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Review By Gerry Jenn Wilson

Personality Crisis book cover

"Chris Walter turns the volume up to eleven & takes one for the team in his no holds barred band biography, WARM BEER & WILD TIMES, on "GO FUCK YERSELF" Press! ...

Be prepared to saddle up a buzz with Western Canada's legendary rock n' roll trailblazers "Personality Crisis!!!"
... & be a "Creature for Awhile!!".....


 ...When it comes to kicking ass and taking names on the rock n' roll "road to ruin," Western Canada's legendary "Personality Crisis" were indeed a force to be reckoned with in the hardcore eighties!!
Armed with not one but two raging guitars, a distinctive baritone vocalist, and a killer rhythm section, it is no wonder that 25 years later those who witnessed them perform speak in hushed tones about a trailblazing band that was so unwilling to break the mold!

Personality Crisis' twelve song debut  "Creatures for Awhile" (Risky Records) is all hits and no misses, and continues to stand up to the test of time today without sounding dated.

Crowd pleasing rockers like "Mrs. Palmer," singer Mitch Funk's bombastic take on masturbation; the delicious n' dirgy ditty entitled, "The Look," and "Twilight's Last Gleaming," never fail to disappoint; and leave P.C. fans new and old jonesing for more of that sizzling Raw "P.C" Power in their rock n' roll diet!!

The mere fact that their twelve song record "Creatures For Awhile" can fetch up to $400 on E-Bay is a sign that "P.C." Fever is far from over!!..
Chris Walter earned his biography bones...as bruised or as broken as they may have been from time to time in & out of the "Personality Crisis" mosh pits over the years!!!

Walter delivers a hefty withdrawal from "THE PERSONALITY CRISIS MEMORY BANK" through candid interviews, and his fine tuned "Total R&R Recall Research"!!

In the end Chris successfully  manages to capture the group's unique chemistry...be it through funny XXX stinky sock n' fart stories of the band on tour, or capturing the good, the bad, & the ugly essence of a young n' wild band that lived to rock n' roll no matter how intoxicating the price!!

Warm Beer & Wild Times includes entertaining photos from The Personality Crisis Archives. The vintage gig posters alone are well worth the book's price of admission!
At the end of the day...Personality Crisis was indeed a band that separated The "Hobby Rockers" from "The Real Deal"! P.C.'s hardcore work ethic of practicing 8-12 hours a day -- possibly due to the cold Winnipeg winters, created an uneven playing field for other bands...Black Flag, DOA, The Circle Jerks, Toxic Reasons, TSOL, The Fastbacks,The Dead Kennedys to name a few of P.C.'s Alliance...would more than likely admit that Western Canada's biggest "SHOULDA, COULDA, WOULDA, HEROES" were one "HARD ACT TO FOLLOW!!"

 PUNK GLOBE'S very own Publisher & Outrageous Vocalist/ GINGER COYOTE of "THE WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES" shares her "P.C. Experiences" in "Warm Beers & Wild Times"..... Tthis is a fantastic read for anyone with an inquiring mind on what it takes to live for the rock n' roll dream & survive to tell the tale!!!!!...VIVA LE PERSONALITY CRISIS!!!...

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