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Hi everyone this is my first column in punk globe. It took a bit long to prepare it. Firstly, let me intoruce myself. I'm Ozgur,26 years old and I live in İstanbul Ė Turkey. Somewhere in between Russia and Greece.Iíve had the chance to contact (which is now one of my best friends) Ginger nearly 2 months ago and Iíve had the opportuntiy to write for Punk Globe.I hope you find my reviews and Turkish scene reports colorful enough. Iím very excited writing in Punk Globe,its a pleasure and an honour.

***So ok,lets start. In this first report of mine Iíd like to give some information about the Turkish music history,especially the rock music,in my future reports Iíll be giving you more detailed information about bands etc.

The lack of good rock music and musical culture in Turkey can be counted by the number Turkish bands known all around the world.I believe no one can count even to 3 about this subject.Its not that there is no good music or good musicians in Turkey,its beacuse of the producers and their very small vision.In 1960,1970 and 1980 Turkish democracy had been cut with a very sharp knife of the military.The people who were elected those years to the government was not that good either.This was the main reason fort he delay of the start of rock music in this country.Although Turkey has the tradition and musical taste of both Europe and Anatolia,it became hard for people to play music,listen to the good bands all around the world.Those fascist regimes closed nearly all the doors for Turkish people to improve their cultures.There were a couple of good Turkish rock bands during the second half of the 1960s. Cem Karaca,Moğollar,Erkin Koray,3 HŁrel,Baris Manco and Mavi Işıklar were some of them.Some of the lyrics of these bands songs had protested the bad things happening in the country especially the politics.The roots of their style was the traditional Anatolian music,so they called the music they played as ďAnatolian RockĒ.The crisis in Turkey in those years made these young groups to make  this kind of music and they gained a lot of attention.The number of these bands increased a bit during the 1970s.Bunalimlar (a.k.a Grup Bunalim) was one of the bands of the 1970s that had some punk spirit,although they were known by very few people.The lack of substructure was a handicap for rock music in Turkey to improve itself parallel with world.It  also improved in a very wrong way especially in the second half of the 1970s.1980s was a decade in the country where pirate vinyls and casettes entered the secene.Rock based and punk influenced music suddenly lost strength and left its place to the disco scene and kind of bands which imitated Abba etc very badly.These bands were only making arrangements on the known melodies,also some of them stole too much from this and that.Although the musiacal substructure in surf music has its roots in Turkish/Arab music and bands like The Ventures,Dick Dale had been very succesful by making the surf music, Turkish bands continued to gain popularity by imitating.There was no uniqueness in anything and no soul.Late 70s and 80s was the period,where people were introduced to Punk Rock,Mod,Ska,Retro,Funk,İndie but nobody in Turkey were aware of this really.In 1968 TV broadcasting started in Turkey and until 1988-1989 there was only one channel.It was nearly impossible to follow the musical styles mentioned above and learn what they were about.1980 was the year that the worst militarist regime in the history of Turkey came to top.This took the less improved 20 years more back,those were very dark days.So many things changed in a very bad way and this went on until the late 80s.

***Iíll be writing what had happened during the 90s about Turkish music in my next report but here are a few notes I have about  90s music all around the world that I want to share with you:

Well....what do I remember form the 90's?what has happened in the 90s?.....I'm pretty sure that I miss the 90's.......Somedays you ask yourself..."what would it be like if....."....that if happened in the 90's......what would it be if some punkrock band knocked michael jackson down from top of the charts...yes, it happened!!even beatles reunited in the 90s the prepare the anthology box-sets....we saw also sex pistols reuniting in the 90s....soundgarden, pearl jam, nirvana, faith no more, rem, green day, cranberries, offspring, bad religion, rancid, weezer, aerosmtih, blur, beck, oasis, pulp etc... they all had their had their best moments in the 90s...there was a feeling in the air that somethings were gonna change.....the 2nd woodstock had happened in 1994...the music scene had never been as coloUrful before since the the begining of 1997 everything has returned back to the was like waking up from a nice once again started to be hard to find music which has depth and honesty in it.First half of the 90's was one of the few rare exciting moments in the history of music and I personally see myself lucky to live and enjoy those days....

We came.....We saw......WE left....Those were the days........

***Coming to the part of the underrated but brilliant bands Iíve been listening to recently :

- Toenut, a  90s band with a female vocal which sounds like Fugazi in some of their songs.

- Zuzuís Petals a three piece punk band,three girls making one of the most melodic punk rock of their time.

- Fuzzy, a pop-punk band which featues some members of Come and The Lemonheads.

- Ammonia,a very good Australian band that has some Nirvana influnce in some of their songs.

- And Compulsion, one of the best bands of the mid 90s.Comforter album is a masterpiece.Sounds a lot like the Pixies and sometimes better.

Iíll let you know more of these bands in more details in my following reports.

***Iíve been in contact with one of my new friends in the previous weeks, Don Ė the member of the Germs , Sophistifuck and the Revlon Spam Queens.He says, Germs is playing sort of a lot these days -- at least compared to the last 25 years where they didn't really play at all. The new singer/ actor is very succesful of singing the songs and fronting the band, and the band is better than ever. He also told me theyíre trying to make it to Europe at some point so some of the Turkish fans of the Germs may find the possibility to catch them live in Europe.

***Finally,I would like to make a call to everyone.We are living in a world of terror and a world of wars.People die,children dieÖ.Dont let the evil minded politicians or leaders to steal the sun from the sky and shadow your life or even your childrens life.We, the humans are not born as enemies,we are made enemies,we are made to believe that we have to hate each other.Please do not let others fool you with this trick of hating another person just because of their nationality. We are the leaders.No other people can tell you what to do in this life.Never trust these type of people,do not allow them to tell you how to live your life.They are no special or intelligent than you.You have this gift-your brain,your body,use it in every possible way to maket his world a beter place for everybody.No need to kill or hurt each other without knowing who they are,this is ridicilious.You may know what they are but who they are you dont know.Heaven is on earth fort he ones who can see it,heaven is your life if you know how to live it. Dont let the bastards kill your spirit,its your one and only treasureÖ

Ozgur (a.k.a brightbluespirit)

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