By: Ginger Coyote
On Saturday September 8th Jayne County took over The Viper Room and gave us the show we all came to see.. Proving that there is NO Stopping her... Here are some of the photo's and video's from her show......

More photos from the night's show at The Viper Room at: http://eivazm.zenfolio.com/jaynecounty with Jayne County at The Viper Room.


Thank you Jayne County for doing a lil photo shoot w/ me in the bathroom literally seconds before running up on stage at The Viper Room Sat! SEE: Constance Cooper, Michael Schmidt, Tommy Black, Howie Pyro, Joseph Holiday, Christian Martucci, Ginger Coyote, Sean DeLear and MORE!

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Photo's By: Barry Conners, Ricky Longo Burrows, Lina Lecaro, Paul Zone