New Society Of Anarchists, FDA , Chaos Rules
live at Woodchucks Toledo
Photo's and Review By: Michael Rhys
I gotta tell ya being an old fuck has its drawback and perks. makes me long for the "old days" when you would see a bunch of young folks at shows. I don't know about your town but here you just don't see nearly as many. So on the rare occasion I see a young punk band and kids come to the show too its an extra bonus, to give me hope that the music will indeed live on. Chaos Rules was that young band on this night. The band is from a small town just on the Michigan side of the border with Ohio, and form what Kory the bands singer and main songwriter told me they were playing with a drummer and guitarist who had been in the band about 6 hrs. Now that's pretty punk... playing a show with just a couple hours to practice and saying fuck it anyway. The set was about 30 minuets of ....uh mm lets just say what they lacked in tightness they more than made up for in spirit and energy. They have a good number of songs that seemed like that would be pretty kick ass given time to gel and get nailed down.Chaos Rules...keep it up
F.D.A.( aka First Degree Arson) Toledo drunk punx with a musical chip on their shoulders .These boys never fail to liven up a crowd and hold it whether its quick 20 minuets set or the long playing 40 minuets they churned out tonight.Why these boys are not on higher profile shows around town have no idea but they certainly deserve to be.Locals in Cleveland and Detroit would eat up FDA. This crowd sure did and they didn't disappoint.

New Society OF Anarchists ( N.S.O.A.) on tour from Milwaukee were hitting Toledo for the first time and although some of the fair thee wells, and wieners left before they took the stage this 3 piece unit hit the stage like it was packed house of 1000. NSOA play the kinda of crossover metallic punk I used to love going to see live in the late 80's.A sound much bigger sounding than the three members themselves. No nonsense riff age, gruff vocals and brutal pounding rhythms. Vets that have been around since at least 1994( maybe longer)these dudes play for just over an hour covering most if not all of the back catalog. Favorite songs of the night One Shot, One Kill, Brew City Hardcore, All in The Family, and Idiot Breed.
Definitely wanna catch these guys again.