her name was lacie
by Sober Jake Jack Off


i was coming off a high. which of course meant i was at a low. i grabbed my writing book and headed to the drive. i find inspiration, wether good or bad, from the streets. its usually somewhere in the gray. i wander around for awhile. standing out side a girls window i know, i bail, its for the best i dont wake her again. back to the drive. i sit down on a closed doors step. scribblin incoherient mis spelt words im sure. not soon after this beautiful young girl stops. "got any brillow" she asks. "fuck no i gave that up over a year and a half ago" i sharply reply.  i offer her a beer and ask her if she wants a seat.  she sits down and we talk, she keeps phishing , trying to get me to confess i have rock, which i dont!!!  shes soo young 18 at most though she claims to be 21. beautiful to, a face full of light. it saddens me. i begin to dig to deep, telling her the things she dosnt want to hear. the truth. about why it is we do the things we do. how we waste when we have so much to offer. she couldnt handle it with that and the fact i wouldnt buy her smokes she takes off into the night. i found some inspiration that night, her name was lacie, i knew her for but 20 minutes, and will never see her again. i hope someone else will find in her what i saw, and i hope they can fill that hole that shes covering with the rock.


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