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Having been a long time fan of Joe Dallesandro I was a bit nervous about approaching him for an interview for Punk Globe. Joe was definitely the Johnny Depp of his generation. I have seen most of his film work and his guest roles on Wise Guy and Miami Vice. The poster for "Trash" with a shirtless JOE was a fixture on my wall during the 80's and 90's.. I was so happy when he agreed to be interviewed... Joe previewed his latest film- a documentary about his life called "LITTLE JOE" at the Berlin Film Festival in February. The documentary received glowing reviews and won JOEBOY a special Teddy Award.. What impresses me most about JOE - is how nice and humble he is.. I hope you all enjoy my interview with LITTLE JOE...

Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview Joe. You were born on New Year Eve right? How cool! When you were youngster were you amazed by all the parties celebrating your Birthday ?

Joe: As a child I would pretend everyone was celebrating my birthday on New Years Eve.

Punk Globe: How did you get involved with Warhol and The Factory?


Joe: Someone told me there was this person that did Campbell's Soup and I did not hear the artist part just the soup part and thought I eat that soup. That is when I met Andy Warhol for the first time.

Punk Globe: Was Lonesome Cowboys your very first movie that you did for Warhol ? Followed by your outstanding performance in "Flesh?"

Joe: No, Loves of Ondine, then Lonesome Cowboys, Flesh, Trash, San Diego Surf, then Heat, Frankenstein, Dracula


Punk Globe: "Flesh" was followed by one of my favorite movies ever - "Trash" with the wonderful Holly Woodlawn. Is it true that you both ad- libbed most of the dialogue ?

Joe: Yes.

Punk Globe: I had heard that several people in the industry were trying to get "Trash" nominated for an Oscar. Do you know anything about that?

Joe: Never heard that one.


Punk Globe: In 1970 Rolling Stone proclaimed Flesh the movie of the year and called you the "Star of the Sexual Revolution." Then in April of 1971 you were on the cover of Rolling Stone. How did that affect your life?

Joe: It was a cool interview I did for Rolling Stone. I was the first non-musician that had ever been put on the cover and I thought that was great. Past that I don't think it really affected my life in any way.

Punk Globe: Bebe Buell asked me to ask you how you enjoyed working with Geraldine Smith and also if you frequented Max' s Kansas City's Back Room?

Joe: I made 1 film with Geraldine Smith she played my wife in the film. We did the film and that was it. I was in the back room of Max's alot that's where they served the food.


Punk Globe: Is that really your image on the cover of The Rolling Stones album "Sticky Fingers" with the zipper on it?

Joe: Yes.

Punk Globe: After filming a couple more films with Warhol You moved to Europe. What prompted you to relocate?

Joe: We were in Europe filming Frankenstein and Dracula and when those films were finished I had other projects lined up so I stayed.

Punk Globe: When you moved to Europe it was not to take a break.. You worked steadily while you were there am I right?

Joe: I made 3 films a year for close to 10 years while I was in Europe.

Punk Globe: Wow 3 films in ten years.. In what year did you move back to America?

Joe: I returned to America in 1980.

Punk Globe: Of course we all remember you in "Cry Baby." How did you enjoy working with that superb cast?

Joe: I was there for 1 day for my part in that film. I met everyone said "Hi" did my work and went home.

Punk Globe: I have heard a rumor for years now. That you were actually Quentin Tarantino's first choice for "Pulp Fiction" and that you turned him down. Is that true?

Joe: Absolutely not. I would love to work with Quentin.

Punk Globe: Let's hope Quentin reads this interview...Are you now living in Hollywood full time?

Joe: Yes.


Punk Globe: These last few years you have been working on your favorite project "Little Joe"" Can you tell us all about it and how long you have been working on it?

Joe: Documentary work is a process alot of start and stop. I'd like to believe it's only been 5 days to put it together, but it's taken the time it took to get it finished.

Punk Globe: The documentary is being released through Little Joe Productions right?

Joe: Yes.

Punk Globe: Who came up with idea the project? Was it someone in your family?

Joe: Vedra Mehagian who looks to me as a father in her life came to me with the project and I was happy to do it with her. There are alot of people involved in completing it but Vedra is the only one that would be considered part of my family.


Punk Globe: "Little Joe" just recently played the Berlin Film Festival to rave reviews!! While there you also picked up a very prestigious award. Can you tell the readers about that?

Joe: I was awarded a Special Teddy Award for being a Gay Icon and for my contribution to film and how my performances affected film and changed the way films were made and subject matter. I was pleased that the reviews were good on my documentary because alot of people worked really hard to finish it right up to the minute we stepped on the plane on our way to Berlin.

Punk Globe: Congratulations on your award.. You so deserve the recognition... Do you have a release date yet for the film?

Joe: No, not yet. But soon.


Punk Globe: Would you like to give the readers your Website and My Space addresses? So they can check for updates on "Little Joe" and other events you are involved with.

Joe: That is my webpage. And that is myspace. I have just finished an interview and photo session with Interview Magazine. I'd like readers to go check out Mirror ( I worked with them on a spoken word piece entitled "City Lights" which was wonderful to do. Their music is fantastic. Everyday brings new possibilities who knows what's next.

I also just did a photo shoot with Austin Young and he is working on the photos they have not been released yet. And Kimbo (my wife) is recording White Light White Heat on Monday for Die Puppe in France ( and I'll be adding some voice tracks to that.

Punk Globe: Thank you so much for the interview.. You are true living legend.. It was an honor to interview you. Do you have any last words of advice for Punk Globe readers?

Joe: I always tell people to do something beautiful for others which we all need to do more of. Joeboy.

Punk Globe would like to thank Joeboy for the fun interview... Please check him out in Interview Magazine at the link in the interview.. Please stop by his Website and My Space profile to get updates...

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