By Ginger Coyote

It was a San Francisco Reunion of sorts when JET BOY reformed d for a special reunion show at The Key Club on June 22. The show was to celebrate a release of a four-disc compilation box set CD release on CLEOPATRA RECORDS. Bands playing the show included ODIN, THE ZERO'S (Hollywood), FUZZY BANGERS, SPIDERS AND SNAKE, BLACK BOARD JUNGLE, JET BOY and STEPHEN PEARCEY from RATT.  JET BOY owned the room from the moment they took the stage til they ended their set with" I WANNA ROCK ALL NIGHT AND PARTY EVERYDAY' by KISS.  I would like to thank MIKE and TINA BUTLER for inviting me to the show. Mike who plays bass with AMERICAN HEARTBREAK with BILLY ROWE and hostís was invited to play bass with JET BOY. It was great to reacquaint myself wit my old SF pals and see Billy's ultra cool sister rKIP who is the widow of  RIK L RIK.   She reminded me of a wild night at THE MABUHAY GARDENS when she was 15 and could not get in the club.  I ran into THE REALITY CHECK TV CREW from SF, PUNKY (Blare Bitch Project),  JET BOY Originals - MIC, FERN, BILLY ROWE,  TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD, DANNY (MOTOCHRIST), TIM (SPIDERS AND SNAKES), CHARLEY (CUSTOM MADE SCARE and DEADBOLT) , KIM FOWLEY, the former MRS PAT RYAN (THE NUNS), DAYLE GLORIA, HAMERLOCK, REUBEN McBLUE (ROCK CITY NEWS) , MOJO EL DIABLO, LINA LECARO and her posse who were telling me about a CD Release party at The Key Club for PRAY FOR THE SOUL OF BETTY featuring CONSTANTINE MARQOULIS.  They had designs for a new T-Shirt for the PRAY FOR THE SOUL OF BETTY.  There was a rumor that former HEAD ON, SEA HAGS Guitar Player FRANKIE WILSEY was going to appear with Stephen Pearcey. Alas, Frankie did not make the show. Neither did  GERE FENELLIE, LAURA MILLIGAN or MARGARET CHO.  PUNKY who used to play with the Bay Area's LEATHER PANTIES reminded me that Frankie looks alot like JOE PERRY.  I also ran into Brian   who lived in SF with BRIAN LaBRIE and JOEY from VITAMIN F...  I did an interview with REALITY CHECK TV about the happenings of WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES,, MAD TV,  WEST MEMPHIS THREE AWARENESS DAY, TWEEK CITY  and that PUNK GLOBE was on line. The night was high lighted by KIM FOWLEY making a small hissy fit in the dressing room and a  pecker - wood jock who was clocked by a Gay Man he was hassling. .  All in all it was a fun rawking night of glitter and glam....





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