Little Joe
Reviewed By Sharla Cartner

The Specials

Frameline, the San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Film Festival,
hosted the film "Little Joe" at the beautiful Castro Theatre on the 20th of June,
and I was lucky enough to attend (a BIG thanks to Kathy Peck.)

I arrived at the Castro around 3pm, when the lines of people were
already half way down the street. People were chatting amongst
themselves excitingly about the film, and, of course, about
Joe Dallesandro
also being in attendance for this event!

After I finally was through the doors of the theatre,
which I am so grateful to Kathy Peck,
Kim Dallesandro and Craig Pop Artist for being so friendly
and welcoming to an Aussie along way from home.

The film itself was simply brilliant, a creative narrative by
Joe Dallesandro
on his life with footage of his films interjected.

talked about his childhood and his family, the factory,
working with Andy Warhol, Paul Morrissey, and other
actors from The Factory.

He gave us insight into his personal views and feelings
on different projects he had completed
in a fascinating entertaining way. He talked
about working in Europe and
the effect his brother's death had on him.

At the end of the film Joe was invited on stage for a little
Q & A. As he strode the stairs onto the stage, the entire audience
of the Castro Theatre took to their feet and applauded him
for a deafening five minutes or more.

Hats off to the director for being able to capture
spirit in this film. A must see film.

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