By Ginger Coyote


On June 26,2005 - Rock City News, Editor and Publisher Reuben- opened up the Rock City News  Hollywood Estate for an afternoon BBQ. The soiree was sponsored by Cleopatra Records and Rock City News to act as a listening party and to also celebrate the "Hollywood Rocks CD Box Set".  The Rock City Railroad was on display and there was a Deejay playing your favorite Pop, Metal and Punk hits. There was a couple kegs plus all the food you could dream of.  Guests included Tim Jay from Spiders and Snakes, Jason, The Owner and Staff of Cleopatra Records, Mojo El Diablo and his posse, Tequila Mockingbird, Bo, Ginger Coyote, Gypsy Blak, Gina, "Carrie Underwood", "Kirstie Alley", members of Rebel Rebel, Blackboard Jungle, Kat from Sav- On (in spirit) plus many more.  Hats off to Rock City News and Cleopatra Records for a fun afternoon.



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