A Very Special 36th year Anniversary
By: Jayne County
Got to where I don't even care anymore if the Government does censor the Trollsnet! The stupid, narrow minded, hateful, racist, homo and transphobic TROLLS are everywhere!!! They often dwell at the slimmy bottom of the comments section of every online magazine and newspaper!!! Especially the teen news bullshit... And forget chat-rooms now! They are full of nothing but disgusting losers and pathetic poison spiders from non planet Pluto! And they constantly spew their negativity and hateful lies causing constant arguments and internet fights! They are comfortable there under their grubby rocks rotten logs and smelly used beer cans and stale potato chips, USING FAKE NAMES AND PROFILES, to spew their filth!!! They are cowards of the worst kind! The internet used to be quite a cool place to travel! It was still considered "weird" and way too intelligent for the TROLLS! Those horrible people that we spend alot time trying to AVOID!! But alas they have once again found us and each time we desire to quench our thirst for knowledge by dipping down into the river, we have to be careful now not to let some TROLL jump up out of the water and bite our heads off! They are lurking there just waiting for us to appear! Like some hot new club we used to go too, but wouldn't be caught dead there anymore, THE TROLLS HAVE INVADED!!! The question is this! How much more will we or can we take, before getting so disgusted that we just decide to LEAVE! To be driven out and forced to FLEE, and just let those disgusting, slimy, sickening TROLLS have the scum infected RIVER OF POISON to themselves! Maybe they all will drown! Or maybe the river will run dry when they they realize all the cool folks have left and they have no one left to bully and annoy! Like My Space! But no matter where the rest of us go, I'm sure the TROLLS will find out and soon follow!!! Cause that's what they do! Find us then RUIN it for everyone!!! I FUCKING HATE TROLLS!!!