Japanese Cyberpunk Invasion Hits the USA!
cEvin Key presents
By: Amy Lynn Logan
Photos: TAR V
This July, for two performances only, some of the best artists from the Japanese underground music scene are coming to L.A.
cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy, Download) introduces Japanese Cyberpunk to the US in a presentation dubbed, "cEvin Key presents JAPANESE CYBERPUNK INVADES L.A.!"
Make no mistake about it, this is not a collection of Japanese visual kei bands, the "Japan Goth", popularized in Europe. Far from it.
The artists featured in "cEvin Key presents JAPANESE CYBERPUNK INVADES L.A.!" are the true face -- the genuine artists -- of Japan's underground music scene; BAAL (from Tokyo), Utero ZZZAAA (from Osaka), and special guest Dj oto (from Tokyo).
The July 18th show at The Good Hurt will be the first US performances for both BAAL and for digital hardcore artist Utero ZZZAAA, making this a historic event you don't want to miss.
Japanese hardcore industrial fans have waited years for a US performance from these artists, and L.A. has the only US dates: July 18th and July 21st.
BAAL (from Tokyo)
Don't let the fact that BAAL is female fronted fool you. BAAL is a one of the hottest hardcore bands in Tokoyo's underground scene for good reason; BAAL mean business. This trio's self-described “Cybernetic Heavy Industrial Rock” sound is a blend of electronic, industrial, and hard rock that is raw, powerful, and hard-hitting. Their artistry and technique are original, and their live performances are top notch. BAAL consistently earn praise from fans and critics alike for their live performances.

BAAL Line Up:
U-tarou (vocals)
MIKITO (guitar, digital/mix)
Alan (drums)
Visit BAAL at their official website: baaljapan.net
Links for BAAL
BAAL promo video - Hardliner: http://youtu.be/B6weoubdFPI
BAAL promo video - Myrrha: http://youtu.be/_3Uz0PkiQUA
BAAL promo video - Vermin: http://youtu.be/1lbzK4g2Rgs

Utero ZZZAAA (from Osaka)
Utero ZZZAAA is a digital hardcore artist from Osaka. A favorite of Japanese hardcore and digital hardcore fans, Utero ZZZAAA's artistry is jaw-dropping. "Cyber Punk Deathmachine Osaka" is sure to leave more than a few people wondering, "wtf was that?" A digital hardcore performer you don't want to miss.

Links for Utero ZZZAAA
Utero ZZZAAA - Propaganda: http://youtu.be/1fDnQiUr3EQ
Utero ZZZAAA soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/u-hangnoda
Dj oto (from Tokyo)
The special guest for The Japanese Cyberpunk Invasion event is Tokyo's Dj oto, an industrial artist, who has performed on various occasions with cEvin Key. An all-round versatile DJ artist, he is also known for Tropical/Breakbeat.
If you have other plans for these two nights, cancel them, and be at The Good Hurt in Venice July 18th, and at Complex L.A on July 21st for the Japanese Cyberpunk Invasion. Don't miss these shows!
For details, directions, and more information:
Good Hurt Nightclub
Address:12249 Venice Blvd (West) Los Angeles, 90066
Complex L.A
Address: 806 E Colorado St, Glendale, CA 91205
Phone: 323.642.7519