by Jayne County


There were over 100,000 people! Some said as many as 300,000 people.
The Police (Pigs.) said there were less. But, hey they would would*t
they???????? And it was great to see Hippies, Punks, Straights,
Secretaries, Businessmen, Goths, Children and Women witnfants,  and alot of Rock
and Roll people, all getting together and getting along!

They came from all over. They were all ages and all sorts of different
kinds of people! They had one thing in common, STOP THE WAR AND BRING THE
TROOPS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!
THAT is the way it should be!  All the so called *anti establishment* types in Amerika and
the entire world need to get along and put aside their  silly differences
and FIGHT BACK!!!!!!!! It is the only way we will survive the COMING
DARKNESS of Fascism that threatens to sweep the earth! I hope to see more of you
all at the next march! And in the meantime. ANNOY THE HELL OUTTA UM!!!!!!!! 
Write letters and send emails and make phone calls to the POWERS THAT BE and
let them know that WE THE PEOPLE ain*t gonna take this bullshit
anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don*t let THEM push US back into the DARK AGES! 
SMASH THE STATE!!!!!!!!!!! xxx Jayne County

Photos by Jayne County