i pushed her away and now i can't let go
by Sober Jake Jack Off

i found a dead man today
when i looked a lost soul
in the eyes
i saw everything i wanted to be
and relized i killed him myself
and theres nothing i can do
but live as i am

i can never prove to her that i have changed, ive hurt her to much
and ive killed all we could have been
the dream is gone.
and so is jake.....theirs nothing left, i cant even jackoff.
she was the only one to turn me on.
i hurt her more then i hurt myself
i am here she is not
i am lost i hope she is found
by someone who deserves and adores
if anyone hurts her as i have i will slit their throat          as i cannot bring myself to slit my own
long live thy countess hailed
i will watch over you.
till the end of time.


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