Ricky RatPack with The Highgears and Intentional Object
Live in Toledo 3/2/12
Review and Photo's By: Michael Rys
Not every day especially these days that Toledo gets visits from guys like Ricky Rat.If you not familiar with his contributions to punk and rock n roll you should be. Founding member of Detroit's legendary Trash Brats,guitarist for notables such as Texas Terri, Kevin K, Bootsey X and The Lovemasters and a member of Dayton Ohio's Luxury Pushers. You might have read in last months issue my thoughts on the new solo record. Friday March 2nd was my chance to see it all live....

Toledo's Intentional Object opened the night with a brad of punk that we don't hear enough of anymore. Old school 80's style with a touch of hardcore thrown in. Made up of vets form bands like Lazy American Workers,13, The Dougouts, Polka Floyd etc... These guys are well respected in Toledo and around the Midwest. With several projects being success to each of them on and off the stage its very obvious they play , loud fast and aggressive because they really love it! Passion and fun is contagious and their brief but powerful live set is something the young guns

should take note and learn from.

The Highgears played next and were there usual brilliant selves. Laying down a thick wall of solid rock. Nothing that re-invents the wheel... but damn the swagger, grind and chops are all there. These guys have played locally so rarely the last couple of years it was treat to hear them live again and sounding like they've been playing for weeks on the road, that tight. The Highgears sound like a hybrid of Bon Scott era AC/DC and early Rose Tattoo, to me there is virtually nothing more enjoyable than that sound.

Ricky Rat hit the stage next and the Rat Pack backing him was none other than fellow Trash Brats Brian Oblivion ( bass & vocals) and Troy Troma ( drums & vocals) and on guitar with Mr Rat himself, Derek Murtagh from Circus Boy. So this band is no hired guns and pack the experience behind them. Ricky Rat as a front man also playing guitar seemed pretty darn natural to me. He seems comfortable and the band was on top of the game too. Ricky cant seem to run around like a wild man like hes use to from being a guitarist but it does not effect the live show.The Ricky Rat Pack covered the new record ( Songs In C Major Love) and included a well placed Johnny Thunders cover as well as one of my favorite Trash Brat songs Downtown Nowhere. Highlight for me was hearing the single off the new records live, Crossfire Summer, its

been stuck in my head ever since.

Ricky Rat is headed to Europe this spring to debut his solo material. if you get a chance to see I highly recommend catching one of Detroit's walking legends.