminum.

I then fabricated the steel spine and wire clusters and an aluminum octagonal frame
to hold the glass, which was made specific for this project by Kersey Glass. It has a vintage texture and is etched.

Finished with a vintage matte gold and copper Imron paint.

All steel parts were MIG welded and aluminum frame was TIG welded and then mated by mechanical fasteners/bolts. All the castings and glass are mechanically fastened.

The original weighed in at approx 400 lbs. with glass.  the reproduction weighs in at 277 lbs with glass, held in place with a 1/2 inch steel threaded rod, all backed up by 3/16 diameter, 7X7 stainless steel cable (7X7 is seven steel strands wound around seven steel strands)

Overall length 8' 10 inches
Overall width 7' 6 inches widest point