by Ginger Coyote

Sunday April 29  was a fun day.. I had to get up early at 5AM for a 7:45 Call to shoot the "MANEATERS" video for the Beautiful and Talented MS.JOSIE COTTON... "Maneaters (Get Off the Road) is the title song  from Herschell Gordon Lewis' SHE DEVILS ON WHEELS (1968)... Josie leads a tough all girl scooter gang on a man killing spree. The Maneaters set all the rules and they make no deals. they exact their revenge on a series of stereotypical male womanizers...Of course I am one of the fabulous MANEATERS along with Tequila Mockingbird, Kandace and Delia Sheppard... Jonathan Keith is the Executive Producer/Manager and Johnathan London is the Director.. Robert Mussulman also appeared in the Video and was the driving force behind keeping the spirits high... Chris from The Gabba Gabba Hey's is the hunky Businessman whom Josie seduces with her charms..  He is soon tied tightly to a wooden chair and informed -  HE  IS OUR NEXT MEAL!!!  I then appear with a sharp Turkey Carver licking my lips.....

There are alot more in the cast and we get to ride some nifty scooters...Of course our driver Alex Liao Vilhena who hails from Brazil was an added treat for us all....(LOL) ......Check back for more details about when and where the video will be playing.....

Various Photo's from the Video Shoot.