Memorial for Ivey (punk calendar)
by John Jellybrain-VKTM

Last night memorial for Ivey.
Maker of the original punk calendar
here (shows, events, actions, etc.) which
really helped organize and galvanize the
local scene. Organized by Keith Bollinger.

What you missed -
*The Lewd, continually getting better and hotter
*The Mutants , with all guitarists, playing TWO SETS!
(yeah right they always went too long, but since
Ivey was an important of their circle this was right)
*Seizure - !!!!! why weren't these guys bigger?

Many folx from the scene. Was cool.
Saw Meri St. Mary (Housecoat Project)
looking extremely well and radiant.
Mel Cheplowitz (google him),
Steve Tupper (without whom we'd all be
poorer, just say Subterranean Records)
Kathy Peck (The Contractions), Wes Robinson, Lou VKTM,
numerous fantastic Target Videos, oh gosh
so many other people I forget, went to bad
somewhere close to dawn.....


John Jellybrain-VKTM



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