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By: Kim Acrylic

Manda Rin

Punk Globe:Hello Manda,Thanks for your time!

Punk Globe: So first off, you were in the Legendary band Bis for how long?

Manda Rin: I started Bis when I was 16. We called it a day ten years later, so quite a long time!

Punk Globe: Do you still keep in contact musically or otherwise with John Disco and Sci Fi Steven?

Manda Rin: Absolutely, they're two very close friends of mine. Musically, we don't do anything together anymore though.

Manda Rin

Punk Globe:  What was it that made you guys decide, this is IT -- we've done enough, now let's do separate things?

Manda Rin: Ten years was a long time. No matter what kind of music we made, people were still judging it like our early, early Bis singles, so we felt we couldn't move forward in any way. We started a new band Data Panik which was the three of us plus a bassist and drummer. However, it was the same reaction we got, so again decided to call it a day. As much as others' opinions never mattered greatly to us, it just felt like the right thing
to do, and we all agreed.

Punk Globe: Exactly when did you start doing solo stuff?

Manda Rin: I'd started doing my solo stuff towards the end of Data Panik
as I could never sit still!

Punk Globe: Was it as inspiring as being with the band?

Manda Rin: I like being in a band and having others around me, but it was nice to have
complete musical control all to myself.

Punk Globe: You used to be really into Drew Barrymore, are you still?

Manda Rin: About 10 years ago I was pretty obsessed with her. Not anymore she'll be happy to hear!

Punk Globe: In your old songs you mention your waist size and not being "thin" how does body image affect you now?

Manda Rin: I think it's disgusting how people judge everyone by their appearance. Woman in particular are so pressurized into being a certain way and I hate it. I like feeling good about the way I look, so as long
as I'm content then I'll change for no one.

Punk Globe: "My DNA," your first solo release, what can you tell me was the biggest inspiration behind it?

Manda Rin: I'm just inspired by all the current music I'm listening to like To My Boy, CSS,
Late of the Future, Future of the Left, etc.

Punk Globe:  What bands were you listening to the most whilst recording and writing it?

Manda Rin: As above

Punk Globe:  So was performing without the Bis boys for the first time scary for you?

Manda Rin: Very. I've always liked the thought that no one was really watching me on stage with Bis, and they were just looking at Steven in the centre who was a perfect front-person really. A couple of glasses of wine and I'm a bit better!

Punk Globe: So i read you like The Gossip. How do you feel about Beth Ditto's positive body image?

Manda Rin: Beth Ditto is completely inspirational to many. I admire the way she's handled so many things. She's happy with the way she looks so I wish folk would just leave her body size out of it.

Manda Rin

Punk Globe: You always reminded me kinda of the first Beth Ditto of the early(mid)90's actually.

Manda Rin: Any comparison to Beth is a compliment.

Punk Globe: So you do badges for bands, is it? Whats that about missy?

Manda Rin: This is my business. I worked as a presenter at a radio station and had to leave after my business took off so well. I've been doing it for seven years now, and I love my day job. It's hard, hard work at times
but I like being my own boss.

Punk Globe:  So how was it to actually get to play on top of the pops back in the 90's britpop heyday?

Manda Rin: The producer Rik Blaxill requested that we play as an exclusive. As a result we then charted at 25 and played it for a second time.

Punk Globe: Was it true Bis was unsigned at the time?

Manda Rin: Yes.

Punk Globe: On this solo release, are you working with any of the same people as you have before?

Manda Rin: Not really.

Punk Globe: Where would your dream place be to play?

Manda Rin: I would LOVE to go back to Japan and play with my solo stuff.

Punk Globe: What has this whole solo experience taught you?

Manda Rin: Just to have fun and do what you want!

Punk Globe: Any future album plans as a solo artist? Or are you just taking it one day at a time?

Manda Rin: Yeah, just seeing how it goes. I don't think I'll be very famous or rich from this, but I'm really enjoying it and that's so important. The guys who play guitar and bass for me live are such a laugh to do gigs with.

Punk Globe: How did you come up with the ever so cute name Manda Rin?

Manda Rin: I've always been called Manda as my real name is Amanda. Steven, John and I found it funny to then add Rin to it. Better than Droid we thought...

Punk Globe: I love your style, who are your fashion influences?

Manda Rin: Gok Wan

Punk Globe: How long did it take you to write and record this record?

Manda Rin: It overall took about six months to write and record.

Punk Globe: If someone told you you could be an instant huge star all over the world
if you changed into a pop diva, would you?

Manda Rin: No, I don't have that in me. I can't change to be something I'm not. I still get star struck etc.,
and can't see my shyness disappearing.

Manda Rin

Punk Globe: do you have any unusual fears?

Manda Rin: I hate things on my carpet, so am obsessed
with hoovering in a scary way!

Punk Globe: Will we ever see a Bis comeback in the distant future?

Manda Rin: Nah. It's fun doing the odd thing, but I don't see anything official happening again.

Punk Globe: Any bad habits you'd like to break?

Manda Rin: Apart from my hoovering, eating as much salt as I do.

Punk Globe: I ask you for a drink, what would you
make me (alcoholic)?

Manda Rin: A Cosmopolitan!

Punk Globe: Tell us something unusual about Manda

Manda Rin: My hair is black, blonde, red and purple

Punk Globe: You got married, how's married life changed you?

Manda Rin: I got divorced 4.5 years ago, so moved on a lot.

Punk Globe: Any children in your future?

Manda Rin: Not just yet, but Steven is having one in April!

Punk Globe: Who was your favorite mid '90's britpop band?

Manda Rin: Blur and Elastica

Punk Globe: Well Manda its been great! Thank you so much for this time, and good luck with the Solo CD.

Interview by Kim Acrylic for Punk Globe magazine 2008.

Manda Rin

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