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By Bryan Kremkau

Punk Rock Karakde DVD Cover

Featuring 10 classic punk songs, the PUNK ROCK KARAOKE DVD captures the magic of the live show. With fan-friendly vocal on/off options, fans can easily follow along to the lyrics as they appear on the screen and learn the songs by using the added vocal option to hear the songs with the guest singers. Taking it up a notch in hilarity, the PUNK ROCK KARAOKE DVD videos spoof the traditional cheesy backgrounds often seen on most karaoke machines. Instead of couples holding hands on the beach or puppies jumping through flowerbeds, PUNK ROCK KARAOKE has images of a couple romping in the back of a junkyard-parked pickup truck while guzzling 40s!

Presented in a unique style, the DVD package includes bonus features such as a meet-the-band interview with SOTO, O’BRIEN, HETSON and MELVIN as well as spirited live performances of the band in action. Another bonus on the DVD is three live performances of the ultimate punk rock group in action--with multiple fans leading the way as the “lead singer”-- including Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown” and “Gimme Gimme Gimme,” plus the Dead Kennedys’ “California Über Alles.

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