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John Trubee, man, myth, legend. Already known around the world for his crank calls, his sick sense of humor, his miserable job in the hardware store, his fluid guitar playing, and his band, the Ugly Janitors Of America. He has been an important figure in the independent scene for many years now, which started off with the unexpected radio hit "A Blind Man's Penis", (which we were lucky enough to be able to re- release!) one of most requested songs on Dr.
Dementos famous radio show out of Los Angeles. He has also toured and recorded extensively with Zoogz Rift, and has released three other full length albums on three different labels, the first two of which appeared on Enigma and Restless. He has since moved and has been layed off from his famous job at the hardware store, but he is still as angry as ever, out to change the world, and ready and willing to cram his music down your throat, whether you want it or not!
Money as virtue has defeated empathy for others and compassion for the less fortunate as our moral standard, widespread lip-service to Christ’s teachings notwithstanding.
Condemnation of the less fortunate as moral failures is the camouflage of those incapable of empathy and compassion.
The more time and energy of our lives we squander passively observing the supposed greatness of the celebrities, the less time and energy we have to invest in actualizing the real greatness within ourselves waiting to bloom out into the world.
Appeals to authority are just a cover for sadism.
Those who promote “family values” blithely ignore how absolutely miserable family life is for millions and how abysmally dysfunctional and broken are way too many families. Refugees and runaways of such domiciles rightfully equate family life with hell.
The dull, mediocre conformist hungers and slaves for money. The pathetic thief steals money because he, as a variation of the conformist mediocrity, also worships money. The deeply radical, demented, insane, truly free man heartily laughs at money, spits on it, flips the tables over, and walks away from it as did Jesus Christ and Saint Francis of Assisi.
Since we now equate sex with evil and crime, people copulate much less frequently, causing fertility rates to plummet. If it weren’t for legal and illegal immigration, multiple births in poor families, and single mothers, America’s population would be shrinking and aging at a fast clip, leading to stagnation and decline as that of Japan and Europe.
When I invested a modest amount of cash in Microsoft in 1994, I made that choice by asking myself “What would Satan do?” I made a minor financial killing on that investment. Stock investing is a means by which we allow corporations as our proxies to lie and cheat and dirty deal to grow profits for us while we ourselves do not directly soil our hands, pretending that such lying and cheating and dirty dealing are not endemic to the corporate world.
Copyright©2012 John Trubee
Everyone is in a great deal of pain.
Everyone is suffering and struggling.
Everyone is dying to obtain things from others who, with malice and stupidity or through neglect, deny them.
No one understands anyone else.
No one listens to anyone else.
Everyone is hypersensitive, poised to lash out at the slightest imagined insult.
Everyone has lost their sense of humor.
Everyone chooses to copulate in a love relationship with the least intelligent, most obnoxious fool they can find—so they can have someone to complain about to everyone else.
Everyone’s child is a genius who ends up being paid to clean toilets in gas stations.
Everyone wants to be the boss while they constantly weasel out of work.
Everybody is a star, but nobody deserves it.
Everyone declaims utter confidence and absolute certainty based on zero facts, no information, abysmal incuriosity, and aversion to reading.
Everyone is trying to convince the starving child that the bread for which he hungers is poisonous. Everyone prohibits sex to the already sex-starved.
Everyone is blind with madness, picking fights for no reason.
The people in charge are bullies and lying hypocrites. The people beneath them resent them and want to kill them.
Everyone screeches about freedom of choice when all the choices are equally rotten, dismal, and disgusting, rendering such freedom absurd.
Everyone boasts about freedom not being free, and then petulantly whines about having to pay taxes to ensure and maintain such freedom.
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