By: The staff at Punk Globe compiled a list of things that made them happy in 2011... Check below to see if you made it!!
People Who Made 2011: Sharla Cartner, Pauley Perrette, Marc Floyd, Ms. Ligaya, Karla and Mike McLeod, Gus Bernadicou, Rotten, Bebe Buell, Lina Lecaro, Randy Jones, Allison Perkins, Blaire n Bitch, Zac Efron, Wendy Kaufman, Mary and Evol Powers, Iris Berry, Laura Linney, De Fen, The Big C, Mz. Tracey, Thalia Drori, Siobhan Lowe, Jean Treichel Bridges, Kathy Peck, Jayne County, Faroh, Eric Leach, Joe and Che Mascolino,, Moe, Timm Carney, Shameless, Susan Anton, Michael Musto, Mike and Yvonne Franko, Pauli Gray, Rebecca G. Williams, Liv Tyler, Jimmy Walls, Nurse Jackie, Shanne Bradley, Eric Zentner, Kim Dallesandro, Amy Winehouse, The Love Boat, Wendy Kaufman, Kathy Griffin, One Life To Live, Lisa Lampanelli, Stace Kirkwood, Dark Diva, Rebel Radio, DD Thornton, Jimi LaLumia, Brian Kroll, Rebel Music TV, DC Jam Records, Thomas Arklie, Betty Blowtorch Reunion, Paul Quigley, Jonathan Gries, David Gregory, Kook Teflon, Uneven Steven, Ethan LaRosa, Meri St. Mary, Trevor Wayne, Sikend, Genya Ravan, Mia X, Tyler Vile, Eddie Morgan, Roddy and Sue Novotny, Mignon, Wendy Liebman, Bryan Senatore, Jake Goldman, Tony Quiroz, Arika Kaosa, Storm Large, Pierre Skene, Maureen Jennings, Sharon Needles, Chloe Trujillo, MDC, Erica Liss, Cherry Vanilla, Joe Dallesandro, Peter Davis, Jodee Jingles, Eric Bortz, Doggy Style, Angel Cassidy Bortz, Morgana Welch, Marsha Dee Hunter, Ruby Ray, Chester Simpson, Sue Brisk, Dava She Wolfe, Danielle Bardazi York, Anje Vela, Amy Talaska, Chelsea Rose, H.E.A.R., Aaron Cutchin, Keith, James G Carlson, Susanne Tabata, Randy Rampage, Michael Licata, Lula, Robert Ford OLTL, Nate Salinger OLTL, Monty C, Roxie Balsom OLTL, Jonathan Paley, Ruby Blackstock, NCIS, Cody Liggett, Matthew Coleman, Fernando Carpaneda, Lisa Bardes, Mikael Richards, Jamie Oliver, Miss Guy, Susan Lucci, Peter Cluff, Eds Saputra, Billy Gould, Kyle Noble, Lisa Zane, Vanya, Mama Wada, Joe Wada, Iris Coleman, Jim Lucio, Ruby Ray, Campaign For Care, Geoff Tad, Greg Garcia, Roddy Bottum, Choo Choo. Stacy Tuttle, Nick Williams, Randy Ralston, Alice Bag, David Denny, Josie Cotton, Death On The Radio, Andrew Grant, Danny, Deacon Light Radio, Ed Asner, Marcia Kobuchi, Dyan Derringer, Hollywood United Methodist Church, Michael De Jong, Dr.Oz, Annette, Coleman Vrana, Josi Kat, Alanna Alberts, Justin C, Jackson Vrana, Tara Rez, Melissa Blair, All My Children, Matthew Asner, Mike Patton, Jone Stebbins, Mike Desert, Sweet Tommy, Julian Garcia, Jeff Liberty, Joy Behar, Dancing With The Stars, Zeb Kunst, Mike Dirnt, Nick Marden, Ariana Marden, Corwin Hambrick, Ivy Hover, Mojo, Ellen, Christine Nathaniel, El Compadre, Rosie O Donnell, Kimberly Kurland, Bill Maher, Cassi Patterson, Dutch Michaels, Sandra Bullock, Lucy Lawless, Lemmy, Mara & John Rees, Oscar Poncho, Gokham Tunisler, Pat Crowe, Janet Charlton, Nicky Straightjacket, Michael Rys, Carl Campbell, Gabe, Brandon Lambert, Phil Campbell, Mickey Sampson, Puerto Alegre Crew, Motorhead, Kennon Raines, Rico Walker, Richard Gatkowski, Ro The The Knife, Panti Christ, Isabelle, Ike Lubinecki, Mike Varney, John Telfer, Duane Peters, Bradford Jones, UNI, Graham Maby,The Sheets, The Wonderful Rabind Rawks and all who make posts on Facebook

TOP 10 OF 2011
By: Ms. Ligaya & The Floydian Device
1) Another year of F-U-N being part of such a cool and creative team of great people at Punk Globe… Had a blast creating cover art, doing interviews, photos, articles, and anything else we could come up with to keep the Ginger flag flying high!

2) January in Waikiki lying on the beach planning the empire of the ARTHAUS ELEPHANT!! Eating sushi, drinking margaritas in the sun, and midnight moped volcano races!

3) Started our company ‘ONE FINGER FILMS’… sending the message one finger at a time by filming friends, fiends, and fabuloso supremes on the West Coast. Sonic/visual alchemy of mercurial bands we LOVE to LOVE…We recently celebrated adding video #15 with THE LITTLE GUITAR ARMY to our collection… http://www.youtube.com/user/ONEFINGERFILMS

4) We went to L.A. in the spring… Stayed at The Riot House on Sunset, drinking triple xxx Long-Islands with The Fabulous Ms. Coyote at the Drawing Room, filming in Laurel Canyon, Venice Beach, enchiladas with Ginger, Cherry Vanilla, De Fen, Timm Carney, Elephant and the Punk Globe crew!

5) Officially finished preproduction and kicked off the shooting schedule for our film “G: A PUNK ROCK OPERA” with CINE-sperational cinematographer Sasha Popove and our editor supreme from across the pond - Vince D‘Amato of CREEPY SIX FILMS. Shooting part 1 with in Vixen Technicolor with GERRY-JENN WILSON and rounding off part 2 in gorgeous super 8mm so sexy, ‘40’s film vamp Maya Deren would be proud!!

6) The Vancouver Punk Scene Rocked… Art shows with ‘I, Braineater’; the clothing optional East Vamps; blood on the stage with the Little Guitar Army; and Ron Reyes Returns!! Also Tony Bardach’s great new space: The Dental Lab; and The Waldorf turning into an awesome hub of cool culture and strange happenings..


8) The Republican/Tea Party Gong Show finally showing its’ true colors to the world in beautiful maximum 3-D overdrive. The top contenders to beat Obama and lead the most powerful nation on earth… Crazy Ladies from the Cold North, Perverted Pizza Pimps, Sun-Baked Cowboys; Mitts, and Newts, and Trumps, oh myyyyy!!

9) Worked on a crazy amount of photos and artwork, t-shirts, gig posters, and anything we could get our dirty little fingers and filters around!

10) Ooooh Waaaa That Magic Gus!!! A 17-year-old shot of adrenaline from outer space - Gus Bernadicou joining forces with Punk Globe Magazine and doing some of the coolest interviews of the year!

Rebecca G. Wilson's Top Ten
Personalities On Facebook

Jayne County
Davy Jones - The Dicks and The Hickoids
Jim Blanchard - Fantagraphics Artist
Siobhan "Shamama" Lowe - Queen Of Comments
Jean Treichel Bridges - Elegant Eloquence
Hudson Marquez - Politically Incorrect Artist Wildman
Thom Tex Edwards
Miriam Linna
Olaf Jens the Vinyl Avenger
Shouting Thomas Torment - Spreading His Gospel

Brian Kroll
(My Son The Bum)
I just want to wish everyone an Amazing Holiday Season Ginger
and the hope that every year gets Better :) - Thanks for everything! - Brian


Best Album: 90 Bisodol (Crimond) by Half Man Half Biscuit
Best TV Show : Mrs Brown's Boys
Best Live Music Show: Public Image Ltd - Isle Of Wight Festival
Best Website: www.PunkGlobe.com
Best Live Comedy show: Jerry Sadowitz - Birmingham, UK
Woman Of The Year : Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement)
Man Of The Year: Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols)
Bore Of The Year: X Factor / Britain's Got Talent
Idiots Of The Year: David Cameron / Nick Clegg (UK Prime Ministers)
Best TV Skit: 1970's Facebook by Reeves and Mortimer.

Kathy Peck

Best Columnist: Ginger Coyote Punk Globe
Best Muffins: Donna Bells NYC
Best Hair Dresser: Faroh Los Angeles
Best Musicians Hearing Services : H.E.A.R. (HEARNET.COM)
Best Margaritas: El Campadre, Los Angeles

Darron Hemann
The Top Five Movies I saw in 2011

1.The Help
2.Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone
3.127 Hours
4.Tree of Life
5.Meek's Cutoff

Jayne County's
Best Of 2011 !!!

So there's a 'best' of 2011 ?? OMG!!! I thought it all stunk ! Oh shittra!!! I'm really gonna have to dig deep for this one! Ok, here goes !!! Thank you Justin Beaver, I mean , Beifer, Beiever, Bimbo, Beeper!! Oh fuck! Who can ever remember how to spell his fucking name? Now I forgot what I wanted to thank him for!!! Why don't someone just spank him, give him his pacifier, or teether bone, and put him to bed! Permanently!!! Children like him, should be seen and NOT heard!!! So pass the electrical tape, and make sure there's no extra sugar in his fucking Kool Aid!! Hide his jump rope!!! Someone please calm this BRAT down!!!

Siobhan "Shamama" Lowe
THE WALL... You could hear the noise really well from the alley as you walked up the neon glitzy street...past all the strip joints spewing assembly line disco gyration. The chainsaw staccato drive of monitors turned up full just about shook the walls outside......Walls decorated with the spray painted mantras of the new politics that were conceived illegitimately and treated like the bourgeois bastard children by the well dressed tourists,slinking about quick and frightened by the pink haired leather clad youth ..Fumes of North Beach garlic and reefers were ambrosia to the punk rockers , hungry and seeking the truth. Truth set to a new beat.....truth finding it's way onto a wall from a can of spray paint....Like a new wave punk rock holy Buddhist haiku onto bare walls screaming for personality..and meaning. In that alley was a place to vent...vent out the primal agonies bestowed on us without our permission, by an overstuffed ignorant generation of GIMME. Agonies shoved down the throats of kids who dared to speak out against that kind of imposed system of cloning robotized youth to continue the consuming spewing farce of suburbia. Agonies that got and anesthetized real good by cheap wine a forty of Ole E or some Colt 45 and then by flinging the bottle it came in against that multicolored truth filled obscene wall. The sound of breaking glass was a celestial sonnet..our way of reaching in with our 'medication' of choice and letting all those hurting ,biting put downs, strengthened by those screams, that broken glass, and that good skunky 'medicine made the night truly, truly ready to begin.

Dark Diva's Top Ten Things/
People I Could Do Without List
10. Coaches, Priests, Scout Leaders, Teachers, etc, who victimize children. The fact that are people who advocate shit like Nambla just confirms my belief that doctors do slip up and drop people on their heads during the birthing experience.

09. Computer generated phone calls about how to improve your credit rating, and any other shit topic that you can't block on your phone without an act of god because these assholes use many, many phone numbers to drive the rest of us bat shit crazy!!

08. Reality T.V. Shows that want you to think every house wife/ partner in America has money pouring out their tuckus and live in big, elaborate homes while they act like no class, white trash skanks/ psychos/ bullies ______(you fill in the blanks with your "irk" of choice.) You can have all the plastic surgery and fancy clothes you like but for many of those people on reality T.V., I wouldn't take me to a dog fight even if they promised to win.

07. Cyber Bullies who hide behind the "freedom of speech" amendment. OK, you think you got the right to say whatever you want to someone no matter how mean, hurtful and offensive it may be? OK...let's exercise that right. I think you're a bottom feeding dumb ass and I thank the divine spirit everyday for the "iggy/block/delete and ignore" features of the Internet.

06. Non Smokers who teach their young children to fake cough around you or say "that person is doing an icky thing, mommy" to try and embarrass smokers. First off, what happened to respect your elders and watch your mouth? Furthermore, I hate it even more from holier than thou non smokers who are potheads and think that it's perfectly fine to treat me like a Salem Witch for smoking while they pound a blunt or bong. Please, go to the nearest fast food restaurant and order a super sized order of "Shut The Fuck Up".

05. People who preach right to life in one breath and then endorse the death penalty in the next. Pick a goddamn side and stick with it, you heinous moron!

04. Emails and texts that say "if you do not forward this in the next five minutes to 2000 people, something bad will happen, god knows you don't love him, or the chick from the movie "the ring" will come to your house and make steak tartar out of your body at midnight. First, something bad did happen..you sent me a stupid chain letter/text. Secondly, I think the higher power did quite well on their own before the Internet and doesn't need me to send spam to confirm / deny my beliefs. As for the ghoul girl from the shadows, I look at it like this..if she comes to my house at midnight, do the damn dishes and then hit the road.

03. People who abandon pets because they don't match their furniture anymore or they are just tired of them. Can we do that with you? huh, please, can we??

02. Restaurants that will not serve me a blood rare steak because of health regulations but will let the server who informs me of this wear hair so greasy they could fuel a deep fat fryer. And please, don't snort the mucus back up into your nose while you're taking my order either. There's a wonderful invention out there called Kleenex. Get acquainted with it.

01. The number ONE thing I can do without: People who say they are conservatives and part of the moral majority and shame on you if you aren't one of them because they will unleash the most hateful, abusive tirade their radical yap can spew, all in the name of god. These are people who whine because there is evil in the world and bad things happening. Guess what....God said to tell ya, "Well, something about you just pisses me off!"

Dutch Deadboy
2011 Picks

Best Unsigned Band; PinK CigaR
Best Live Show; Crash Diet
Fave Album; Sensory Overdrive Michael Monroe
Festival; Rebellion Festivals- Independent Punk and Alternative Music ...
Best TV show 2011; NCIS Series 9 Episode 10
Best Movie; Black Swan (15) / 20th Century Fox
Worst Movie; The Green Lantern

highlights of 2011
As 2012 is just around the bend, I've put together a list of 11 highlights of 2011. Most of this list is dedicated to my fave albums released this year, but I've also thrown in a couple of my favorite live bands, a book and a venue. Upwards and onwards.

* Abyssal Creatures is an electro-noise-pop/punk trio out of Aspen, CO., with Ian Fellerman on vox, guitars, keyboards, drum programing & synth bass, Jodi Larson also on drum programing, and Paul Jung on bass guitar & back up vox. Abyssal Creatures' 2011 release, Social Awkwardness is the most powerful and thought provoking AC to date.

* Andrew Jackson jihad is Sean Bonnette on vox & guitar, Dylan Cuire on mandolin, and Ben Gallaty on contrebasse. 2011's Knife Man is their fourth full length release, not counting 3 different demos and a slew of splits and singles since their 2004 formation. Knife Man is easily their best work to date and Sorry Bro one of their best songs. AJJ play folk-punk and have a special knack for making for making their turning collective anxiety and genteel misanthropy into the exhilarating.

* Alice Bag's Violence Girl is just brilliant (see main menu for review and interview w/ Alice Bag) and you should probably just drop everything and get a copy right now. You will likely have to push pause on your life the moment you crack it because it's completely engrossing and you likewise will not be able to put it down until you've finished it. Ms. Bag is currently on tour doing readings from Violence Girl along with performances of Bags, Castration Squad, and various other selections from her catalog so I'd highly suggest checking her website and FB page for the nearest reading.
https://www.facebook.com/AliceBag?ref=ts&sk=wall & http://www.alicebag.com/

* Besatree & K_serious is Jon May & Kevin Bicknell, both skilled MCs/wordsmiths. May has played in a number of hardcore bands over the years and Bicknell formerly made folk-punk as Contingent Omega. Individually, each of these dudes are more machine than mortal, together they have spent much of 2011 playing shows as well as writing and recording new music. 2011 marked the release of Don't Shoot the Food & Hello, Goodbye, and All That Jazz within a few months of each other. True fact. These dudes are way too fiddly and obsessive to release anything that wasn't perfect, though Hello, Goodbye, and All That Jazz is my fave of theirs to date, here's why:
https://www.facebook.com/pages/besatree/120548164684 & https://www.facebook.com/pages/K_serious/182637625093541

* Chris Clavin, also performs as Captain Chaos and 1/2 of Ghost Mice. Ghost Mice is Hannah Jones on violin and Chris Clavin on guitar and vox. Their 2011 release, Strays is a 16 track collection of mostly Heathers and Paul Baribeau covers and I pretty much fell in love with it instantly. Clavin is also responsible for maintaining Plan-it-X Records, (which has released material from three other bands on this list) and the Plan-it-X music festival in Bloomington, Indiana. The festival and the distro are excellent sources for folk-punk, so I suppose Clavin's inclusion in this "best of" is a multi-purpose one. In any case, I def recommend checking Strays, strolling through the PIX site, and also keeping an eye out for the 2012 fest:
http://www.plan-it-x.org/ &
http://www.plan-it-x.org/artist/ghost-mice &

* Death on the Radio, formerly the Modern End has gone through a few line up changes and just get better with every pass. The current line up is: Bloody Mary (Mary Powers) on vox, Evol Powers on bass, Danny Death (Danny Dorman) on guitar, and Mr. Roger (Roger De Long) on drums. Death on the Radio play bass driven tribal-horror-core-punk and have been doing a ton of gigging about L.A. this year. Their shows are mesmerizing, fun, and intense, w/ a front woman who channels a certain robot girl from a particular late 1920s German expressionist sci-fi film and an amazing bass player who seems to hold down one end of the room while sending the other end spinning off into the stratosphere. Well worth keeping an eye out for these guys, they have an upcoming residency at The Redwood and gig rather frequently:

* Dreadversary is Skippy Spiral on vox and keyboards, Barry Richardson on guitar, Brent Armstrong on bass, and Christopher Corruption on drums. Dreadversary play metal-circus-punk and are fond of throwing yellow moonpies at audience members. A little bit early Birthday Party, a little bit Screamers, with a heaping slather of dada just for kicks, Dreadversary are based out of Southern California and their shows are theatrical events. Dreadversary are in early recording stages as I type . . . definitely look forward to hearing/seeing more from these beautiful cats.

* Grand Frantic is . . . well, just that and then some. This solo artist has been making music non-stop, reaching 100+ songs before releasing his first album. Characters and Scenes is an excellent showcase of Grand Frantic's trademark double vision; one part neurosis, one part humor. With the release of Characters and Scenes I def look forward to seeing Grand Frantic play in 2012.

* The PondWater Society convenes on the first Saturday of each month in the West Covina home turned poetry salon of Joanne and Eddie Baines. The PondWater is a combination poetry reading, visual arts exhibit, and performance space that takes it's name from the suburban swimming pool converted pond complete with lilly pads, tadpoles, koi fish, and other such unidentifiable water creatures. All told, this is the best kept secret n SoCal and easily my favorite discovery of 2011. Literary luminaries such as my new fave contemporary poet, Daniel McGinn, along with Brendan Constantine, and Rick Lupert have been known to frequent the Pond as was the case December 3rd. No two events are the same and I def recommend cruising the FB page and checking out the Pond.

* Ramshackle Glory's new and only release, Live the Dream is one of the greatest things I've heard in years. In the interests of full disclosure, I also absolutely adore Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains and Wingnut Dishwasher's Union. In short, Pat the Bunny is brilliant and one of the few artists whose entire catalog I can listen to without pause, which has probably 65% to do with his phenomenal lyrical ability and 35% to do with his knack for writing great music. Ramshackle Glory is an excellent collection of musicians out of Tucson, AZ. w/ Niki on accordion & saw, Douglas on banjo & tambourine, Luke on drums, Wyndham on piano, and o'course, Pat the Bunny on vox & guitar. I highly recommend checking these lovely kids out:

* Spoonboy's The papas was recorded/released as two separate albums, one acoustic, and one electric. I own both and wouldn't have it any other way. In terms of which version I prefer, that's a difficult call and seems to vary song to song. The acoustic version of Sexy Dreams is one of my current favorite songs across the board, but then I mostly prefer the electric version of Stab Yer Dad and so on. Spoonboy still plays with The Max Levine Ensemble, but is also embarking on a pretty extensive winter tour, with at least one confirmed date in L.A.

2011 Highlights

Meeting and becoming friends with some new wonderful, funny, wild people.
Finishing my Software Programming and Development and Website Programming and Development course with fanastic results!
Winning an Asus Tablet.
Pennywise mosh pit at Soundwave.
H20 mosh pit Sidewave at the Espy.

Watching the brand new and FUNNIEST Aussie-made TV series "Housos". Finally an Aussie TV show that makes me proud to be an Aussie! Housos is a satirical parody of low income Australian residents of the fictional suburb Sunnyvale, who are living in Housing Commission, (public housing). So England forget the boring stupid Aussie Drama's that only Aussie teenage girls watch, (Neighbours and Home and Away) and watch HOUSOS!