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By Kim Acrylic


Punk Globe: Ello so nice of you to join Punk Globe

Idiot Love: Hello.

Punk Globe: Hows your day/night thus far?

Idiot Love: Rubbish. but the codeine's kicking in, and the beer. it can only get better.

Punk Globe: So! tell me about your music in your own words

Idiot Love: I do it. because there's nothing else to do, and maybe someone, somewhere can relate to it.

Punk Globe: Would you compare it to any one band?

Idiot Love: Nope.

Punk Globe: Do you prefer major label or indie?

Idiot Love: Indie. Majors can get fucked. they try to control every move you make.


Punk Globe: Do you have any heroes musically?

Idiot Love: Joe Strummer. not so much a hero, just a role model for a confused 13 year old kid.

Punk Globe: What about lyrically?

Idiot Love: The truth as I see it.

Punk Globe: How would you compare the U.K punk bands V.S the U.S punk bands?

Idiot Love: I didn't realize we were in competition, but there's a dreadful generic guitar sound in U.S. stuff, and a lot of screaming about nothing in particular, rebellion=$ either side of the Atlantic now.

Punk Globe: Do you think you have an ego at all?

Idiot Love: Yup. but no. that's psychology, innit.

Punk Globe: Well your stuff is brilliant! what drives you to write and record?

Idiot Love: I can't do anything else.

Punk Globe: Any releases coming out in 09?

Idiot Love: If you want.

Punk Globe: Tell me how you got the name Idiot Love?

Idiot Love: Ripped ftom "Soul Love" by Bowie.

Punk Globe: What inspires your lyrics the most?

Idiot Love: Personal experience.

Punk Globe: Johnny Rotten or Joey Ramone?

Idiot Love: Joey anytime. Lydon is a media whore.

Punk Globe: When you perform,how do you feel?

Idiot Love: Drunk.

Punk Globe: Which song is the one song that got you into Rock N' ROll?

Idiot Love: Too many to mention.


Punk Globe: What is your goal musically for the new coming year?

Idiot Love: Just to keep making music. If the government doesn't make me work in a pie factory, on less than minimum.

Punk Globe: Who are some bands you've played with?

Idiot Love: Just local bands. usually rich kids, who wouldn't let us use their P.A's. I think most of them are bank managers now.

Punk Globe: Any vices?

Idiot Love: yup.

Punk Globe: I go to give you a hug,you.....?

Idiot Love: You'd get one back, doesn't cost anything does it?

Punk Globe: Whats one music genre your sick of?

Idiot Love: Don't do genres.

Punk Globe: Whats one thing you would like to improve on musically?

Idiot Love: My lyrics.

Punk Globe: Your vocals are great! Who are your influences?

Idiot Love: I spent too long trying to sound like Richard Butler. Now I feel I can sing in my natural voice. Lack of confidence, etc...........

Punk Globe: Do you prefer to be alone or in a big party situation?

Idiot Love: One on one.

Punk Globe: Whats your favorite song you've written and why?

Idiot Love: "Dress," it's about a Woman I knew who was bi-polar, she hung herself. Last thing she gave me was a dress. and a golf ball. "Golf Ball," wouldn't work, I think. she was totally insane, but I loved her.

Punk Globe: Get on your soap box is there anything you want to say to Punk Globe readers?

Idiot Love: "Watch yer' parkin' meters"

Punk Globe: Are you into making music videos and such?

Idiot Love: Yeah, Shite ones. I'm on a budget.

Punk Globe: What is your New Years Eve look like thus far?

Idiot Love: Grim.

Punk Globe: Tell me an amazing dream you had

Idiot Love: Dunno, can't remember, but I was all sticky.

Punk Globe: Where are some great venues you've played at?

Idiot Love: The best ones were where Skinheads bottled us.

Punk Globe: Dream job?

Idiot Love: I'm signed off. I don't want a job. Maybe start a new religion, there's cash in that.


Punk Globe: Ever been in therapy?

Idiot Love: Yup. Didn't work.

Punk Globe: Who do YOU think is your biggest fan?

Idiot Love: Chelsey Mcquitty.

Punk Globe: First childhood memory?

Idiot Love: Going to school, and crying, I wanted to go home and play with mud. same difference really.

Punk Globe: It's Valentines Day and I'm single and alone what would you do for me?

Idiot Love: Cunnilingus or Roses, your choice.

Punk Globe: Quote one of your lyrics

Idiot Love: Do, do, do do, do, do, yeah.

Punk Globe: You've been fun, thanks for chatting with Punk Globe!!

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