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By Kim Acrylic


Punk Globe: Hey there Mr. Lizard! It's so great to talk to you as a kid I remember rumors of a guy who was inked like a lizard and lived in Seattle(where I'm at) and couldn't come out till after midnight cos he scared the kids,Any of this pertain to you?

Lizard man- Sounds like the usual case of many rumors and facts twisted together and put through the telephone game. I never lived in Seattle but I am often nocturnal just by nature of my work (I perform at night) but if I can scare some kids it might be worth getting up early.

Punk Globe: You seem like someone I would see with the Jim Rose circus,ever tour with him or want to?

Lizard man- I worked with Jim in 1999 & 2001.

Punk Globe: What were you like as a child?

Lizard man- You'd probably get a better answer to that from my parents or teachers, all I know is I was me.


Punk Globe: What was your first tattoo?

Lizard man- A design on the back of right shoulder

Punk Globe: At what point did you say "I'm gonna be a Lizard Man"?

Lizard man- I conceived of the idea of the transformation in 1990 and spent the next 4-5 years designing it. I started using the name Lizardman in 1999 after I was well on my way. I never thought about being anyone other than myself, taking on the name was a business move when it became apparent that being me could also be how I made my living.

Punk Globe: Who did most of the Tattooing?

Lizard man- It is pretty much split between Mad Pup of Plattsburgh and Mike Tidwell (my current artist) out of Obscurities in Dallas, TX

Punk Globe: Let me guess you've spent millions?

Lizard man- Nope, because I haven't made millions. I have been very lucky to find generous people to help me with my ideas and projects. I have no idea what I have spent and can only speculate on the value.

Punk Globe: After you got your Tongue split how painful was the recovery and how long did it take to heal?

Lizard man- The first 48 hours were horrible and it took about a week before my speech and eating was relatively normal again.

Punk Globe: Was eating or Kissing a chore at first?

Lizard man- No, more of a fun experiment

Punk Globe: Tell me about your Sideshow performances,what are they like?

Lizard man- They're never the same twice. Somewhat controlled exhibitions of my eccentricities for other people's amusement.

Punk Globe: What are the typical fans of "the Lizard man" like?

Lizard man- I don't have typical fans, that is what is great about it for me. I literally get all types and I never know who might show up and "get it"

Punk Globe: If you didn't have a sideshow or talent behind your cool appearance would you still have got in done?

Lizard man- I likely would have gotten the modifications done but I would have failed as a performer without some talent

Punk Globe: Who are some of your idols in this world?

Lizard man- I avoid having idols but people like the great Omi inspired me

Punk Globe: I guess I should ask do you LIKE to be called the Lizard man or is that annoying cos you DO have a real name!

Lizard man- I prefer Lizardman, it is my real name and I like it better than my given name


Punk Globe: Do you have any odd fears?

Lizard man- Not that I am aware of

Punk Globe: Have you ever accidentally scared a child (if that wasn't you in my first question)

Lizard man- Several times and also a few on purpose

Punk Globe: Do you ever feel your not taken seriously cos of your appearance,like in Hospitals,at the DR, dentist,normal boring places?

Lizard man- I probably get taken more seriously

Punk Globe: What bands do you dig?

Lizard man- Ministry, Slayer, Slipknot

Punk Globe: In your sideshow performances which of your stunts is the most challenging for you?

Lizard man- Probably the gavage which requires an all day commitment

Punk Globe: Tell Punk Globe readers why they should come check out your gig!

Lizard man- Because if I can't give them something to love I will give them something to hate. People leave my shows with a genuine experience that will stay with them

Punk Globe: Oh and how do you NOT gag on the sword swallowing,huh? Throat numbing stuff?

Lizard man- Nope, just lots of practice

Punk Globe: You have awesome teeth,where do you go to have THOSE chompers done?

Lizard man- A cosmetic dentist

Punk Globe: Who are some of the most admirable people you've got to perform with?

Lizard man- Kerry King and Corey Taylor both impressed me and taught me a lot by the way the approach things.

Punk Globe: You have been on some talk shows. Which talk show was the most fun to be on and why?

Lizard man- Tyra was fun but mostly because my wife and were privately laughing at almost everything going on around us.


Punk Globe: Any stage fuck ups?

Lizard man- Too many to count.

Punk Globe: INSANE fan stories?

Lizard man- People getting my face and/or logo tattooed on them, people puking and cheering at the same time, the guy in Canada who ate the toe off one of my socks...

Punk Globe: So are you done with your body mods or is there anything else you want before your completely finished?

Lizard man- I need to finish the tattooing but otherwise I am pretty happy

Punk Globe: Best places you have toured?

Lizard man- Istanbul and Tokyo were great, most cities in the Midwest of the US are just insane and the crowds really show you love

Punk Globe: Any DVD's available from you and your show?

Lizard man- Nope, it's a live thing. When you see me on TV or even online video it is edited and just not the same. If I could re-create the live intensity I would put it out in a heartbeat but it is really about being there

Punk Globe: Hope to see you perform sometime your an amazing person..err.creature?

Lizard man- Thank you

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