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Lyons Mane

Band Members:

BRENT LYONS - Guitar, Vocals 
NICK DUNLAP - Bass Guitar

Present this CD/EP filled with a lot of shoegaze and spacerock. 

But what I found interesting about this CD was how they mixed in 
Grunge with the dreamy music. 

Think Kurt Cobain singing on a "My Bloody Valentine" album, 
most defiantly you can hear that on the track "Gut Rot"
I also hear A lot of Dinosaur JR. influenced tracks,
especially on tracks like "Surgery"

I find this band extremely talented and original in A LOT of ways.
Their actual music is floaty, like some kind of soft daydream, however, there were times 
that the vocals were off a bit -- which made this the perfect punk/shoegaze album for me. 

i can see this band selling out venues and having a huge following. 
if any of their future albums are ANYTHING like "Everything costs money"
I won't be surprised to see their CDs becoming the new college radio obsession.

Lyons Mane Live
Lyons Mane Live

Kim Acrylic
Punk Globe Magazine 2008

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