A film by Duncan Jones

  Sony Pictures Classics
   Sam Rockwell
    Kevin Spacey

      Reviewed by Carl Macki

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) plays an angry lonely astronaut caretaker at a moon base run by Lunar Industries,
a company that has been harvesting helium isotope 3, which is by now (some unspecified
time in the future) a vital component of the Earth's energy needs.
He is finishing up a three year tour of duty, and his only company is robot at the base
(voice by Kevin Spacey). The live telecommunications link to Easth is broken,
and the company never fixed it.

He can only receive messages indirectly, relayed through Jupiter.

After a ceash in a lunar explorer with one of the robotic harvesters, he barely makes it back
to the base to recover from his injuries, only to meet another version of himself.

That's when things get really interested in this instant sci fi classic,
directed by Duncan Jones (Zowie Bowie).

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