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By Ginger Coyote


I was so happy when Jack Shit agreed to do an interview... I first met him when White Trash Debutantes played at Kimo's a couple years ago.. He came with my now good pal and co-writer the wonderful Miss Oblivious.. We have maintained a friendship and when he told me about his Internet Radio Show I asked for an interview.. Read on and get the 411...


Punk Globe: Jack thanks so much for the interview. Can you tell us about your Radio Show. When it airs and how the readers can find it?

Jack: No, Ginger, thank YOU! I just think its cool that you want to help promote it. Basically, When I came back from Wealthy Whore Entertainment's U.S. tour this past August I found myself without a job, without a band and severely pissed off at a lot of people who I had previously considered my most trusted friends... so when Melissa Dale Neal (check out her two bands Sweet Nothing and the Moral Tourists) Offered me an internship at 9th Floor Radio and a chance to host my own Radio show, I jumped at the opportunity. The program consists of me and a new guest every week, talking shit and playing both the music that they make and the music that inspires them. So far we've played everything from standards like Flipper, Blatz and 45 Grave to more recent stuff like ShellShag, The Phantom Limbs and New Collapse. I broadcast live every Tuesday at 3:00 PM, and you can Listen to a live stream on WWW.9THFLOORRADIO.COM, or Listen to the archived recordings of past shows... just Click on the name JACK SHIT under the list of programs on the website.

Punk Globe: How long have you been broadcasting for?

Jack: The show is still in its infancy with only six episodes so far, though by the time this prints there should be more...

Punk Globe: Is there any special equipment that you need to do your show?


Jack: Tons! but I couldn't tell you what... the shows called Jack Shit because I SINCERELY don't know shit about what I'm doing. I can play cassette tapes, vinyl, c.d.s and stuff off the Internet, and so far I've done all of that with mixed success. There's lots of fluctuations in the levels and definite moments of technical difficulty, but I hear that its pretty entertaining.

Punk Globe: Can you tell us about some of your recent guests on the show?

Jack: so far there's been my friend Jason Storm from the Human Beings, Andy Tisdall, the creative minds behind The Zines Glory and Money Jungle, and My friend DeeEnd who does outreach for St. James (a free clinic for sex workers here in SF). I'm really excited about the next couple of weeks because I'll be having some of my favorite Bay Area bands on, such as Schwule, The Floating Corpses, Long Legged Woman and Schlitz Claiborne their all amazing and should make for some great listening.

Punk Globe: Have you had the honor of having the ultra fabulous Miss O as a Guest yet?

Jack: aww not yet... But i sure would love too! I met Miss Oblivious back when I was young and full of youthful idealism and crystal meth... as obnoxious as that must have been, she was taken enough with me to put a centerfold of me in her zine and feature a couple of my essays and poems. She's a great lady who makes awesome art, and her kids have got to be two of the cutest and creepiest around.


Punk Globe: I was just given a great deal by T- Mobile for unlimited minutes on my Cell. So I will glad call in and be a guest for you..

Jack: damn Ginger, you should be a spokes model! I'm currently figuring out how to use Skype in the studio, and once I do that then we'll be able to have people call in from all over... Which is great because I'd love to have on you and the folks from P.O.P.itilopitilus and Din Glorious to name a few...

Punk Globe: You also are a musician. Tell us what you have done?

Jack: Well mainly I started Wealthy Whore Entertainment with Jaimie Sharpe and that lasted about 4-5 years. We came out of the queer post-punk trash culture in the Bay Area and played up and down the West Coast... We were once described by the Italian club promoter WARBEAR as sounding like Bauhaus with Aids, and were requested by name by Jessie Evans from The Vanishing when she came back from Berlin... I'm not trying to sound full of myself, cuz we were a train wreck 40% of the time, but when kids in Philly know about the nude mosh pits and public fisting at your shows before you even play there, you know your doing something right.

Punk Globe: What has been your favorite show you have played?


Jack: Eugene, at the Samurai Duck. We were playing with Professional Man, and we were all worried cuz all the folks there were these tough weathered bikers and bleach blond metal babes gone to seed, and here we are these dolled up Frisco Faggots interrupting their football game with our tuning. Things were looking bleak, and 10 people straight up walked out once we started playing, but 2 minutes into the song the remaining 25 people started dancing and rocking the fuck out... The pinnacle of the the show had to be when Zarathustra (who was doing performance art between sets on our tour) jumped on the mike and started offering lap dances, at which point up Wheels this guy with cerebral palsy who seeager face was then promptly smothered in Zara's ass. It was epic. Afterwards we were all invited back to his place by him and his care givers, where we all smoked weed and started having an orgy which I helped film while my friend played guitar. It was all later used by Zara as a clip in his short film Love Wars.

Punk Globe: How about worst show?

Jack: South beach Miami Florida at the TikTak House. Its this cool house that throws shows, and it was meant to be one of the most memorable on our U.S. Tour because our cellist Paige Flash had hooked it up through her friends and connections from back when she was a noise princess in the Laundry Room Squelchers. A bunch of the local big wigs were there and a lot of people were amped from seeing uskill in Tampa the night before, but what should have been an awesome show turned into a total melt down from hell when Jamie flipped out over a minor missing piece of equipment for our Drummer Ian to hear the drum machine through. The rest of us in the band wanted to just say fuck the drum machine and play without, but Jamie argued with us between each song discarding the planned set list and even refusing to sing during the songs. After 15 minutes of this Paige threw down her Cello in disgust and walked out of the room. I felt mortified and disappointed and proceeded to drink as much whiskey as I could get my hands on... but the night turned out alright in the end because I made friends with some great people...freak from C.H.A.L.K., Amanda Green and Jeff from Curious Hair, this shout outs for you!

Punk Globe: So was this the infamous tour that broke your band up?


Jack: Yeah, I already said a lot of what went wrong in that last story about Florida, but basically it was an example of what horrible things can happen between friends when tensions are high, ego's are big and you've spent 3 weeks in a car too small. We each started getting paranoid and going mutually nuts in Houston Texas where Jamie was arrested for public urination and spentthe night in jail while the rest of us tried to sleep at a bar called Notsouh's, whose kindly owner kept me awake all night pouring me shots while he cried on and on about how his 11 year old daughter was trying to seduce him into fucking her (Pedophile? you be the judge). It just got worse and worse until when we got to Cleveland Ohio, where this huge fight broke out after the show at the house of this bartender who was throwing an after party... The fight was over the whereabouts of a stupid jacket that ended up escalating when Jamie and Paige attacked each other. Paige took off one of her steel tipped Stilettos and nailed Jamie right in the Forehead, and then Ian had to drive off in the car to keep Jamie (now bleeding all over the fucking place while wearing daisy dukes and cowboy boots) from hijacking the car and leaving us there. I got everyone to calm down enough to take jamie to the hospital to get stitches, but the next 48 hours spiraled further away from us as Paige and Ian confiscated the car keys and the band fund. There was no way we could even think of finishing the tour (though Jamie still says he wanted the show to go on) but we agreed to play one last final show in Chicago with our heroes Bobby Conn and Ryan Hopeless with his new project The Loto Ball Show. It was bitter sweet, with our last show being one of the best received of the tour, and when it was all said and done Jamie (who had called his parents and the cops accusing us of Kidnapping him and holding him hostage)took the van and left Paige, Ian and myself in Chicago with 400 bucks between us to take the Greyhound home. It was shitty coming back to The Bay Area because on top of everything that had happened and falling out with my best friends, now all of these inconsequential scenesters had these misdirected opinions of what happened and who was at fault based on gossip and hearsay... But now that half a year has passed and with the unfortunate passing of Jamie's Sister, we've all buried the hatchet and agreed that what occurred then was dumb & petty and that we should just put it behind us. Which I have. Jamie is continuing Wealthy Whore as a solo project, while Paige and I have both moved on to other projects.

Punk Globe: Having a band is like having a second Family.. it can be a lot of fun but can be a lot of hassles also. What are you doing anything musically now?

Jack: You just said a mouthful. But yes, I AM in a band again. Shortly after starting my Radio Show I was asked by Ian to join his other project Pink Swastika, which he's been working on for 10 years along with our front-person Larry, whose been kicking around in bands in the Bay Area since the late 70's. I love the music which is kind of like a mixture between The Melvins and Jesus Lizard, and I find it to be paradoxically both more masculine and more emotional than Wealthy Whore which was always content to just be a party band singing songsabout Internet sex and cocaine (which is great, don't get me wrong!). We'recurrently putting the finishing vocals on our first LP titled "RIGHTEOUSWRONGNESS" and writing new material for the next album which might include some of the unrecorded work I did in W.W.E... In the mean time, anyone who wants to hear the rough takes and find out about live shows can look us up on Myspace.


Punk Globe: Has anyone other than me told you that you remind them of a young Brian Jones (R.I.P.) when he first joined The Rolling Stones? He was dating Amanda Lear.

Jack: Ha! no, but there is a curious resemblance...

Punk Globe: Tell us about any future plans for your Radio Show and yourself ? Any gigs to plug?

Jack: Well, since this is going to be printed in April, I can only assume that I will have 4 more radio episodes under my belt with more to come. .. Pink Swastika has some shows coming up and we're planning on doing a West Coast tour after we finish the album... Just check out our progress online and we'll keep you posted.

Punk Globe: Do you have a My Space and Facebook address you would like to give the readers?

Jack: Do i! my myspace url is www.myspace.com/Angst_Face my radio show is www.9thfloorradio.com/jackshit pink swastika's is www.myspace.com/pinkswastikarock Wealthy Whore's is www.myspace.com/wwetrash and also, just check out www.9thfloorradio.com in general... their good people with a broad range of programming.

Punk Globe: Jack thanks so much for the Interview. Is there anything you would like to end this interview with?

Jack: Yeah... when you were featured during the ending credits during Mad TV, was that planned, or some kind of divine accident? Whatever it was, it was hilarious... Also, if anyone wants to see what was behind all those names ijust dropped, check them out on myspace. they are all good... and lastly thanks again soooo much for indulging my egotism and self promotion...I'll whip my dick out on stage for you again anytime! xoxoxoxoxo Jack

Punk Globe would like to thank Jack Shit for the fun informative Interview.. Be sure to check out Jack Shit every Tuesday at 3PM on the Internet @ www.9thfloorradio.com.. Jack Shit gives the shit we need more of......


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