By: Jimi LaLumia
The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ,as it does every year,has inducted more music stars into it''s ranks, and, as usual, not everyone is happy. I really don't have an issue with any of the entrants this year, I just have issues with those who have not been inducted.My list is almost the same, except that Alice Cooper was inducted last year,so while that was good news, his fellow travelers KISS and The New York Dolls remain, standing in the shadows. So too are The Marvelettes, The MC5, T.Rex, and Mott The Hoople. That's my wish list,now let's look at who actually made the cut.
I have golden memories of the mid 60's, becoming a teenager, with 77WABC AM pumping out the hits on my transistor radio.There were the U.K. groups, the Motown Sound, Dylan, and Donovan; Donvan was folk and rock,pop and eclectic all at the same time. I think of him as a non electric prototype for Marc Bolan & T.Rex.Whether it was pompus processional tunes like "Atlantis"("Hail, Atlantis"...so very self important) or fun sing a longs like "Mellow Yellow" and "Sunshine Superman", this rocking folkie could do no wrong in my book. I'm glad he's made it into the Hall.

There were two versions of this band ; The Small Faces("Itchycoo Park"),and then, The Faces, with Rod Stewart as their lead singer("Stay with Me").They are also from that mid 60's period that Donovan emerged in, although the Stewart lineup carried on into the 70's.The other well known member of this band is Ron Wood, who later moved on to The Rolling Stones.There has been some bad blood between various band members, so eyes will be focused on who shows up,and whether they will make nice,and perform together as a band.Who do they think they are, Guns N Roses?
What many folks claim is the last great rocknroll band before hip hop took over(and I do agree), Guns N Roses are in, although only Axl Rose, the fiery lead singer, is touring these days with the band name.The in fighting with Rose, Slash,and the other members of G&R has been so severe through the decades that they actually make the hair pulling members of The Supremes look docile in comparison.Who shows up to accept the award, and what actually happens on the stage, will be the most anticipated event of the evening. no doubt about it.

Another major 90's attraction, the Chilli Peppers have endured the decades despite the usual in-fighting, drama, death and difficulties,and periods of less than stellar record releases. They aren't exactly my personal cup of tea,I never really 'got' them,and they aren't really 'rocknroll' to me,but there is no denying the large and loyal fan base they built and kept,from their underground days to their Top 40 hit singles period, so I can't really say that they haven't earned their spot. At least Iggy & The Stooges got in before they did, thank goodness.
This merger of rap and rock,at least in the early days, was great fun. Then, they became all 'heavy' and philosophical, and lost a good chunk of their audience.I think they've wasted many years on nonsense, but that's their right as artists. The group has also been beset by illness and personal disputes, but then, that's life, isn't it?.Their inclusion in the awards brings the ceremony up to date in many ways, clearing the way for the eventual coronation of Eminem(you know that's coming, right?) so congratulations to The Beastie Boys.
The late Laura Nyro never had a hit single or mainstream fame like the others on this list, but she was an esteemed,groundbreaking artist who influenced much of what happened in the 70's, the whole singer songwriter thing,and she did ,indeed, write amazing tunes for others,my favorite being "Stoned Soul Picnic" by The Fifth Dimension("can you surrey,can you pic-nic?").Great stuff from a brilliant lady who didn't get center stage,although lots of her work did.The 70's Supremes did a great job on "Time and Love", and Barbra Streisand had a major hit with "Stoney End", to mention two more. I guess the Hall Of Fame didn't do too badly this year...but NEW YORK DOLLS in 2012!!!